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Prophetic Dream

Dream  12/12/16:


I want to first preface with a little background info for those who don’t know my health history. Briefly: I have chronic insomnia and rarely if ever sleep more than 1 ½-2 hours straight at a time. Because of my health problems, I also do not have REM sleep on my own; I don’t sleep deep enough so it is very restless when I attempt to sleep. I don’t medicate, so I sleep when my body cooperates and work around the fatigue. Additionally, due to my chronic fibromyalgia I can’t stay in the same position for more than 30 min- 1 hour or I start getting stiff and the pain is intense. Needless to say, ‘morning stiffness’ is very painful and intense for me every day, and it’s worse if I’ve been sedentary or laying in one position too long.

Here’s why I’m telling you this: I woke this morning at around 6:28am. I saw the clock. After going to restroom, letting dogs out and back in; I went back to bed with the herd. I briefly checked my phone to make sure I had no missed messages/calls and went to bed. I believe it was just barely after 7am last time I saw the clock. When the dream was over, I physically was jumping out of the bed as I woke. I was very rattled and shaking. I saw that the clock displayed the time of 11:58am. I had been asleep and in the same position for over 4 hours and I had absolutely NO stiffness or pain; additionally, I felt physically rested from a deep sleep despite being emotionally stressed.

God has very rarely spoken or shown me things via dreams. I can count on one hand how many times it has happened. I knew this was God. I remembered the dream and certain details kept being stressed to me as was the strong need to write everything down. I sat down with a spiral (still shaking) to write the dream but began praying for this foreboding/grieving feeling to leave me and to understand the dream. As I began writing down the details of the dream, I also began getting the interpretation/meaning of the events of the dream.

Here is the dream:

I was with a bunch of prominent people. I didn’t recognize anyone. We were all gathered together for a special occasion or event and it was something being celebrated everywhere; it wasn’t just us participating. We were in a huge raised pier 2-story house. I felt like these were peers, like-minded people who were representative of a larger body of peoples. A group of us decided to go to the store to get supplies and groceries for the celebration that was approaching. We were in a passenger van, there were a lot of windows and I was sitting in the seat before the back row. Behind me was a man and what seemed to be his young adult child. I couldn’t distinguish the gender of the child because nothing made sense with their appearance to clarify gender. I heard a very loud noise and looked out the window beside me to see above our heads.

It was a grayish cloudy day. In the clouds, I could see bunches of lights and lightning looking ripples in the clouds. Suddenly a huge jumbo passenger jet goes screaming overhead as it is about to crash nearby in the water (ocean/gulf). It was maybe 100 feet above us when it came out of the clouds. I knew we were near the coastline. I could see instantly that the plane had been shot down intentionally. I felt the need to post the news of what we had witnessed online but couldn’t get a signal or my phone to work. Some of the people in the van acted like nothing happened. We were at the store now and a bunch of them wanted to go do the shopping they had come to do. The clouds kept lighting up sporadically until monsters began attacking everyone, everywhere. These were movie monsters; like the worm aliens from The Avengers, Godzilla…. It was complete chaos.  I tell them that I knew what was happening that I heard ‘they were going to fake an alien invasion’ and that this was actually the beginning of the end of days. I said, “1/3 of the world population is going to die today. Everyone must be right with God. If you die today and do not know Jesus, you will burn in hell. You must all get saved.” The majority of people got out of the van to go shopping. About 5 of us stayed behind in the van, including the man and his child.

I realized I had nothing on me to help us. No purse, no bag, no supplies-nothing. Everything was someplace else and we were completely on our own. I didn’t have anyone I knew or loved with me, not was I concerned about their well-being. I had peace about them. The people in the van all decided we need to leave. There are no landmarks, buildings or visible roads; everything is covered in ash so we have no idea which way to go. The man behind me got upset and asking me for help. He said he was afraid and didn’t know what to do or how to get right with God. I placed my hand on the top of his head and began praying for him. Immediately the demons that had been attached to everyone in the van (including the van I was praying for) and in the world, were suddenly visible and everywhere. They spit this nasty stuff at people and the people became suddenly, violently and fatally sick with sores and blisters; like a flu on steroids. It spread and killed people very quickly. As soon as I saw the demons I had put my hoodie sleeve over my mouth and was praying. The man had pushed me away when the demons appeared and now he looked at me than turned his head and spit in the face of his child; who quickly got sick and died along with the man. The front passenger and I pushed their bodies out the back door of the van into a huge pile of ash. . Outside the van it looked all dark and smoky. There was now ash on everything and it was falling like snow everywhere you looked.

Now there was only the driver, another passenger and myself in the van. The driver did not seem phased by anything that had happened. The passenger pointed out  a large row of very tall chain link fences that led into an underground tunnel. There were signs on the chain-link and it was obvious this was run by the government/military. When I realized, who was in charge I immediately began yelling, “don’t go it’s a trap, we’ll all die”. After I finished the sentence we saw the car of people in front of us go down the into the tunnel. As soon as they drove into the gated area to go to the tunnel, the earth swallowed them up and monsters began eating everyone inside the car. The driver of our van tried to back us out of the line of cars and there was a lot of commotion all around and yelling. We were stuck in the line going down into the underground tunnel and the only way out was to leave the van. I was looking out the back window of the van and could see people in their cars, walking all leaving the cities and coasts to go into rural areas where they would be safe. I could see across the country and knew that the people could escape and that I needed to join them. I woke up as I was jumping out of the back of the van to find myself literally jumping out of bed.


The interpretation:

The people I was with were representing the many people of the world; but also, those who are claiming to be Christians. It was gathering of Christians that represent how lost most Christians are today. They are too concerned with the world to care or pay attention to God’s words and the signs He has been showing the world.

The location was a coastal area and monsters were attacking major cities. The interpretation is that the most dangerous areas for what is coming is going to be the coasts and cities: the bigger the city the larger the damage and dangers.

Movie monsters and passenger jet represent 2 things but with a similarity. The monsters and the plan being shot down are both caused and created by man. The plane disaster is the consequence of the actions of man like a world war. The movie monsters represent the idea that everyone (including Christians) are expecting some Hollywood version of prophetic events, signs and wonders of God. Reality is not like a Hollywood production. These were weapons of war.

The ash was volcanic ash. Despite not being near the eruption the severity and size was so intense the entire country and a lot of globe is covered by ash. This is from the great earthquake; which will trigger volcanic eruptions globally.

The father and child were representative of everyone living both in the world while trying to still maintain a version of faith/religion. The genderless child represents the state of the nation’s people-cleansed of all personality, gender, emotion, faith.

The demons and their spit is the demonic presence that is growing across the globe and getting stronger everywhere in the world, even among Christians. The spit is chemical/germ warfare which is done by those close to us; a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Can’t reach anyone/unprepared was because it is too late to warn people. The time for warning has passed. WE are all unprepared for what is coming, no matter how much we prep- only salvation will save us.


There was no sense of timing or when this was taking place other than it was warm weather and it seemed like spring/early summer. Additionally, I knew that the rapture had not occurred. This was the great earthquake and the domino effect it creates. I knew this was a global event and I knew with certainty that the Tribulation had begun, but the rapture and Great Tribulation were still to come. The people I could see going to safety were those that knew to get away from the cities and coastal areas; they were caravans/groups of believers that would be safe until the rapture.

I also understood that the people in charge of us and protecting us were also the people responsible for what was happening.  The fenced area (FEMA CAMP) were not meant to help us. The actions of humankind created the attack, the monsters were the weapons of war and the events were the consequences of their actions. The demons everywhere were the growing spirit of anti-Christ growing around the globe. The attached demons were from all the activities and things that are ungodly, done by Christians, but that open a doorway for spiritual attack and attachments.

I was never afraid for myself or my loved ones. I knew I was going to be with them, though I don’t know how. I know that the 2 things that I felt pressed about the strongest was that people are completely unprepared for what is coming and that most importantly only salvation through Jesus Christ is the way.

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What Christmas means to me

When I was a young girl Christmas did not mean as much to me as it does now that I am an adult. Don’t misunderstand me, I am a huge child at heart when it comes to this holiday season. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and has been since I became a parent.

Growing up I have a few wonderful memories from Christmas, all surrounding my grandparents and their involvement in my life during my early years. As I got older, it wasn’t as special as it is now. Life, struggles and truthfully the lack of spiritual understanding had a lot to do with those feelings.

When my boys were very young, I began truly enjoying the holiday. As a Christian I began to really appreciate the meaning in a way I taught my own children. Historically it is well established that Jesus was not born on Christmas. I also fully understand and know that that the Christmas traditions we now celebrate here in America are mostly based on pagan rituals and beliefs. However, I found a way of ‘tweaking’ all of this into a family tradition that I am now blessed to share with my grandchildren, family and friends.

I created our own form of advent when the boys were young. It became a time that each night we would sit together and share a Christmas story that we took turns reading aloud. Additionally, each week we would light a new candle and say a prayer for the upcoming week together. When the boys were very young I implemented a tradition of giving everyone a small gift on the first night of each weekly candle. Week one was always a form of candy. Week two was a special ornament for each of them. These ornaments are now with each of our grown children on their own Christmas trees, less the ones Joe and I gave each other. Week three was usually some kind of small toy or stuffed animal. Week four usually varied depending upon the date of the month and how close it was to Christmas Day but was generally a small book of devotions or book of some kind. I wanted to make sure that as the kids were growing up that I established a foundation of Christ in our holiday celebrations.

We celebrated the love of God, the joy of Christ’s birth, the hope of the promises made by God to all of us and the sacrifice that Jesus gave for all of us. The central ‘theme’ of Christmas has and will always be the gift of God’s love and salvation through the gift of His Son to humanity. I raised my children still participating in the traditional things like Santa Claus, reindeer and the rest; but I focused on the fact that we exchange gifts to people we love during Christmas as a reminder of the gift that God gave to all of us with the birth and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I also taught them the various ways Christmas and the tradition of Santa Claus is celebrated around the world to make sure that they realized that Santa is a tradition and custom; but not the true meaning of Christmas. My boys believed in Santa Claus completely. I put out carrots (for reindeer) and cookies for Santa. I made sure to create the illusion of Santa’s visit. We lived modestly (as a single parent it was a necessity) and so the boys were limited to how many things they could ask Santa to bring (3 things). These gifts were always there on Christmas morning without fail, I made sure of it. Stockings were always stuffed and on Christmas morning they would be amazed to see the half-eaten carrots and mess the reindeer left behind outside. I would knock over a few things and having cut a potato to look like a hoof, and I would make sure to leave several muddy hoofs prints about the patio area to really sell the idea of the reindeer having been there the night before. I also created the story that when every child is born the parents are given a birth certificate and Santa’s personal phone number. Only parents get the number and we never reveal it. This was a very handy tool to ensure that the boys stayed well behaved, less I should call Santa and report their bad behavior. It was very effective.

I’ve always decorated elaborately during Christmas (to the dismay of my Scroogesque hubby). I delight in the joy it brings children to see the display and I love the lights too. My yard decorations have become a fixture to our neighborhood everywhere we have lived, so much so that last year when I was late in putting them out the neighbors were making inquiries and worried about us.

This year, my granddaughter is old enough to really enjoy Christmas. It has caused me to think about all the traditions and celebrations I shared with her Daddy when he was little and now am blessed to see being instilled in her and her little brother.

The point I am taking way too long to get to is that Christmas shouldn’t be about the materialism and debt people incur. For years, I made sure to give at least one homemade gift to the boys and loved ones because that is something truly from the heart. I still go crazy with baking and making cookies for neighbors and loved ones. Christmas has and always will be a celebration of love and giving. God loved us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to be born and die as a sacrifice for all of us. That is the true meaning of this season. It doesn’t matter that the time of Jesus’ birth was not actually in December; it is the meaning of his birth not the date it occurred that matters.

I hope as the holiday draws closer that everyone takes the time to REALLY thank God for the gift He gave us and to share that love with those around us and not spend so much time caught up in the gift buying and giving, the shopping, the parties and the stress. Christmas should be joyous, not stressful. IF it’s become stressful, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what Christmas means to you.

God Bless this nation, let there be blessings and peace for Israel and everyone around the world.

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Daily Prompt: Pungent

via Daily Prompt: Pungent

When you think about the word pungent the visualization of something truly disgusting smelling comes to mind. Many things can have a pungent odor; up to and including people and actions. I’m referring to the disgusting and vile behaviors of people who are truly evil. During this years tumultuous election cycle, a lot of horrible and disgusting things were said and done by both candidates and their surrogates. The truly pungent odor of corruption and pure evil continues to hide below the surface awaiting anyone daring enough to find it. I am talking of course about the WikiLeaks shared from the accounts of John Podesta and Stratfor which revealed the true pungent stench of evil and corruption involving key DNC and Washington D.C. elites being termed as ‘pizzagate’.

In simple terms these emails revealed the intricate web of elites and political figures involved in the underground sex trafficking of children. Involved individuals, using code words and symbols for children (boys= hot dogs or pasta, girls = hamburger or cheese) and women brought into the USA as sex slaves being referred to as waitresses emailed one another speaking about ‘ordering’ their sexual preferences in children as casually as one orders a pizza. Additionally 2 prominent pizzerias in D.C. are implicated in the sex trafficking.

How do we know? WikiLeaks. Not only were the emails of the above parties released; but so was a FBI document which explains pedophilia symbols and code words. This is not an accident. Everyone was expecting a huge game changer to be released by Assange before the election but many thought he failed to deliver. On the contrary, what was released was a huge bombshell but no one covered it in the mainstream media and it is now being called fake news or lies to continue to divert people from finding the truth.

There is a very foul and pungent odor emanating from the elite and it isn’t the smell of rotten pizzas it’s the smell of pure evil.

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The Stein effect

I recently reported that a recount was being pursued in several key states that were won by Donald Trump which essentially removed Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. Now, under the false guise of seeking to verify the legitimacy of the voting process failed green party candidate Jill Stein has raised the funds necessary to file the paperwork and seek a recount of several key battleground states.

Here’s just a few obvious problems with Ms. Stein’s claims:

1)      IF she was truly seeking to verify the integrity of voting this election she would have taken a broad pool of voting across the nation, not only the battleground states Hillary needed.

2)      She managed to raise over $7 million dollars to accomplish these recounts in a little over 48 hours, when her entire presidential campaign (which lasted over a year) couldn’t even raise that amount of money.

3)      The funds miraculously raised were donations by top DNC donors and elites in the pocket of the Clintons. A far cry from impartial.

4)      Ms. Stein had nothing but unkind words to say about Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaigning; yet suddenly is doing her dirty work for her (money does buy loyalty).

5)      There were NUMEROUS allegations and reports filed for voter fraud in several other states-all were to the benefit of Clinton and worked against Trump. Why not challenge those votes?

6)      In at least 3 states Hillary Clinton defeated Trump by margins of 1% or less; these are the states that need to be recounted; but that would work against Hillary.

I do not doubt that this is yet another attempt by the DNC and elites to take the presidency away from Donald Trump. Several electorates have reported receiving death threats if they do not vote FOR Hillary even though she lost those states. Additionally, no less than 6 electorates have already pledged to vote for Hillary, despite Trump winning their states. Mainstream media (MSM) has been in a tailspin since the election to not only continue to vilify Donald Trump and his supporters, but to further divide this country against ourselves.

As I stated before, it’s not over yet folks!

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Watcher Report

Let me begin by stating that I have not forgotten my responsibilities to watch and report; I have been very sick the last 2 weeks and though I have not fully recovered; I can no longer wait to address serious events happening worldwide.

There is a bill currently before our Congress, which has passed the House recently which sets up our country to essentially go to war with Russia. How you ask? The implementation of a no-fly zone over Syria will be the spark that ignites the conflict. The bill is HR 5732 and it is being quietly pushed through Congress. Essentially the United States government is preparing to implement a no-fly zone over a foreign country. Let that sink in for a second. We, the USA intend to enforce this in Syria and guess who it will affect? Syria (obviously) and Russia. At the invitation of the legitimate government of Syria, Russia has aided the President of Syria and the Syrian Army in their fight against the Syrian Rebels (guess who funded and trained them? USA) and ISIS. The United States has continually pushed for interference in the country of Syria in an unsuccessful effort to overthrow the Syrian President. They are doing so under the guise of it being a humanitarian mission to assist the people of Syria who have been persecuted and murdered under the current regime. This is all true, million have died and are being persecuted in Syria. I’m not saying that the Syrian ruler is not a bad guy or that he hasn’t done horrible things to his people- he’s a dictator and that is generally proof enough. What I am saying is that it is not our place to jump into the fray to again try and establish another puppet government. For years Obama has sought to oust the Syrian leadership (remember the infamous red line set by Obama?) and though we claim to be fighting in a global effort to defeat ISIS in Syria, the USA has continually broken the cease fire agreements and even bombed/attacked Syrian forces (accidentally on purpose) while targeting ISIS in the region. These actions have led to an increase in hostilities between our two nations. It is no secret that there is no love loss between Putin and Obama.

John Kerry expressed on released audio recordings that the only way that the USA could ‘lawfully’ attack the legitimate ruler of Syria is if the United Nations declared the actions to be the necessary reaction to a humanitarian crisis. Additionally, even Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate stated that a no-fly zone over Syria is the only way to counter Russia in the region. Our government essentially dictating to another nation who can and cannot use the airspace over that country seems too outrageous to contemplate; yet here we are right now on the verge of just such an action. Russian military currently use the airspace (again with the permission of Syria) and if the USA tells all traffic in the airspace to halt; do you really think Russia will simply tuck tail and leave? Absolutely not. The bigger question is how far will the United States go to enforce their no-fly zone?

As if that situation isn’t troubling enough, Israel is currently engaging in conflicts north of the Golan Heights (border of Syria) with ISIS. Russia, Iran, ISIS, Al Queda, Hezbollah and numerous other nations and factions are all engaged in conflict in that region. This is VERY significant to Biblical Prophecy.

I will continue to keep you updated and there are several very important topics I am currently working on now, the least of which is Pizzagate.

As always stay alert, pray and be vigilant. These are very dark times and they are far from being over.

-Your Watcher

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It’s not over yet…

For decades, the elite and corrupt have been planning and working towards total globalization. The Clinton machine has spent 30+ years building an international corrupt empire. Why would anyone think that simply because the election has concluded that they (Clintons) will simply tuck tail and walk away? That’s complete nonsense.

This goes beyond the ‘protests’ occurring around the country. Already no less than 6 electorates have said they will not vote per the states vote and go against Trump as President. Couple that with the stirrings that the Clinton campaign has been meeting with lawyers and technology experts to claim that Hillary should demand a recount with at least 3 swing states (that she lost) because of concerns that the voting machines were, wait for it…. hacked. I stated over a month before the election that the Clintons and their liberal lackeys were floating stories that there were concerns of Russia hacking the elections, that the election could be jeopardized, blah, blah, blah. This was all done to lay the foundation for their latest play to go after the election if she lost (which she did) . I’m not saying they are going to still try and take the election, I’m simply saying that it is unrealistic to underestimate these people and they are not going to stop any time soon.

Obama and Clinton have both not only refused to condemn the riots around the country, but their henchmen (corporate media) continue to fuel the flames against Trump and his supporters. It’s a game of deflection whereas everything they accuse others of doing is exactly what they are truly guilty of doing themselves, that is Clinton politics 101. Major media continues to drive further division in the country while going after Trump supporters by still labeling them as white supremacists, racist, and going after what they now call ‘fake news’ of alternative news. The elite are trying to shut down the message since they could not stop the messenger (yet).

Is it possible that Trump is agreeing to back off assigning a special prosecutor to go after Clinton (as promised) to get the DNC/globalists from contesting the election? Yes. Or is it possible that Trump is saying that now only to attempt to calm things down until after the inauguration. Also, yes. It’s no secret that Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are very good friends and that Chelsea has been petitioning Ivanka to persuade her father from going after Hillary. I tend to believe that Trump is listening to his daughter, which should be very concerning to Americans that appeasing the Clintons via Ivanka surpasses keeping his word to the American people and seeking justice against someone who sees herself above the law. To drain the swamp, the biggest swamp rat must be held accountable.

None of the world events that were occurring prior to the election have gone away. None of the crisis around the world have ended once election night ended. Corporate media continues to focus on Trump, rather than reporting truth. Russia and NATO are on the verge of war; Obama and Russia are on the verge of war, military build-ups continue around the globe. Economists still believe that we are on the verge of global economic collapse because that ‘bubble’ is still going to pop. The New World Order agenda is still gaining strength globally, which is why Obama has been on his world tour to pacify globalists and rally their followers. America is not out of the woods yet. Now more than ever, it is essential to not be distracted by the continued hype being pushed daily on all the networks (the real fake news).

I’m not trying to be an alarmist; I’m being a realist. No one builds a global corrupt empire, worth billions and billions of dollars and simply just lets it crumble after one election. Stay vigilant. Keep your eyes open and as always be prepared…. the other shoe is yet to drop.

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Open letter to Anti-Trump protestors

I’m sorry that your candidate lost the election and I’m sorry that you have no flipping idea how to handle the concept of NOT getting your way. The blame is not solely yours.

My generation and those after, are to blame for who you have become. Our parents came from families that despite personal miseries stayed married and raised their children in what is referred to as the ‘nuclear family’. Moms stayed home and raised the children and Dads went off to work and had careers. Before you freak out about the blatant sexist imagery I’m creating; realize we have come a very long way from that time. My generation bore the guilt and shame of the reality of divorce. Unlike today, most of our friends did NOT have divorced parents growing up, our parents still had the courtesy of pretending to be happy while the kids lived at home and then divorced after the kids moved away from home. We experienced our parents divorcing as adults. My generation is the divorce generation. Those of us growing up (becoming adults) during the 1980’s truly introduced the broken home guilt that spawned generations of wimps, much like yourself. Because we all felt so guilty about breaking up the traditional family unit of our parents, we were convinced (and often told) that we were destroying our children’s lives so to compensate; we over indulged. Our children became the product of hovering parents. You know them, you’ve seen them; they still exist in the wild.  From the hoverers came the participation trophy morons to what is now only what can only be described as non-participatory parenting.( I weep for future generations).

Our children suffered not from the stigma of divorce, but from selfishly idiotically poor parenting. Children have been raised with the concept of reasoning and not punishing for unacceptable behaviors. Television and the internet now raise and educate children. There was a time, long, long ago in a time far away when parents ate meals at the same time and at the same place as their children, like a family. Families attended church together. Parents engaged with their children and their lives because parenting was still the most important job any of them held. Times changed. Feminism led to a bizarre competition between genders, and the career (pursuit of wealth)  became the most important thing above all else, including their children. Kids have learned way too much, way too soon and we have robbed generations of you of the true joy and freedom of childhood. Latch-key kids, became even less involved with their own children than their parents had been (which seemed impossible). This pattern of children raising themselves has resulted in you, the Generations X, Y, Z, Millennials and Snowflakes. You are all completely clueless about life and reality and that has a lot to do with the fairytale lie you’ve believed represents life. Corporate media, entertainment, technology, educators have all shaped and influenced your ideology and beliefs. You are being overly coddled and manipulated. You are puppets my dear, you just refuse to see the strings.

If you look around while you’re out on your ‘protests’ you will realize that you are surrounded by other puppets much like yourself. You all have the same twisted conceptions and also way too much spare time apparently. Those in the real world have jobs and responsibilities and cannot spend every night out terrorizing our communities under the guise of freedom of speech. See, despite all the stuff you’ve been told your whole life all those phones, monthly checks, food stamps, unemployment benefits, EIC tax refunds, Obamacare, housing and childcare voucher and handouts are not free. Millions and millions of hard working Americans work their collective asses off every day to pay taxes, which in turn pays for all those lovely freebies. The cost has simply become too high to continue paying. It’s all well and good to say ‘we are the world’ and let’s take care of everyone, but someone still must PAY for all of it. This election was about exactly that for most of America. Let me explain the frustrations in terms you may understand. If you and your friends partied all the time and every single time, no matter what you were the only one that was always the designated driver and always paid for party; though never getting to fully enjoy it. You’d quickly get to a point of being tired of doing all the work and giving up all the fun for everyone else to benefit with not contribution. Thus the plight of working class America. You and your cohorts have been so brainwashed your whole lives that you no longer realize that you have been systematically manipulated your entire lives about the very issues before the country. You drink the kool-aid and buy into the hype; truth has nothing to do with anything you swallow. You truly believe what you are saying to be reality and to you it is reality, just not to the rest of us who live in actual reality.

When you chant, “not my President”, it shows your stupidity. You live in America and unless you move to another country and renounce your US citizenship he IS your president, whether you like it or not. Those of you carrying Mexican flags and chanting the same as above… you are obviously not only aware that Trump IS going to be the president, you also apparently don’t know what country you live in now. This is the United States of America, there is one flag: the American flag that unites us all equally. If you burn the American flag, you do not deserve the privledge of being an American and should leave…. immediately. This is the process. There is a winner and a loser. If you are so unhappy with losing your argument is not with the winner, but with the loser…for losing. Your candidate lied to you and cheated your best chance (Bernie Sanders) of winning. That is where your angst should be directed, not at the victor. I realize that the concept of losing is affecting a lot of your very emotionally, because we didn’t give all of you (Hillary too) a participation trophy so you feel empty from the loss. Suck it up buttercups, life just gets harder from here.

It’s not your fault that you are the way you are right now. It is your fault if you continue down this path from this moment in time and forward. If you want to be taken seriously, conduct yourself in a respectful and intelligent way. Otherwise, no one hears anything but the whining.


A Deplorable

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It’s not over yet…

I have been watching the country’s behavior and reaction to the historic election of Donald Trump as our new President. The liberals are completely freaking out. I blame the major media and Clinton campaign. They knowingly lied to their followers for months giving them the very false impression that Hillary Clinton was going to win in a landslide. All the falsified polls and media overload against Trump has created this environment of chaos, which now is spilling into the streets of several American cities. Now that they lost, these misguided sheep are crying and shouting against the will of the rest of the nation. They refuse to accept the reality of the election and somehow think they can change it with their actions. They are literally protesting the democratic process. Moreover, I don’t think this is a genuine reaction; but orchestrated and intentional.

These ‘liberals’ are the same people that have been controlling the fates of average Americans by pushing their agendas onto all of us; despite our own personal rights. The reason why their voices have become the loudest is because they are very heavily funded and organized by people who wish to destroy our country. They bussed ‘professional protesters’ into numerous Trump rallies and other events. Look at the crowds. They are still doing it today, after the election is over. These are groups primarily comprised of older teens and college-age young people. So why is no one prosecuting these criminals when they destroy property, block highways, assault people and deface police vehicles? IF I can see their faces on all the videos the geniuses post online, surely the police can identify them.

No one is shutting these ‘protests’ down, because those who have been pulling the strings for decades to create a Clinton presidency, are not going down easily. Look at the map of election results. 90% of the geographic United States voted for Donald Trump. However, in large cities on both the East and West Coasts the liberals voted for Hillary, but not as many as Obama carried in his two elections. More interestingly, the sanctuary cities that have been under such scrutiny and attack by Trump; all went blue in the election.  Even in states that went for Trump, the larger metropolitan areas remained under Democratic control. During the last few weeks of the campaign, Clinton, the DNC and their lackeys spent a lot of money and attention to keeping control of the cities and counties in certain areas of the country. These are the same areas/regions that are now seeing these organized protests. I doubt seriously this is a coincidence. The reason no one is going to jail or stopping the nonsense is because they want it to fester and grow into something larger; to be played on mainstream media so their cronies allow it to happen in their areas for the bigger cause. How else do you explain the low amount of arrests and the continued bussing in of agitators to these areas repeatedly without fear of consequences?

In public Clinton, Obama and the DNC cronies are professing the desire for a peaceful transition. In private, George Soros who has been funding Clinton and DNC, is working with the same thugs they used over the last year to attack Trump, his supporters and police in collusion with them. Major media is still begrudgingly licking their wounds, while gritting their teeth smiling. Some anchors on MSNBC, CNN and FOX openly panicked as the results kept going Trump’s way during the election. They did not hide their dislike of the results. These same hacks are still spewing the division and hate they spewed during the entire election cycle against Trump and his supporters. They are intentionally fueling the fires of civil unrest.

It is no secret (anymore) that Clinton/puppets run corporate media to their liking (regardless of truth or facts) and due Clinton’s bidding. The very same television and entertainment shows that push the liberal agenda, continue to push against Trump and falsify facts to spur hate towards he and his supporters. This hasn’t stopped. Look at ANY of the late-night talk shows and morning shows. The view is a perfect example. Whoopie, Joy and company couldn’t wait to bemoan the election results and continue with the hateful and vicious comments against Trump and his supporters. They don’t care that 90% of the geographical country voted for the man. They don’t care that Clinton conceded and Trump won the election. Because these platforms have been permitted and encouraged to spew hate and division for so long the last few years, they now think they are above reproach. This is the environment that has been intentionally created to fan the flames of discontent among the masses. This is also why it continues despite the election being over.

The big question is, why? Why keep fanning the flames? What possible outcome are they hoping to achieve?

There are several in the alternative media that believe the purpose is to create enough civil unrest that Obama will have to step in and proclaim martial law; thus, postponing Trump’s presidency. I don’t know that I completely share that thinking. I think the intention is more sinister.

For decades people have been put into various positions, networks have been formed and a very powerful and vastly expanding corrupt empire has grown under the direction of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Decades of deal making, favor trading, corruption and control of high levels of government have been created; it is foolish to think that they will simply tuck tail and slink away after this loss. There is WAY too much at stake. The tentacles of the Clinton crime empire expand to nations around the world.

 What started out as a money-laundering, cocaine smuggling business in Mena, Arkansas expanded beyond the state level, once Bill became president. Their aspirations and greed did not stop when they reached 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; they simply expanded their plans and network. Once the Clintons left the White House, they created a huge international level empire of money laundering, paid favors, child sex trafficking and weapon trading. The went global with their crimes; because they could. They had insulated themselves from their earliest days in Arkansas with people and connections that would protect them without hesitation. If someone didn’t stay loyal or presented as a threat to their empire; they simply stopped being a problem (death count related to Clintons) and for those that remained loyal; they rose to the top with the Clintons. Bill and Hillary Clinton know to keep their cronies happy and they do that by making them wealthy.

I know that major media is not covering or discussing the WikiLeaks that continue to be released or have been released to date, but it doesn’t negate their existence or their contents. Serious and heinous crimes have been committed. The reality is not going away now that the election is over. The Clintons know that better than anyone. No one spends decades creating a global crime ring, to simply walk away without a major fight. Donald J. Trump does not take the Presidency until January 2017; a lot can be done before that time.

I believe something is brewing. These protests and soon-to-be riots are engineered and directed with a purpose. Keeping these events hyped in the media and continually put in the faces of other sheep; is to continue the division to a boiling point of intentional eruption. I think that once they knew there was no way of winning the election they immediately jumped into their backup plans. First, early during election night MSNBC started a narrative that the Russians had possibly hacked the election, once Trump started winning. This narrative did not catch on with other networks and died off. Next CNN started a narrative that there were hundreds of thousands of votes being discovered in several counties that could be the votes to put Clinton over Trump. Again, this narrative didn’t gain any steam. I think this was their best chance of attempting to steal the election and when other networks, including European news outlets kept releasing the actual results it became apparent they could not take the election and had to face the inevitable (for that night). Hillary was more than likely in meltdown mode and denial and so she refused to appear on election night to address her campaign headquarter crowd that had been waiting for hours. Instead, she sent Podesta to talk to her devastated supporters.  Overnight, Clinton changed her entire demeanor against Trump and the election. Really? That easily??? Anyone buying into that?

I believe that if our country does not end up in WW3, someone is going to try and assassinate Trump either before he takes office or immediately after. They will spin all of it based on the ‘atmosphere’ of division expressed in these staged protests. This fire of unrest is being fueled for a reason. The other very likely reason is the usual diversion from reality. While we have all been busy overwhelmed by the election chaos; the world is combusting. NATO (America) is on the verge of war with Russia. Additionally, the UN is trying to essentially unrecognize the nation of Israel, by now proclaiming them to be occupiers with no historic or religious connection to the city of Jerusalem; but instead has declared it only significant to Muslims in an attempt to further remove God’s people from their chosen land. Meanwhile, Obama continues to plan and sign countless Executive Orders and arrange pardons.

Yes, I said pardons. It is absolutely no coincidence that the mainstream media is now promoting the idea that Hillary’s email scandal is over because the election is over. Likewise, they are saying that to go after her in any type of criminal investigation would be overly cruel because she has suffered enough by losing the election. Seriously? That’s like saying that someone that murders their parents should get not punishment because the loss of not having parents is punishment enough. See the stupidity in that line of thinking? The sheep don’t. So, the White House (Obama) is now quietly floating the story to various ‘reporters’ that Obama is considering a pardon for Clinton. Wanna bet that was the first call Clinton made election night, and not the concession call to Trump?

John F Kennedy and his brother Robert spoke out against the elite establishment and New World Order after his historic election as President. We all know how that ended. Donald Trump is the first person in a long time that has dared to stand up to these people. They have made no secret of their dislike, disdain and utter hatred towards him by politicians, news media, billionaires, elites, celebrities and other liberals. Twitter has been inundated with numerous death threats against Trump. Is it so far-fetched to think that someone will ‘conveniently’ get access to Trump to carry out someone else’s dirty work? Taking it a step further, is it not also possible that the establishment GOP (never Trumpers) would collaborate with DNC and elites to promote Mike Pence? Most people (including me) like Pence and think he’d be a good president. He is no Donald Trump and a career politician, that would be much more likely to ‘play the game’ than Trump. Pence proved his loyalty to the GOP establishment a few times when he went on record in opposition to Trump. Trump accepted Pence to make truce with the GOP going into the convention to unify the party. It is not so hard to grasp that the GOP establishment would hand-pick someone to balance Trump, but also they knew would remain loyal to the party. I’m not intending to imply any collusion on behalf of Pence, just those elites in the political parties that refused to support Trump. Trumps’ list of enemies did not change with the end of the election. Those who opposed Trump so passionately are more than likely terrified of being drained out of the swap of corruption they call DC politics.

As always, pay attention and stay alert. Do not suddenly trust the very media that so blatantly lied and deceived the American people. I pray for Donald Trump and his family. I continue to pray for this nation because we are by no means out of the woods yet.  

-Your Watchman

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Drip, drip, drip…

Slowly over the last few weeks a continual ‘gift’ has been given to the American people: WikiLeaks. Regardless of your political leanings, feeling about Assange and media rhetoric; step outside of the crap long enough to comprehend what is being released in the emails trickling out online. Every single scandal, accusation of collusion, voter fraud, poll manipulation, media control and pay for play is all proven with the WikiLeaks.

There has been decades of corruption, scandal, mysterious deaths and collusion by the Clintons; let’s address the reality. There is a much darker, disturbing picture being created about the Clintons. The reason the latest emails on Huma’s husband’s laptop (Weiner) are getting so much attention is because the New York police were investigating sex crimes related to Weiner. They accidently uncovered something much more disturbing. The police connected the FBI once the emails regarding Clinton were found on the computer.

Now, WikiLeaks has graciously revealed the child sex trafficking practices of the elites. Emails reveal the coded messages related to various ‘parties’ organized and attended by top political elites (yes, including the Clintons and their inner circle). The emails create a very elaborate global child trafficking network (primarily using migrant/immigrant children) even including actual emails where ‘orders’ for specific gender/ages of children are requested for these events. Do you understand the absolute evil in this?

Why is this coming out now? Because there is an internal coup (rebellion) occurring within the top alphabet agencies. NSA, FBI, and others from top intelligence gathering agencies have been silently fighting against the corruption rooting in the Dept. of Justice and other agencies of our government. When Comey followed the directions of the corrupt Loretta Lynch and did not prosecute Clinton, his critical comments against Clinton was the most he could do to rebel against the orders coming down from the top. The White House did not want Clinton prosecuted; these orders were given to the DOJ and we all watched what happened: nothing. Those agents that care about this nation, and serve the people have joined forces and are currently behind these damaging leaks now found online. Comey re-opened the FBI investigation as part of this soft internal coup.

The discoveries on the Weiner laptop have shaken these patriots to their cores and they began our modern revolution. Corporate media is not covering ANY of these discoveries; and still gather around Hillary protecting her as usual. 650,000 emails that were supposedly gone forever; were found deeply buried in the metadata on the Weiner computer. These are not duplicates of email already seen. These are all new. The folder these jewels were found in was titled ‘life insurance’. Let that soak in for a second. This is all the information that Huma and her perv husband kept as personal life insurance against being mysteriously suicided should the Clintons turn on them. Yes, the FBI and NY police have everything. Additionally, the missing 33,000 bleached emails have been recovered.

As a parent, I am sickened by what I have found. As a Christian, the newest developments trouble me the most. There is pure evil at work among these people. The spiritual and ritualistic behaviors of these elites are exactly what is overwhelming this nation and has brought America to its Sodom moment. America must not let these people seize control of our nation.

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This is it!

Tomorrow I am planning on exercising my God given right and privledge and voting. I do a lot of grump and grumbling about various aspects of our broken, corrupted government system but I still very much love this country come what may. I believe in the principals and values that the forefathers of this nation used when creating the foundation of the new United States of America. These framers looked at all the known examples of nations and leaders to know what not to do and what to do before writing down a single word. Through history and experience they knew that the only way to guarantee everyone’s equal ability to pursue the liberty and freedoms they fought and died to create was to create a constitutional republic. The leaders were to always be chosen by the people to serve for the people who elected them because they were one of the people. That still holds true today, except that the corrupt, greedy and evil hearts of men have critically wounded our republic in an attempt to remove we the people from the process.

The power has and still rests with the people. But the people have become fat, lazy and complacent. The people spend most of their time on their collective asses posting, re-posting memes on social media or liking those causes that stir their emotions. We the people have willingly handed over all our power to the very ones that corrupted things in the first place. I could go into a whole new rant about now about how all of this has been done by design by the ones pulling the strings; but I will resist that temptation (for now). Rather, I want all of us (we the people) to start taking a hard look at our own lives and those of others around us. How many of we the people every vote in every election; especially the local elections? How many of we the people follow-through with boycotts of merchants or merchandise when they say the will? How many are still boycotting? I haven’t walked into a Target to this day and I won’t. This is gonna tick people off, but how many of the movements/groups (3%, Patriot, Secession, true Christians) ever actually put any of their passion into real action? Heck, how many of the people in these so-called groups ever met anyone in their local movement that they care so much about? The reality is that very, very (I mean very) few people actually DO anything beyond grumping, grumbling and social media activity. Most people stop ‘boycotting’ as soon as it becomes inconvenient. Most of the movement/groups don’t coordinate within themselves and a lot of people that want to truly build a community/movement leave out of neglect from leaders/boredom. We need to stick to our principals and put those words into actions. That begins at the ballot box.

This is it America. It doesn’t matter why or when you stopped participating in this nation’s business (as is your Constitutional right and responsibility) but it’s time to start or re-start again this election. Too much is at stake. If as a collective nation, we the people, don’t care enough to grab the wheel and right this ship; who will? I will tell you- those entities that have all the money and the power who don’t give a rat’s hind-end about we the people, only themselves. A perfect example is currently the top candidate on the democratic ticket. Years of sleazy deals, corruptions, mysteriously timed suicides, back door deals, and vast amounts of money for all involved is the summation of the Clinton political machine.  Career politicians are ruining this country and we the people are letting them do it right before our eyes without stopping it. Because WE won’t actually DO anything but talk; and they know it. We keep re-electing them!

We the people no longer have the luxury of waiting on someone else to do the heavy lifting, America. It’s up to each one of us to do our share and let our nation once again be by, for and of the people. Fire the crooks and shake things up. How? VOTE! Whether you believe your vote counts or not, whether you believe it’s rigged or not- do your part. Go to a polling station and cast your vote. If it’s rigged and your vote changes: report it. Scream to the mountain tops. It is the overwhelming silence of the we the people that has led us to this point and time in the history of this country. Step outside of your own life, your own bubble of existence and take up the mantle of a true American. Vote, make your voice heard. If we the people don’t take back the ‘people’s house’ from the corruption of government; it stops being the ‘People’s House’ forever!