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We are on the precipice

via Daily Prompt: Precipice

America is on the brink, teetering on the precipice of a giant cliff.

I weep for this country…. Since the election I have stepped back from political writings and focused my attention on my original research/writings. After watching the evening news on corporate media CBS, I decided to wade back into the political waters.

As all the political players continue to scurry around in efforts to stop the Presidency of Donald Trump, the lamestream media continue to fuel fires against the administration. I personally don’t give a rat’s behind about the political parties and the deeply rooted establishment of power brokers who have been ruining this country for decades. Both the Democrats and Republicans are as bad as the other, with the long-term career politicians from both sides equally corrupt and serving themselves over those that elected them.

First, I am not a sheep. I see beyond the bs being pushed by the liberals/democrats and the liberally run media in efforts to continue the lack of acceptance for the results of the election since their chosen one didn’t win. The mistake most of the common-sense Americans make in the highly charged political climate, is to not pay attention and assume that the Democrats/liberals will accept their defeat as the rest of the nation had to do when Barack Obama was elected/re-elected. They simply refuse to step aside and will not stop trying to derail the President. Unlike previous elections with Republicans/Conservatives candidates losing and their supports accepting defeat; this bunch of whiners refuse to accept reality; so they are creating their own version of it while systematically spoon-feeding it to the masses.

Since his inauguration, it has been one sh**storm after another in the Administration mostly due to the continual flow of leaks coming out of the White House.  In a collected effort to stop Trump from keeping his campaign promises, establishment (bought/paid for politicians) on both sides of the aisle have been tagging out in the around the clock attacks being thrown towards the President in collusion with continual stalling tactics and outright defiance towards the business of running this country FOR the people.  Essentially every effort is being made to keep Trump’s administration in a continual state of defense putting our fire after political fire; instead of being able to address the issues of the nation and affect the promised changes in Washington.

Is Trump a saint? By no means. Is Trump necessary? Absolutely.

If for no other reason, President Trump is needed to salvage what’s left of the morality/fabric of this country. The reason the other side cannot sit back and suck it up for the next 4-8 years like the rest of did last time, is because too many irons are in the fire; the train has left the station, wheels are in motion, gone too far to turn back now…. pick a metaphor. The point is that the push for complete globalization and America becoming weaker on the world stage has been in motion for decades and far beyond the anticipation of Trump. President Trump is in fact draining the swamp in Washington D.C. and the establishment/elites are very unhappy. Why? Because they live/breathe and feed the swamp.

Remember when Obama shared intel with the Russians, intentionally and with deceit to the American people? It happened, apparently it’s only a big deal for anyone except Obama.  Remember when the acting US Attorney General took a private meeting with the spouse of someone under federal investigation shortly before the announcement that NO charges would be sought? Hillary skated with not even a slap on the wrist. How about the pay-for-play and the blatantly obvious trail of money funneling into the Clinton Foundation in return for favors from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Where is all the clamoring for justice??? The ‘slush’ fund Obama used to fund his horrendously failed healthcare exchange still hasn’t been addressed. When Hillary lost the election, the Liberals/Democrats wanted Comey fired for his incompetence. When Trump fires Comey for continual political pandering and failing to act on genuinely criminal behaviors by Clintons; Trump is a monster. WTF? In pure and obvious desperation the Democrats/Liberals have been pushing stories/fairy tales about Russian collusion with Trump to delegitimize the election. Do people understand what that really means? In any other 3rd world nation this would be referred to as a coup; an attempt to overthrow the legitimate leader of a nation. This is America; how is this going on with cooperation and blessings of the majority of Americans?

Only someone completely naïve or acting like sheep would fail to see the in-your-face hypocrisy in Washington D.C. and on the major news networks. A narrative has been being pushed since before the election to lay a foundation for the very actions occurring right now. The court of public opinion has gained the power to ruin careers, destroy lives and create utter chaos; all without a single piece of evidence or any facts every being presented before judgment/sentencing occurs in the court of public/social media.

I will repeat, again……something is afoot. The deep-state (that is now openly accepted as existing) has been running this country for a very long time. Few Presidents and leaders have ever tried to fight them. Trump is currently doing exactly that; including going after their most evil enterprise: trafficking of children/minors for the sexual perversion of a global network of the most highly connected/powerful people in the world. 

I do not regret voting for Trump. I continue to stand by Trump (the messenger) not the flawed man. I do not like several of the things he has done and choices he has made. However, I believe Trump (Americans that voted for him) underestimated the power/influence of elites and deep-state. I do weep for the fact that the illusion of our government working for the people is now destroyed.

In the last year Americans have been informed, though most don’t seem to care since it didn’t affect their social media “life”, that the media worked in collusion with a political party to push the agenda and candidate of a specific party (Democrats). We learned that the debate system is completely rigged and that debate questions were given in advance to only one candidate (Democrat). During the primaries, we were finally told that the democratic party worked against their own people in an effort to promote one candidate over another. (Clinton over Sanders). By the end of 2016, it was obvious to anyone willing to see/hear the truth that the entire system is corrupt and broken. The mainstream media has become the mouthpiece of the democratic party (propaganda filled/state run programming). Don’t forget that it was also revealed that a sitting president (Obama) has agencies spying on the political candidates of the opposing party……Nixon was impeached for less. However, in these revelations, not one single effort has been made to stop any of it or hold any one responsible. No special prosecutors, no subpoenas issued, not even a blip on the ‘news’. If Trump so much as breathes wrong: they riot and scream for impeachment.

We are six months past the elections folks. Like a mad dog with a bone these groups/factions are not stopping their continual push against the legitimate leader of our nation. War is coming. Domestically or Internationally War is coming to America. The deep state loves war. War makes lots of powerful people richer and more powerful.  Discord and unrest in continually being stoked in communities/areas of continued hostility.

Pay attention. Get the facts. Step away from the flock. Pull off the blinders. Open your eyes: wake up America!



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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