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Proving God

Through research and the journey of following the path laid before me, my faith has grown in ways I’ve never imagined or experienced throughout my life. God leads me, He speaks to my heart/soul and He has shown me purpose in my life, my path, the stumbles all to bring me to HIS purpose.

I began researching and studying to validate what I was hearing others say. As long as I can remember I have heard that we are living in end times. I have absolutely no doubt in the existence of God. I believe the writings of the Bible. My conflict is conveying that faith and realization to anyone else.

I set out to prove that the Bible is accurate. If the Bible is true, then EVERYTHING must be correct, not parts and pieces. The prophesy of the book of Revelation has been the one hiccup I couldn’t reason. For the prophecy about the end of days described in the last book of the Bible to be accurate, then where does the United States fit into the Bible? I cannot reason the Bible being truth if one of the major world powers of the globe is not even mentioned. After all, God knows and sees everything and would have included the existence of our modern world in futuristic predictions. Right? So…. I began the process of proving that the United States is included in the world view that was shown to John when he saw the visions of the future that he wrote about in Revelation.

In short time, I could see the role the United States plays in end times, but again I found more questions than answers. Not only must the USA be in the scriptures, but something must transpire to remove the power/significance of the United States on the world stage for the prophesies to be accurate. That began the journey that has now taken almost 2 years of research and study.

Here I am at the end of the research, and despite all the evidence and information I have collected I couldn’t figure out what I was to do with it. God has been leading me down this path for a purpose and finally I see it.

I thought that God was leading me to write a book that would be used by all the unfortunate/lost that are going to be left in this world after the rapture of the church as a means of explaining what had happened but also what to expect next in the end days.  Nope. This last week God as revealed exactly what all of this has been about and what HIS purpose is in all of it. The journey has only begun.

With God’s encouragement and courage, I am going to start unraveling the journey online with the world. I am relying on those of you who read my posts to share them with others and spread the word.  This is big undertaking and completely out of my comfort zone, but I trust God and His plan. If only one person meets and forms a relationship with the God I know, it has all been worth it.

Be on the lookout for future posts because I am going to attempt to argue the validity of God, His Son and the Bible for the world. I’m no expert, I am simply someone that after years of struggle and stubbornness finally surrendered to my Heavenly Father and HIS will for my life instead of someone playing at being a Christian while secretly holding on to the world.  I hope and pray that you will join me on this journey and that you will share this with as many people as you can. We all have someone in our lives that we hope will get saved and come back to God. The first step is introducing them to God in us….

From this point forward, I pray that my words/actions accurately portray and demonstrate the loving God that I know.  To be continued….


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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