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I’m not saying I told you so, but….

A while back I wrote that nothing was over yet, and that anyone thinking that the mere election of Donald Trump was the victory was mistaken.  The election was basically the beginning of a very long road to go before breathing a sigh of relief.  Why?

For starters, any whack-a-doo with a smart phone that has opposable thumbs have been ‘tweeting’ and posting online that Trump needs to be assassinated for the good of the country. Think about that for a second. Lamestream media has been building that hype by continually declaring that Trump is incompetent and they give airtime to anybody with a known name that is willing to go on air to trash our new President. Do you think for a second this would be tolerated if things were reversed? NO!

Two things: Back during the campaign cycle, then nominee Trump made an off-hand comment at a rally that MSM spun into a threat that was being made against Hillary Clinton by referring to the supporters of the 2nd Amendment. Remember that? The media and liberals went crazy, claiming that it was a subtle threat against his opposition. They (MSM, Dems, Libtards) all demanded that Trump drop out of the race, proclaiming that such things as off-handed threats were unacceptable and disqualified Trump to hold office. Fast forward a bit and now the shoe is on the proverbial other foot. The blatant and actual worded threats against the life of President Trump by all of ‘they’ is completely glossed over by media and others. Where is the outcry? Madonna stood in front of a huge crowd and proudly declared that she wanted to ‘blow up the white house’. Snoop Dog posted a video actually depicting the assassination of President Trump. Add to these, the countless amount of twitter accounts that blatantly demand the assassination of Trump. Again…. nothing from the media.

Secondly, during the campaign cycle a very disturbed young man decided he needed to kill Trump and his failed attempt ended. This individual was a foreigner that had been following the campaigns and then traveled to the United States, gained access to a Trump event to carry out his wayward plan. This guy was not organized and apparently not too bright and yet still managed to get himself the United States, to the destination as well as gaining access to a political event. Imagine all the little snowflakes sitting in their safe spaces, freaking out at the idea of Trump’s America with a dash of true mental illness: you get one of many would be and willing assassins thinking they are doing something for the greater good by killing a sitting President. The accomplices are all of the lamestream media and ‘celebrities’ that these whackos idolize. President Reagan was almost assassinated by a nutjob trying to impress Jody Foster, the actress. How much more would one of these unstable and very moldable never-Trumpers need to go through with the demands of over 300K tweets to kill Trump?

This is unprecedented and completely irresponsible to all involved who allow these tweets and posts to be treated as anything less than a threat to the President of the United States which should be prosecuted. Do not disregard these things because someone, somewhere is considering acting upon these radical ideas or being groomed to do exactly what these posts demand.

As always, pay attention and especially watch and listen to the rhetoric being spewed from those desperately seeking an escape from reality of President Trump. To quote one of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury, “something wicked this way comes”.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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