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Why this time is THE time

As long as I can remember I have heard people say that ‘We’re living in the end times” and so on. Tonight, it finally happened. That lightbulb moment when suddenly everything makes sense.

I believe that the years of hearing that phrases from my parent’s generation was in fact as true to them as it is today. Why? Because the Bible tells of the birthing pains that the world will experience prior to the beginning of the Tribulation. Now there is MUCH debate as to whether the rapture takes place before or after Tribulation, so I will state now that I’m a mid-Trib believer. I’ll explain why in a moment.

Like birthing pains the intensity and frequency of the events which lead most to believe that these are in fact the end times is in correlation to these various signs occurring both in past generation and ours. Why? Because since the birth (key phrase) of the nation of Israel officially in the world; a countdown began and the world went into labor. Ask any woman about their personal labor experience when giving birth to their children and each one will have had different experiences. Some last for days, some for a few hours or crazily even less than an hour. The point I’m dragging out to making is that birthing labor varies in intensity and longevity. There is no one exact timeline or measurement to use when describing the birthing pains referred to in the Bible.

In addition to the variations in birthing pains, there is also a reference to the times of Jacob’s Troubles. This is a reference to the time (literal time in years) that Jacob worked/labored to get the hand of his beloved Rachel. Accounting for the years of labor and required rest that is a time period of about 20 years. Easily that would encompass both the generations of my parents and those of my current generation (tweeniors). I apologize for not being scripturally accurate or for paraphrasing biblical and world events; but I am going on the assumption that someone reading this has a base knowledge of most of what I’m saying.

I began wondering that if we are in fact in the final stages of labor (because there are definite stages) then what will be the catalyst that occurs this time in humanity’s story that is different from past civilizations and times that leads to entering the final stage of labor rather than being yet another false labor? The lightbulb: Mankind is that catalyst.

Since the creation there has been one singular mistake/flaw that has had the most extensive and absolute reaction from God: trying to be God to a point of belief in exceeding God. For centuries as technology has grown so has mankind’s ability to play at being God. Medical advances have made that possible for decades to such an extent that doctors and other medical professionals can suffer from “God complexes” as a genuine malady. Historically humanity has taken with one hand and reached for more/better with another. Throw in the temptation of pure sin and you’ve got a perfect cocktail for the complete corruption of mankind to fall away from their true Creator: God.

When God created the host of heaven he created the angels. Long story short, one angel eventually convinces almost half of all the angels that not only can he (Lucifer) do what God does, but he can replace Him. War in heaven, Lucifer and all his followers (fallen angels) are booted out. Where? To the Earth. He wasn’t sent to a fiery pit, that comes later. He and all of his dark followers roam about seeking to kill, steal and destroy; as a lion. Their objective: to get between God and his creation of humanity. Not only does Satan want the world to reject God, he wants to get mankind to wholly deny the existence of God. I’m going off track here a bit. God creates mankind. Mankind eventually becomes so evil and corrupted (spoiled bloodline of Adam) that God chooses to literally wash mankind off the planet: the great flood. Another example: the tower of Babel. Everyone spoke the same languages in the lands, they were cohesively co-existing until a King decides to build a tower to reach as high as the heavens and God. Even better the king thought himself to be equal to God and down comes the tower and dialects/languages create barriers in humanities abilities to work cohesively for a common cause.

 Each and every time that mankind decides to go beyond playing at being God and decides to actually take the role of God; there is swift and violent punishment. In the case of modern times for the very first time ever in the history of mankind scientists have discovered how to alter and edit the human genes to make ‘designer babies’. Additionally, just very recently scientists have also announced that they have finally discovered a way to create (completely artificially) a human genome. Within the next decade mankind will once again live in a world with wooly mammoths.Scientists announced at the end of 2016, that they have collected enough dna samples from frozen preserved mammoth blood/dna that they can completely construct the entire dna sequence to make a wooly mammoth. In each of these scenarios I’m mentioning the key factor is that all of this ‘creating’ life is done without any influence or part of God.  I’m not talking cloning, which is simply making a copy of God’s creation with the same foundation. I’m not talking resurrection, which is reviving God’s original creation of life. Mankind has found a way to completely bypass God in the creation process. They are no longer mixing dna from existing living creatures (created by God); they are building the genes, the foundation of existence in a laboratory without any other factors. In fact, they are attempting to create life. ONLY GOD CREATES LIFE. Thus, mankind is seeking to become/replace God, no longer satisfied at playing at the part. There will be consequences.

I believe that the technology/scientific advancements have pushed humanity to a point of challenging the place of God, to exceed God. That is the catalyst that has put us into the final stages of labor, of which there is no turning back. The signing of the agreement with the Anti-Christ will be the final event that triggers all the foretold end time events of the Bible. In birthing terms, signing the agreement will cause the water to break and birth to begin. As an aside, there are strong indicators that the very agreement mentioned is in the final stages of agreement as I am writing this tonight.

I am not intending to be gloom and doom, freak anyone out, ect…. I’m trying to explain why I and so many others truly believe we are in the last days and that it is past time to get yourself right with God. I personally believe that the bulk of Christians are going to be completely surprised by the actual people that are taken away in the rapture; especially since they will be left here in denial with the rest of the world that the Rapture occurred. Why? Because they will be too proud to admit they didn’t make it; easier to believe a lie than to admit the truth when it’s unflattering against yourself.

I mentioned earlier that I believe in a mid-tribulation Rapture and that I would explain, so here goes… I believe, through my own research and studies, that the first four seals of the book of Revelation have already been broken, beginning with the first seal that was broken at the ascension of Jesus to Heaven after his death/resurrection. Additionally, the first Tribulation period is a time of final testing/opportunity to be with God. He will provide a way for anyone to come to Him and be saved; while in the midst of enduring God’s judgement. Collectively we are all being held accountable for not only ourselves but our collective species since the death of Jesus and we will all be here to face those tests/consequences.

The first 3 1/3 years of Tribulation will be endured by all living creation of the Earth as testing of righteousness/atonement for our continual sin against God. Those who are saved and pass away up to and during the Tribulation will be the first taken away (dead in Christ), then those who have endured the Tribulation and remained faithful/righteous to God will be taken away (the Rapture) before the Great Tribulation begins (God’s wrath). True Christians will be ‘protected’ spiritually during this time to some level, but essentially all of humanity will suffer during this period. It will be like the exodus. Egyptians that mimicked the actions of the Hebrews/or believed in the Hebrew God were spared during the plagues of Egypt. In other words, there are ways/things that can lessen or prevent certain things from happening to you during the Tribulation, but on some level, everyone will be equally susceptible. During the first 3 ½ years God is going to make it abundantly clear that the ‘gray areas’ humanity has so blatantly created in their supposed walk with God/following God’s Word does not and has not ever existed. The middle ground the world plays on, is going to be ripped away and humanity will be forced to choose a side once and for all.

So…. for now? Pray. Get to a GOOD church, go online and listen to someone that is preaching the truth about God and not the watered-down stuff in modern religion. God is not complicated or hard to find. Walking with God, living the way God desires is a whole new way of life and it’s not easy. I fail every day, but every day I try again to do better than the day before. It’s a relationship and all strong/solid relationships require continual work and effort by all parties. God has taken the first step. The next move is yours….


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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