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I said it’s not over….

After Jan. 20, 2017, a vast number of people breathed a great sigh of relief and went back to their lives no longer caring or interested in the events that led up to such a highly emotional election season. They convinced themselves that the worst was over and somehow that since Trump was inaugurated as the President of the United States of America, everything was suddenly better. That is a sad and unfortunate delusion.

Yes, Donald Trump is our President, however the Obama holdovers, Democrats and political establishment have been working at a fevered pace to do everything they can to sabotage the newly elected administration. The first casualty of these actions was General Flynn. They have now set their sights on Jeff Sessions and aim to have him removed as well.

When an administration changes, the people in all the jobs which are to be filled by the incoming administration stay in the control of the previous administration until Congress approves the appointments for each job/position recommended by the incoming administration. That means that over 500 jobs are currently being held by Obama appointees in the Trump administration. These are the holdovers that are working diligently to do as much damage as possible to the progress being done by President Trump. Leaking information, giving fake news to their allies in mainstream media are all attempts to create chaos and instability within the White House and Trump administration. An internal coup has been occurring within the alphabet agencies of our government, and a great deal of their directions are coming from Obama himself, as it was revealed by Eric Holder in a recent interview. Meanwhile, the Democrats and establishment Republicans are doing their part to de-rail Trump by stalling all his appointees and refusing to confirm the people Trump has chosen to run the government with/for him forcing him to operate with a very small team against a staff of people who want him gone.

The desperate/sore losers of the Democratic party are going after every avenue they can pursue in attempts to get Trump out of office. Several Dems are pushing a ridiculous narrative that Donald Trump is clinically mentally ill and unfit to be President; Al Franken (the comedian turned congressman) has helped introduce a bill to challenge Trump’s mental capacity. Additionally, other Democrats with their puppet media and sell-out Republicans are pushing the ridiculous narrative that Trump is a Russian sleeper or controlled by Russia. The “Russia interfering with our elections” was the exact argument I wrote that the Dems would use if they lost the election…. ta da.

Flynn broke no laws, he did nothing wrong regarding the job he was selected to perform. However, the fake stream media made a big mountain out of a tiny molehill until Flynn resigned for the greater good. Now, Jeff Sessions is on the chopping block because like all of Trump’s chosen cabinet and administration members; he represents law and order which the liberals loathe. Trump is not creating new, cruel laws; but rather he is enforcing laws made by previous administrations. Likewise, the travel ban he introduced listed the same countries that Obama listed when he enacted the ban. However, unlike when Obama banned these same countries it is suddenly racist and a religion ban when Trump does it.

America, we are not even close to being out of the woods yet. Now more than ever we need to stay diligent and attentive. We must shut down this intentional effort to undermine our President, our country and its citizens.



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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