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Doubt is good

via Daily Prompt: Doubt

It used to be that doubting was a sign of mistrust or insecurity, nowadays doubt has become an essential tool in navigating the continual barrage of misinformation being pushed at people everyday.

For some time I have called out the fakestream media for being what it actually is: bought/paid for puppets that do the bidding of the corporate and political establishment. During the recent presidential election the curtain was pulled back to reveal the ugly truth: true journalism is dead.

Now when I see a headline or “news” report, I doubt the validity right away, as we all should. Citizen journalists have now become the closest thing there is in existence to actual real news. Headlines are now being more and more overly exaggerated and blatantly false to draw attention, and turn out to have very little if nothing to do with the actual ‘news’ story. Sensationalism and sex sells; and corporate America has known that for a long time. There should be no great surprise to find that the corporately owned “news” agencies use the same tactics to sell their stories.

The obvious bias of fakestream media, Hollywood, political elites and Democrats has reached a new low with the attacks against President Trump, General Flynn, Jeff Sessions and any other appointee awaiting confirmation by our do nothing Congress. Trump is draining the swamp very slowly and the sludge is hanging on tightly to their control. There appears to be no limit to the depths of lies, false accusations and slander being pushed right now from every direction; so yes it is essential to doubt what you are being fed as truth.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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