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Promise fulfilled

Yesterday, February 9, 2016 the United States of America began enforcing the existing laws that have been ignored for the last 8 years. Illegal immigrants are being captured and deported in the United States for the first time in over 10 years.

Yes, I am using the term illegal immigrants because that is exactly what these individuals are: immigrants from other nations that have ILLEGALLY entered this country. What this means is that yesterday US Border agents delivered the first of what is expected to be just the first of an entire busload of illegal immigrants to the Mexican border to be deported as the laws of the United States have dictated for decades.

So…. illegals that are living in the United States without proper legal documentation are subject to be arrested and deported. Additionally, and more specifically those illegal immigrants that are arrested for committing a crime in the United States will now be deported. During the last administration, the policy became a “catch and release” practice. This meant that if an illegal immigrant was arrested the local jurisdiction would either release them before ICE could take custody or more than often ICE was never even notified. Best of all, this means that as of yesterday, known gang areas, criminal illegals and those that were in the United States on expired Visas/Greencards are being rounded up and deported in mass. Cities that refuse to enforce existing immigration laws and instead offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants are also being targeted.  Federal agents are doing the jobs that the local law enforcements have ignored.

Immigration lawyers in California have seen unprecedented increases in requests for help by illegals claiming to have been or have family members that have been captured in immigration raids that began yesterday.

This is not the national racist tragedy that the liberals and Soros funded groups with decry in this weekend’s propaganda protests. President Trump told the entire country what he was going to do if he was elected President. He proclaimed on numerous occasions that he was going to let law officials, border patrol and immigration officers do their jobs and gather/deport the criminal illegals and those caught by officials who turn out to be illegally in the country when checked. These are not new laws. Trump is not creating a new, racist law to rip families apart. No, quite the opposite. President Trump is keeping his promise to the Angel Moms and every other American that wants to see our laws enforced that are already on the books.

Those millennials and snowflakes that will gladly take to the streets for the sake of chaos will react in the same shock as those very illegals here in America. Panic will spur chaos as our nation sees an elected official continue to keep promises made during the campaign, but more importantly the leader of this country is putting the health and safety of American citizens above politics, securing our borders and reinstating law and order to our country.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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