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Will Obama pardon Clinton?

It’s no secret that President Obama is a complete and total narcissist. He can’t seem to stop himself at times. The last year we have seen quite a bit of his patting himself on the back (usually undeservedly) while out campaigning and now as he is about to leave office (thank you, Jesus) Obama appears to be obsessively concerned about his legacy. The big question is whether Obama’s legacy will include a Presidential pardon for Hillary Clinton.

It’s an interesting dilemma. First, for Obama to actually pardon Clinton she would have to do 2 things:

1)      Make it known to the Obama administration that she would like to receive a pardon.

2)      Be willing to admit she is guilty

The first obstacle is a very small hurdle compared to the latter. Hillary Clinton served as Obama’s Secretary of State during his first term, he campaigned for her in Clinton’s recent failed bid for the presidency. It’s been long rumored that there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obamas; but there is an existing relationship that would easily accommodate making it known that Clinton would be accepting of a pardon by Obama.

The second obstacle is the real problem for both parties. Obama would have to essentially be willing to tarnish his legacy with the fact that he had to pardon his former Secretary of State for crimes she committed right under his nose; which would cast a shadow of doubt about his own innocence or involvements. Additionally, both the Clinton’s ‘home brew’ server fiasco (mishandling of classified information) and the pay-to-play scandal between the Clinton Foundation and the former Secretary of State are similar in their criminal standing and punishments. Either way, Hillary Clinton would have to be willing to admit her guilt in these acts which is very hard pill to swallow for someone who has never taken responsibility for anything she had done so far and gotten away with her entire career. She has publicly denounced the accusations and denied their legitimacy; accepting a pardon nullifies both actions and changes her from being the victim of slanderous attacks to being a guilty liar. Hmmmm….

A pardon is above all things an admission of guilt. A person must first admit to the crime to seek a pardon, not publicly but it would be no secret that guilt was established.

The other option would be for Obama to leave Clinton to her own devices, essentially letting her sleep in the bed she had made for herself. This may be personally appealing to Obama, but I think his party loyalty has always beaten out his personal dislike of Clinton. Their history indicates he will continue to side with the party to protect Clinton.

The second option would be for Obama to simply let Clinton take her chances with the Trump administration and the statute of limitations. Essentially both accusations would no longer be prosecutable within 5 years of action/discovery of crime; meaning that in 2018 there would no longer exist any option to prosecute Clinton under current law. Even though President-elect Trump has backed off his previous threats to jail/prosecute Clinton after beating her in the election; it is not actually up to Trump to decide. The incoming Attorney General will be the one deciding if there is enough evidence to pursue legal prosecution against Clinton. This is a very real concern for Hillary Clinton.

If the new Attorney General convenes a grand jury on either or both of the allegations surrounding Clinton; she could very likely end up being prosecuted sending a message to the nation and the world that no one is above the law, despite their political power and that the laws pertain to EVERYONE equally.

Personally, Sadly, I think it’s highly possible Obama will grant Hillary Clinton a pardon in another one of his midnight signings right before his term concludes next month. He is wasting no time in these final weeks feverishly pushing everything he can through Executive Orders to further his agendas and that of globalization. Nothing would surprise me after this election. So, raise your hands- who thinks Hillary Clinton gets a pardon?


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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