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Prophetic Dream

Dream  12/12/16:


I want to first preface with a little background info for those who don’t know my health history. Briefly: I have chronic insomnia and rarely if ever sleep more than 1 ½-2 hours straight at a time. Because of my health problems, I also do not have REM sleep on my own; I don’t sleep deep enough so it is very restless when I attempt to sleep. I don’t medicate, so I sleep when my body cooperates and work around the fatigue. Additionally, due to my chronic fibromyalgia I can’t stay in the same position for more than 30 min- 1 hour or I start getting stiff and the pain is intense. Needless to say, ‘morning stiffness’ is very painful and intense for me every day, and it’s worse if I’ve been sedentary or laying in one position too long.

Here’s why I’m telling you this: I woke this morning at around 6:28am. I saw the clock. After going to restroom, letting dogs out and back in; I went back to bed with the herd. I briefly checked my phone to make sure I had no missed messages/calls and went to bed. I believe it was just barely after 7am last time I saw the clock. When the dream was over, I physically was jumping out of the bed as I woke. I was very rattled and shaking. I saw that the clock displayed the time of 11:58am. I had been asleep and in the same position for over 4 hours and I had absolutely NO stiffness or pain; additionally, I felt physically rested from a deep sleep despite being emotionally stressed.

God has very rarely spoken or shown me things via dreams. I can count on one hand how many times it has happened. I knew this was God. I remembered the dream and certain details kept being stressed to me as was the strong need to write everything down. I sat down with a spiral (still shaking) to write the dream but began praying for this foreboding/grieving feeling to leave me and to understand the dream. As I began writing down the details of the dream, I also began getting the interpretation/meaning of the events of the dream.

Here is the dream:

I was with a bunch of prominent people. I didn’t recognize anyone. We were all gathered together for a special occasion or event and it was something being celebrated everywhere; it wasn’t just us participating. We were in a huge raised pier 2-story house. I felt like these were peers, like-minded people who were representative of a larger body of peoples. A group of us decided to go to the store to get supplies and groceries for the celebration that was approaching. We were in a passenger van, there were a lot of windows and I was sitting in the seat before the back row. Behind me was a man and what seemed to be his young adult child. I couldn’t distinguish the gender of the child because nothing made sense with their appearance to clarify gender. I heard a very loud noise and looked out the window beside me to see above our heads.

It was a grayish cloudy day. In the clouds, I could see bunches of lights and lightning looking ripples in the clouds. Suddenly a huge jumbo passenger jet goes screaming overhead as it is about to crash nearby in the water (ocean/gulf). It was maybe 100 feet above us when it came out of the clouds. I knew we were near the coastline. I could see instantly that the plane had been shot down intentionally. I felt the need to post the news of what we had witnessed online but couldn’t get a signal or my phone to work. Some of the people in the van acted like nothing happened. We were at the store now and a bunch of them wanted to go do the shopping they had come to do. The clouds kept lighting up sporadically until monsters began attacking everyone, everywhere. These were movie monsters; like the worm aliens from The Avengers, Godzilla…. It was complete chaos.  I tell them that I knew what was happening that I heard ‘they were going to fake an alien invasion’ and that this was actually the beginning of the end of days. I said, “1/3 of the world population is going to die today. Everyone must be right with God. If you die today and do not know Jesus, you will burn in hell. You must all get saved.” The majority of people got out of the van to go shopping. About 5 of us stayed behind in the van, including the man and his child.

I realized I had nothing on me to help us. No purse, no bag, no supplies-nothing. Everything was someplace else and we were completely on our own. I didn’t have anyone I knew or loved with me, not was I concerned about their well-being. I had peace about them. The people in the van all decided we need to leave. There are no landmarks, buildings or visible roads; everything is covered in ash so we have no idea which way to go. The man behind me got upset and asking me for help. He said he was afraid and didn’t know what to do or how to get right with God. I placed my hand on the top of his head and began praying for him. Immediately the demons that had been attached to everyone in the van (including the van I was praying for) and in the world, were suddenly visible and everywhere. They spit this nasty stuff at people and the people became suddenly, violently and fatally sick with sores and blisters; like a flu on steroids. It spread and killed people very quickly. As soon as I saw the demons I had put my hoodie sleeve over my mouth and was praying. The man had pushed me away when the demons appeared and now he looked at me than turned his head and spit in the face of his child; who quickly got sick and died along with the man. The front passenger and I pushed their bodies out the back door of the van into a huge pile of ash. . Outside the van it looked all dark and smoky. There was now ash on everything and it was falling like snow everywhere you looked.

Now there was only the driver, another passenger and myself in the van. The driver did not seem phased by anything that had happened. The passenger pointed out  a large row of very tall chain link fences that led into an underground tunnel. There were signs on the chain-link and it was obvious this was run by the government/military. When I realized, who was in charge I immediately began yelling, “don’t go it’s a trap, we’ll all die”. After I finished the sentence we saw the car of people in front of us go down the into the tunnel. As soon as they drove into the gated area to go to the tunnel, the earth swallowed them up and monsters began eating everyone inside the car. The driver of our van tried to back us out of the line of cars and there was a lot of commotion all around and yelling. We were stuck in the line going down into the underground tunnel and the only way out was to leave the van. I was looking out the back window of the van and could see people in their cars, walking all leaving the cities and coasts to go into rural areas where they would be safe. I could see across the country and knew that the people could escape and that I needed to join them. I woke up as I was jumping out of the back of the van to find myself literally jumping out of bed.


The interpretation:

The people I was with were representing the many people of the world; but also, those who are claiming to be Christians. It was gathering of Christians that represent how lost most Christians are today. They are too concerned with the world to care or pay attention to God’s words and the signs He has been showing the world.

The location was a coastal area and monsters were attacking major cities. The interpretation is that the most dangerous areas for what is coming is going to be the coasts and cities: the bigger the city the larger the damage and dangers.

Movie monsters and passenger jet represent 2 things but with a similarity. The monsters and the plan being shot down are both caused and created by man. The plane disaster is the consequence of the actions of man like a world war. The movie monsters represent the idea that everyone (including Christians) are expecting some Hollywood version of prophetic events, signs and wonders of God. Reality is not like a Hollywood production. These were weapons of war.

The ash was volcanic ash. Despite not being near the eruption the severity and size was so intense the entire country and a lot of globe is covered by ash. This is from the great earthquake; which will trigger volcanic eruptions globally.

The father and child were representative of everyone living both in the world while trying to still maintain a version of faith/religion. The genderless child represents the state of the nation’s people-cleansed of all personality, gender, emotion, faith.

The demons and their spit is the demonic presence that is growing across the globe and getting stronger everywhere in the world, even among Christians. The spit is chemical/germ warfare which is done by those close to us; a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Can’t reach anyone/unprepared was because it is too late to warn people. The time for warning has passed. WE are all unprepared for what is coming, no matter how much we prep- only salvation will save us.


There was no sense of timing or when this was taking place other than it was warm weather and it seemed like spring/early summer. Additionally, I knew that the rapture had not occurred. This was the great earthquake and the domino effect it creates. I knew this was a global event and I knew with certainty that the Tribulation had begun, but the rapture and Great Tribulation were still to come. The people I could see going to safety were those that knew to get away from the cities and coastal areas; they were caravans/groups of believers that would be safe until the rapture.

I also understood that the people in charge of us and protecting us were also the people responsible for what was happening.  The fenced area (FEMA CAMP) were not meant to help us. The actions of humankind created the attack, the monsters were the weapons of war and the events were the consequences of their actions. The demons everywhere were the growing spirit of anti-Christ growing around the globe. The attached demons were from all the activities and things that are ungodly, done by Christians, but that open a doorway for spiritual attack and attachments.

I was never afraid for myself or my loved ones. I knew I was going to be with them, though I don’t know how. I know that the 2 things that I felt pressed about the strongest was that people are completely unprepared for what is coming and that most importantly only salvation through Jesus Christ is the way.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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