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Watcher Report

Let me begin by stating that I have not forgotten my responsibilities to watch and report; I have been very sick the last 2 weeks and though I have not fully recovered; I can no longer wait to address serious events happening worldwide.

There is a bill currently before our Congress, which has passed the House recently which sets up our country to essentially go to war with Russia. How you ask? The implementation of a no-fly zone over Syria will be the spark that ignites the conflict. The bill is HR 5732 and it is being quietly pushed through Congress. Essentially the United States government is preparing to implement a no-fly zone over a foreign country. Let that sink in for a second. We, the USA intend to enforce this in Syria and guess who it will affect? Syria (obviously) and Russia. At the invitation of the legitimate government of Syria, Russia has aided the President of Syria and the Syrian Army in their fight against the Syrian Rebels (guess who funded and trained them? USA) and ISIS. The United States has continually pushed for interference in the country of Syria in an unsuccessful effort to overthrow the Syrian President. They are doing so under the guise of it being a humanitarian mission to assist the people of Syria who have been persecuted and murdered under the current regime. This is all true, million have died and are being persecuted in Syria. I’m not saying that the Syrian ruler is not a bad guy or that he hasn’t done horrible things to his people- he’s a dictator and that is generally proof enough. What I am saying is that it is not our place to jump into the fray to again try and establish another puppet government. For years Obama has sought to oust the Syrian leadership (remember the infamous red line set by Obama?) and though we claim to be fighting in a global effort to defeat ISIS in Syria, the USA has continually broken the cease fire agreements and even bombed/attacked Syrian forces (accidentally on purpose) while targeting ISIS in the region. These actions have led to an increase in hostilities between our two nations. It is no secret that there is no love loss between Putin and Obama.

John Kerry expressed on released audio recordings that the only way that the USA could ‘lawfully’ attack the legitimate ruler of Syria is if the United Nations declared the actions to be the necessary reaction to a humanitarian crisis. Additionally, even Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate stated that a no-fly zone over Syria is the only way to counter Russia in the region. Our government essentially dictating to another nation who can and cannot use the airspace over that country seems too outrageous to contemplate; yet here we are right now on the verge of just such an action. Russian military currently use the airspace (again with the permission of Syria) and if the USA tells all traffic in the airspace to halt; do you really think Russia will simply tuck tail and leave? Absolutely not. The bigger question is how far will the United States go to enforce their no-fly zone?

As if that situation isn’t troubling enough, Israel is currently engaging in conflicts north of the Golan Heights (border of Syria) with ISIS. Russia, Iran, ISIS, Al Queda, Hezbollah and numerous other nations and factions are all engaged in conflict in that region. This is VERY significant to Biblical Prophecy.

I will continue to keep you updated and there are several very important topics I am currently working on now, the least of which is Pizzagate.

As always stay alert, pray and be vigilant. These are very dark times and they are far from being over.

-Your Watcher


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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