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The Stein effect

I recently reported that a recount was being pursued in several key states that were won by Donald Trump which essentially removed Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. Now, under the false guise of seeking to verify the legitimacy of the voting process failed green party candidate Jill Stein has raised the funds necessary to file the paperwork and seek a recount of several key battleground states.

Here’s just a few obvious problems with Ms. Stein’s claims:

1)      IF she was truly seeking to verify the integrity of voting this election she would have taken a broad pool of voting across the nation, not only the battleground states Hillary needed.

2)      She managed to raise over $7 million dollars to accomplish these recounts in a little over 48 hours, when her entire presidential campaign (which lasted over a year) couldn’t even raise that amount of money.

3)      The funds miraculously raised were donations by top DNC donors and elites in the pocket of the Clintons. A far cry from impartial.

4)      Ms. Stein had nothing but unkind words to say about Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaigning; yet suddenly is doing her dirty work for her (money does buy loyalty).

5)      There were NUMEROUS allegations and reports filed for voter fraud in several other states-all were to the benefit of Clinton and worked against Trump. Why not challenge those votes?

6)      In at least 3 states Hillary Clinton defeated Trump by margins of 1% or less; these are the states that need to be recounted; but that would work against Hillary.

I do not doubt that this is yet another attempt by the DNC and elites to take the presidency away from Donald Trump. Several electorates have reported receiving death threats if they do not vote FOR Hillary even though she lost those states. Additionally, no less than 6 electorates have already pledged to vote for Hillary, despite Trump winning their states. Mainstream media (MSM) has been in a tailspin since the election to not only continue to vilify Donald Trump and his supporters, but to further divide this country against ourselves.

As I stated before, it’s not over yet folks!


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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