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Daily Prompt: Pungent

via Daily Prompt: Pungent

When you think about the word pungent the visualization of something truly disgusting smelling comes to mind. Many things can have a pungent odor; up to and including people and actions. I’m referring to the disgusting and vile behaviors of people who are truly evil. During this years tumultuous election cycle, a lot of horrible and disgusting things were said and done by both candidates and their surrogates. The truly pungent odor of corruption and pure evil continues to hide below the surface awaiting anyone daring enough to find it. I am talking of course about the WikiLeaks shared from the accounts of John Podesta and Stratfor which revealed the true pungent stench of evil and corruption involving key DNC and Washington D.C. elites being termed as ‘pizzagate’.

In simple terms these emails revealed the intricate web of elites and political figures involved in the underground sex trafficking of children. Involved individuals, using code words and symbols for children (boys= hot dogs or pasta, girls = hamburger or cheese) and women brought into the USA as sex slaves being referred to as waitresses emailed one another speaking about ‘ordering’ their sexual preferences in children as casually as one orders a pizza. Additionally 2 prominent pizzerias in D.C. are implicated in the sex trafficking.

How do we know? WikiLeaks. Not only were the emails of the above parties released; but so was a FBI document which explains pedophilia symbols and code words. This is not an accident. Everyone was expecting a huge game changer to be released by Assange before the election but many thought he failed to deliver. On the contrary, what was released was a huge bombshell but no one covered it in the mainstream media and it is now being called fake news or lies to continue to divert people from finding the truth.

There is a very foul and pungent odor emanating from the elite and it isn’t the smell of rotten pizzas it’s the smell of pure evil.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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