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It’s not over yet…

For decades, the elite and corrupt have been planning and working towards total globalization. The Clinton machine has spent 30+ years building an international corrupt empire. Why would anyone think that simply because the election has concluded that they (Clintons) will simply tuck tail and walk away? That’s complete nonsense.

This goes beyond the ‘protests’ occurring around the country. Already no less than 6 electorates have said they will not vote per the states vote and go against Trump as President. Couple that with the stirrings that the Clinton campaign has been meeting with lawyers and technology experts to claim that Hillary should demand a recount with at least 3 swing states (that she lost) because of concerns that the voting machines were, wait for it…. hacked. I stated over a month before the election that the Clintons and their liberal lackeys were floating stories that there were concerns of Russia hacking the elections, that the election could be jeopardized, blah, blah, blah. This was all done to lay the foundation for their latest play to go after the election if she lost (which she did) . I’m not saying they are going to still try and take the election, I’m simply saying that it is unrealistic to underestimate these people and they are not going to stop any time soon.

Obama and Clinton have both not only refused to condemn the riots around the country, but their henchmen (corporate media) continue to fuel the flames against Trump and his supporters. It’s a game of deflection whereas everything they accuse others of doing is exactly what they are truly guilty of doing themselves, that is Clinton politics 101. Major media continues to drive further division in the country while going after Trump supporters by still labeling them as white supremacists, racist, and going after what they now call ‘fake news’ of alternative news. The elite are trying to shut down the message since they could not stop the messenger (yet).

Is it possible that Trump is agreeing to back off assigning a special prosecutor to go after Clinton (as promised) to get the DNC/globalists from contesting the election? Yes. Or is it possible that Trump is saying that now only to attempt to calm things down until after the inauguration. Also, yes. It’s no secret that Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are very good friends and that Chelsea has been petitioning Ivanka to persuade her father from going after Hillary. I tend to believe that Trump is listening to his daughter, which should be very concerning to Americans that appeasing the Clintons via Ivanka surpasses keeping his word to the American people and seeking justice against someone who sees herself above the law. To drain the swamp, the biggest swamp rat must be held accountable.

None of the world events that were occurring prior to the election have gone away. None of the crisis around the world have ended once election night ended. Corporate media continues to focus on Trump, rather than reporting truth. Russia and NATO are on the verge of war; Obama and Russia are on the verge of war, military build-ups continue around the globe. Economists still believe that we are on the verge of global economic collapse because that ‘bubble’ is still going to pop. The New World Order agenda is still gaining strength globally, which is why Obama has been on his world tour to pacify globalists and rally their followers. America is not out of the woods yet. Now more than ever, it is essential to not be distracted by the continued hype being pushed daily on all the networks (the real fake news).

I’m not trying to be an alarmist; I’m being a realist. No one builds a global corrupt empire, worth billions and billions of dollars and simply just lets it crumble after one election. Stay vigilant. Keep your eyes open and as always be prepared…. the other shoe is yet to drop.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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