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Open letter to Anti-Trump protestors

I’m sorry that your candidate lost the election and I’m sorry that you have no flipping idea how to handle the concept of NOT getting your way. The blame is not solely yours.

My generation and those after, are to blame for who you have become. Our parents came from families that despite personal miseries stayed married and raised their children in what is referred to as the ‘nuclear family’. Moms stayed home and raised the children and Dads went off to work and had careers. Before you freak out about the blatant sexist imagery I’m creating; realize we have come a very long way from that time. My generation bore the guilt and shame of the reality of divorce. Unlike today, most of our friends did NOT have divorced parents growing up, our parents still had the courtesy of pretending to be happy while the kids lived at home and then divorced after the kids moved away from home. We experienced our parents divorcing as adults. My generation is the divorce generation. Those of us growing up (becoming adults) during the 1980’s truly introduced the broken home guilt that spawned generations of wimps, much like yourself. Because we all felt so guilty about breaking up the traditional family unit of our parents, we were convinced (and often told) that we were destroying our children’s lives so to compensate; we over indulged. Our children became the product of hovering parents. You know them, you’ve seen them; they still exist in the wild.  From the hoverers came the participation trophy morons to what is now only what can only be described as non-participatory parenting.( I weep for future generations).

Our children suffered not from the stigma of divorce, but from selfishly idiotically poor parenting. Children have been raised with the concept of reasoning and not punishing for unacceptable behaviors. Television and the internet now raise and educate children. There was a time, long, long ago in a time far away when parents ate meals at the same time and at the same place as their children, like a family. Families attended church together. Parents engaged with their children and their lives because parenting was still the most important job any of them held. Times changed. Feminism led to a bizarre competition between genders, and the career (pursuit of wealth)  became the most important thing above all else, including their children. Kids have learned way too much, way too soon and we have robbed generations of you of the true joy and freedom of childhood. Latch-key kids, became even less involved with their own children than their parents had been (which seemed impossible). This pattern of children raising themselves has resulted in you, the Generations X, Y, Z, Millennials and Snowflakes. You are all completely clueless about life and reality and that has a lot to do with the fairytale lie you’ve believed represents life. Corporate media, entertainment, technology, educators have all shaped and influenced your ideology and beliefs. You are being overly coddled and manipulated. You are puppets my dear, you just refuse to see the strings.

If you look around while you’re out on your ‘protests’ you will realize that you are surrounded by other puppets much like yourself. You all have the same twisted conceptions and also way too much spare time apparently. Those in the real world have jobs and responsibilities and cannot spend every night out terrorizing our communities under the guise of freedom of speech. See, despite all the stuff you’ve been told your whole life all those phones, monthly checks, food stamps, unemployment benefits, EIC tax refunds, Obamacare, housing and childcare voucher and handouts are not free. Millions and millions of hard working Americans work their collective asses off every day to pay taxes, which in turn pays for all those lovely freebies. The cost has simply become too high to continue paying. It’s all well and good to say ‘we are the world’ and let’s take care of everyone, but someone still must PAY for all of it. This election was about exactly that for most of America. Let me explain the frustrations in terms you may understand. If you and your friends partied all the time and every single time, no matter what you were the only one that was always the designated driver and always paid for party; though never getting to fully enjoy it. You’d quickly get to a point of being tired of doing all the work and giving up all the fun for everyone else to benefit with not contribution. Thus the plight of working class America. You and your cohorts have been so brainwashed your whole lives that you no longer realize that you have been systematically manipulated your entire lives about the very issues before the country. You drink the kool-aid and buy into the hype; truth has nothing to do with anything you swallow. You truly believe what you are saying to be reality and to you it is reality, just not to the rest of us who live in actual reality.

When you chant, “not my President”, it shows your stupidity. You live in America and unless you move to another country and renounce your US citizenship he IS your president, whether you like it or not. Those of you carrying Mexican flags and chanting the same as above… you are obviously not only aware that Trump IS going to be the president, you also apparently don’t know what country you live in now. This is the United States of America, there is one flag: the American flag that unites us all equally. If you burn the American flag, you do not deserve the privledge of being an American and should leave…. immediately. This is the process. There is a winner and a loser. If you are so unhappy with losing your argument is not with the winner, but with the loser…for losing. Your candidate lied to you and cheated your best chance (Bernie Sanders) of winning. That is where your angst should be directed, not at the victor. I realize that the concept of losing is affecting a lot of your very emotionally, because we didn’t give all of you (Hillary too) a participation trophy so you feel empty from the loss. Suck it up buttercups, life just gets harder from here.

It’s not your fault that you are the way you are right now. It is your fault if you continue down this path from this moment in time and forward. If you want to be taken seriously, conduct yourself in a respectful and intelligent way. Otherwise, no one hears anything but the whining.


A Deplorable


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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