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It’s not over yet…

I have been watching the country’s behavior and reaction to the historic election of Donald Trump as our new President. The liberals are completely freaking out. I blame the major media and Clinton campaign. They knowingly lied to their followers for months giving them the very false impression that Hillary Clinton was going to win in a landslide. All the falsified polls and media overload against Trump has created this environment of chaos, which now is spilling into the streets of several American cities. Now that they lost, these misguided sheep are crying and shouting against the will of the rest of the nation. They refuse to accept the reality of the election and somehow think they can change it with their actions. They are literally protesting the democratic process. Moreover, I don’t think this is a genuine reaction; but orchestrated and intentional.

These ‘liberals’ are the same people that have been controlling the fates of average Americans by pushing their agendas onto all of us; despite our own personal rights. The reason why their voices have become the loudest is because they are very heavily funded and organized by people who wish to destroy our country. They bussed ‘professional protesters’ into numerous Trump rallies and other events. Look at the crowds. They are still doing it today, after the election is over. These are groups primarily comprised of older teens and college-age young people. So why is no one prosecuting these criminals when they destroy property, block highways, assault people and deface police vehicles? IF I can see their faces on all the videos the geniuses post online, surely the police can identify them.

No one is shutting these ‘protests’ down, because those who have been pulling the strings for decades to create a Clinton presidency, are not going down easily. Look at the map of election results. 90% of the geographic United States voted for Donald Trump. However, in large cities on both the East and West Coasts the liberals voted for Hillary, but not as many as Obama carried in his two elections. More interestingly, the sanctuary cities that have been under such scrutiny and attack by Trump; all went blue in the election.  Even in states that went for Trump, the larger metropolitan areas remained under Democratic control. During the last few weeks of the campaign, Clinton, the DNC and their lackeys spent a lot of money and attention to keeping control of the cities and counties in certain areas of the country. These are the same areas/regions that are now seeing these organized protests. I doubt seriously this is a coincidence. The reason no one is going to jail or stopping the nonsense is because they want it to fester and grow into something larger; to be played on mainstream media so their cronies allow it to happen in their areas for the bigger cause. How else do you explain the low amount of arrests and the continued bussing in of agitators to these areas repeatedly without fear of consequences?

In public Clinton, Obama and the DNC cronies are professing the desire for a peaceful transition. In private, George Soros who has been funding Clinton and DNC, is working with the same thugs they used over the last year to attack Trump, his supporters and police in collusion with them. Major media is still begrudgingly licking their wounds, while gritting their teeth smiling. Some anchors on MSNBC, CNN and FOX openly panicked as the results kept going Trump’s way during the election. They did not hide their dislike of the results. These same hacks are still spewing the division and hate they spewed during the entire election cycle against Trump and his supporters. They are intentionally fueling the fires of civil unrest.

It is no secret (anymore) that Clinton/puppets run corporate media to their liking (regardless of truth or facts) and due Clinton’s bidding. The very same television and entertainment shows that push the liberal agenda, continue to push against Trump and falsify facts to spur hate towards he and his supporters. This hasn’t stopped. Look at ANY of the late-night talk shows and morning shows. The view is a perfect example. Whoopie, Joy and company couldn’t wait to bemoan the election results and continue with the hateful and vicious comments against Trump and his supporters. They don’t care that 90% of the geographical country voted for the man. They don’t care that Clinton conceded and Trump won the election. Because these platforms have been permitted and encouraged to spew hate and division for so long the last few years, they now think they are above reproach. This is the environment that has been intentionally created to fan the flames of discontent among the masses. This is also why it continues despite the election being over.

The big question is, why? Why keep fanning the flames? What possible outcome are they hoping to achieve?

There are several in the alternative media that believe the purpose is to create enough civil unrest that Obama will have to step in and proclaim martial law; thus, postponing Trump’s presidency. I don’t know that I completely share that thinking. I think the intention is more sinister.

For decades people have been put into various positions, networks have been formed and a very powerful and vastly expanding corrupt empire has grown under the direction of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Decades of deal making, favor trading, corruption and control of high levels of government have been created; it is foolish to think that they will simply tuck tail and slink away after this loss. There is WAY too much at stake. The tentacles of the Clinton crime empire expand to nations around the world.

 What started out as a money-laundering, cocaine smuggling business in Mena, Arkansas expanded beyond the state level, once Bill became president. Their aspirations and greed did not stop when they reached 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; they simply expanded their plans and network. Once the Clintons left the White House, they created a huge international level empire of money laundering, paid favors, child sex trafficking and weapon trading. The went global with their crimes; because they could. They had insulated themselves from their earliest days in Arkansas with people and connections that would protect them without hesitation. If someone didn’t stay loyal or presented as a threat to their empire; they simply stopped being a problem (death count related to Clintons) and for those that remained loyal; they rose to the top with the Clintons. Bill and Hillary Clinton know to keep their cronies happy and they do that by making them wealthy.

I know that major media is not covering or discussing the WikiLeaks that continue to be released or have been released to date, but it doesn’t negate their existence or their contents. Serious and heinous crimes have been committed. The reality is not going away now that the election is over. The Clintons know that better than anyone. No one spends decades creating a global crime ring, to simply walk away without a major fight. Donald J. Trump does not take the Presidency until January 2017; a lot can be done before that time.

I believe something is brewing. These protests and soon-to-be riots are engineered and directed with a purpose. Keeping these events hyped in the media and continually put in the faces of other sheep; is to continue the division to a boiling point of intentional eruption. I think that once they knew there was no way of winning the election they immediately jumped into their backup plans. First, early during election night MSNBC started a narrative that the Russians had possibly hacked the election, once Trump started winning. This narrative did not catch on with other networks and died off. Next CNN started a narrative that there were hundreds of thousands of votes being discovered in several counties that could be the votes to put Clinton over Trump. Again, this narrative didn’t gain any steam. I think this was their best chance of attempting to steal the election and when other networks, including European news outlets kept releasing the actual results it became apparent they could not take the election and had to face the inevitable (for that night). Hillary was more than likely in meltdown mode and denial and so she refused to appear on election night to address her campaign headquarter crowd that had been waiting for hours. Instead, she sent Podesta to talk to her devastated supporters.  Overnight, Clinton changed her entire demeanor against Trump and the election. Really? That easily??? Anyone buying into that?

I believe that if our country does not end up in WW3, someone is going to try and assassinate Trump either before he takes office or immediately after. They will spin all of it based on the ‘atmosphere’ of division expressed in these staged protests. This fire of unrest is being fueled for a reason. The other very likely reason is the usual diversion from reality. While we have all been busy overwhelmed by the election chaos; the world is combusting. NATO (America) is on the verge of war with Russia. Additionally, the UN is trying to essentially unrecognize the nation of Israel, by now proclaiming them to be occupiers with no historic or religious connection to the city of Jerusalem; but instead has declared it only significant to Muslims in an attempt to further remove God’s people from their chosen land. Meanwhile, Obama continues to plan and sign countless Executive Orders and arrange pardons.

Yes, I said pardons. It is absolutely no coincidence that the mainstream media is now promoting the idea that Hillary’s email scandal is over because the election is over. Likewise, they are saying that to go after her in any type of criminal investigation would be overly cruel because she has suffered enough by losing the election. Seriously? That’s like saying that someone that murders their parents should get not punishment because the loss of not having parents is punishment enough. See the stupidity in that line of thinking? The sheep don’t. So, the White House (Obama) is now quietly floating the story to various ‘reporters’ that Obama is considering a pardon for Clinton. Wanna bet that was the first call Clinton made election night, and not the concession call to Trump?

John F Kennedy and his brother Robert spoke out against the elite establishment and New World Order after his historic election as President. We all know how that ended. Donald Trump is the first person in a long time that has dared to stand up to these people. They have made no secret of their dislike, disdain and utter hatred towards him by politicians, news media, billionaires, elites, celebrities and other liberals. Twitter has been inundated with numerous death threats against Trump. Is it so far-fetched to think that someone will ‘conveniently’ get access to Trump to carry out someone else’s dirty work? Taking it a step further, is it not also possible that the establishment GOP (never Trumpers) would collaborate with DNC and elites to promote Mike Pence? Most people (including me) like Pence and think he’d be a good president. He is no Donald Trump and a career politician, that would be much more likely to ‘play the game’ than Trump. Pence proved his loyalty to the GOP establishment a few times when he went on record in opposition to Trump. Trump accepted Pence to make truce with the GOP going into the convention to unify the party. It is not so hard to grasp that the GOP establishment would hand-pick someone to balance Trump, but also they knew would remain loyal to the party. I’m not intending to imply any collusion on behalf of Pence, just those elites in the political parties that refused to support Trump. Trumps’ list of enemies did not change with the end of the election. Those who opposed Trump so passionately are more than likely terrified of being drained out of the swap of corruption they call DC politics.

As always, pay attention and stay alert. Do not suddenly trust the very media that so blatantly lied and deceived the American people. I pray for Donald Trump and his family. I continue to pray for this nation because we are by no means out of the woods yet.  

-Your Watchman


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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