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Drip, drip, drip…

Slowly over the last few weeks a continual ‘gift’ has been given to the American people: WikiLeaks. Regardless of your political leanings, feeling about Assange and media rhetoric; step outside of the crap long enough to comprehend what is being released in the emails trickling out online. Every single scandal, accusation of collusion, voter fraud, poll manipulation, media control and pay for play is all proven with the WikiLeaks.

There has been decades of corruption, scandal, mysterious deaths and collusion by the Clintons; let’s address the reality. There is a much darker, disturbing picture being created about the Clintons. The reason the latest emails on Huma’s husband’s laptop (Weiner) are getting so much attention is because the New York police were investigating sex crimes related to Weiner. They accidently uncovered something much more disturbing. The police connected the FBI once the emails regarding Clinton were found on the computer.

Now, WikiLeaks has graciously revealed the child sex trafficking practices of the elites. Emails reveal the coded messages related to various ‘parties’ organized and attended by top political elites (yes, including the Clintons and their inner circle). The emails create a very elaborate global child trafficking network (primarily using migrant/immigrant children) even including actual emails where ‘orders’ for specific gender/ages of children are requested for these events. Do you understand the absolute evil in this?

Why is this coming out now? Because there is an internal coup (rebellion) occurring within the top alphabet agencies. NSA, FBI, and others from top intelligence gathering agencies have been silently fighting against the corruption rooting in the Dept. of Justice and other agencies of our government. When Comey followed the directions of the corrupt Loretta Lynch and did not prosecute Clinton, his critical comments against Clinton was the most he could do to rebel against the orders coming down from the top. The White House did not want Clinton prosecuted; these orders were given to the DOJ and we all watched what happened: nothing. Those agents that care about this nation, and serve the people have joined forces and are currently behind these damaging leaks now found online. Comey re-opened the FBI investigation as part of this soft internal coup.

The discoveries on the Weiner laptop have shaken these patriots to their cores and they began our modern revolution. Corporate media is not covering ANY of these discoveries; and still gather around Hillary protecting her as usual. 650,000 emails that were supposedly gone forever; were found deeply buried in the metadata on the Weiner computer. These are not duplicates of email already seen. These are all new. The folder these jewels were found in was titled ‘life insurance’. Let that soak in for a second. This is all the information that Huma and her perv husband kept as personal life insurance against being mysteriously suicided should the Clintons turn on them. Yes, the FBI and NY police have everything. Additionally, the missing 33,000 bleached emails have been recovered.

As a parent, I am sickened by what I have found. As a Christian, the newest developments trouble me the most. There is pure evil at work among these people. The spiritual and ritualistic behaviors of these elites are exactly what is overwhelming this nation and has brought America to its Sodom moment. America must not let these people seize control of our nation.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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