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This is it!

Tomorrow I am planning on exercising my God given right and privledge and voting. I do a lot of grump and grumbling about various aspects of our broken, corrupted government system but I still very much love this country come what may. I believe in the principals and values that the forefathers of this nation used when creating the foundation of the new United States of America. These framers looked at all the known examples of nations and leaders to know what not to do and what to do before writing down a single word. Through history and experience they knew that the only way to guarantee everyone’s equal ability to pursue the liberty and freedoms they fought and died to create was to create a constitutional republic. The leaders were to always be chosen by the people to serve for the people who elected them because they were one of the people. That still holds true today, except that the corrupt, greedy and evil hearts of men have critically wounded our republic in an attempt to remove we the people from the process.

The power has and still rests with the people. But the people have become fat, lazy and complacent. The people spend most of their time on their collective asses posting, re-posting memes on social media or liking those causes that stir their emotions. We the people have willingly handed over all our power to the very ones that corrupted things in the first place. I could go into a whole new rant about now about how all of this has been done by design by the ones pulling the strings; but I will resist that temptation (for now). Rather, I want all of us (we the people) to start taking a hard look at our own lives and those of others around us. How many of we the people every vote in every election; especially the local elections? How many of we the people follow-through with boycotts of merchants or merchandise when they say the will? How many are still boycotting? I haven’t walked into a Target to this day and I won’t. This is gonna tick people off, but how many of the movements/groups (3%, Patriot, Secession, true Christians) ever actually put any of their passion into real action? Heck, how many of the people in these so-called groups ever met anyone in their local movement that they care so much about? The reality is that very, very (I mean very) few people actually DO anything beyond grumping, grumbling and social media activity. Most people stop ‘boycotting’ as soon as it becomes inconvenient. Most of the movement/groups don’t coordinate within themselves and a lot of people that want to truly build a community/movement leave out of neglect from leaders/boredom. We need to stick to our principals and put those words into actions. That begins at the ballot box.

This is it America. It doesn’t matter why or when you stopped participating in this nation’s business (as is your Constitutional right and responsibility) but it’s time to start or re-start again this election. Too much is at stake. If as a collective nation, we the people, don’t care enough to grab the wheel and right this ship; who will? I will tell you- those entities that have all the money and the power who don’t give a rat’s hind-end about we the people, only themselves. A perfect example is currently the top candidate on the democratic ticket. Years of sleazy deals, corruptions, mysteriously timed suicides, back door deals, and vast amounts of money for all involved is the summation of the Clinton political machine.  Career politicians are ruining this country and we the people are letting them do it right before our eyes without stopping it. Because WE won’t actually DO anything but talk; and they know it. We keep re-electing them!

We the people no longer have the luxury of waiting on someone else to do the heavy lifting, America. It’s up to each one of us to do our share and let our nation once again be by, for and of the people. Fire the crooks and shake things up. How? VOTE! Whether you believe your vote counts or not, whether you believe it’s rigged or not- do your part. Go to a polling station and cast your vote. If it’s rigged and your vote changes: report it. Scream to the mountain tops. It is the overwhelming silence of the we the people that has led us to this point and time in the history of this country. Step outside of your own life, your own bubble of existence and take up the mantle of a true American. Vote, make your voice heard. If we the people don’t take back the ‘people’s house’ from the corruption of government; it stops being the ‘People’s House’ forever!  


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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