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Here we are less than 60 minutes away from the what will be the beginning of the end waiting for zero hour. The final debate concludes the campaigns technically, because some states will begin early voting in the next few weeks. The reality is that most Americans have already made up their minds. This Presidential campaign had people quickly and strongly drawing lines. Those claiming to be undecided are realistically closet voters for either Trump or Clinton; meaning they don’t want anyone they know to find out they are voting for on the day of the actual election (despite the rhetoric). I personally think that is the more obvious scenario; but I would add that I believe these closet voters are actually voting Trump.


So, all of that nonsense aside, tonight will be a much larger finality to something affecting every single American. Freedom of Speech/Journalistic Integrity/Truth either dies with the continued collusion and protection for Hillary or (I personally pray for this one) Patriotism will push forward against the onslaught of tyranny and corruption and Hillary Rodham Clinton will be absolutely barbecued tonight over all of her scandals, corruptions, Foundation and those lovely, lovely WikiLeaks. If she gets yet another pass on these issues being addressed before the American public; then starting tomorrow the final breaths of liberty in this great nation will become more labored and decreased.


This is literally zero hour. From tonight forward we will either be living in a nation that completely disregards its founding documents because of the filth of its corruption or we will still be living in the land of the free with a new surge of Patriotism swelling in the hearts of Americans.

If Hillary skates by again tonight unfettered, it is time for those opposed to her taking the Presidency and turning it into a throne for herself to decide their next move. Vote, Vote, Vote by all means; but be prepared for the slap in the face coming to every true American when they corrupt elites running things steal/give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton. After tonight, if Hillary gets the continuation of protection and collusion seen so far during this election season; then she and her cronies will take this election from the people without a second thought. The only way it gets harder for her to cheat her way into the White House is for those few good, honest journalists with integrity


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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