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Ruffling some feathers

I have no doubt that what I am posting today will not sit will with everyone. I’m not a big fan of sugar coating things when it’s go time; so here goes. Prepare to offended:

America under the rule of Hillary Clinton will be the death nail to this once great nation.

I love America. I love what the forefathers (3%) did to create this Republic. I love the Constitution because like the Bible, no amount of time changes the legitimacy of the basic foundation of its principals and teachings.

Here’s what Democrats either don’t understand or just purely hate about Conservatives: the phrases that we love our God, our Bibles, our guns and our country. Well let me help educate those who still have some open-mindedness left in them. I love my God, my family and my country in that specific order and here’s why:

I have a personal relationship with my heavenly Father. I am grateful every morning for the new day He has given me. God created me. He chose me (you) to be living here at this exact moment and time in history. Amazing things have been happening and more are coming as God continues to reveal Himself to the world. I look at my children, my grandchildren and every creature and creation of this world and I KNOW God exists.

There is nothing in this world that means more to me than my family. My husband, our kids and grandkids, my friends are all blessings and my entire life is entwined within theirs. I cannot imagine a world without any of them and I would do anything for them and their happiness/well-being. There are few people that I would lay down my life to protect, but that love is unwavering.

It is by the pure grace of God that I (probably you) were born in the United States of America. Take a look around the world; it’s all well and good to say you want to go and help people in these hell holes (who wouldn’t?) but do you actually want to live there with and among them as one of them? No. So, yes I am very, very grateful to have been born in America. I love this country, the way it was founded, the principals and Constitution that provides us all freedoms that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

So, yes I will proudly state that I love my God, my family, my country and yes I love my guns.

The reason I love my guns is not because I have a ton of them or some need to acquire them; it’s because I love living in a country that guarantees my freedom to protect myself and my loved ones. No one is to blame for gun violence other than the person pulling the triggers. Debate and argue all you want, and you will, but the reality is that is the person not the weapon that causes the problems. No amount of gun regulations and restrictions will ever take the guns away from bad people or people who want to use them for evil purposes. To take away a people’s right to self-protection by disarming them leads to a completely submissive population-unable to defend or rebel.

Hillary Clinton represents the absolute worst case scenario for the United States. Barack Obama laid the framework for her to come in and drive that final death nail into the heart of our nation. She will completely open the borders and flood our country with anyone willing to come here. She will continue the Obama policies of hundreds of thousands of dollars being given as handouts to all these new arrivals. Meanwhile those poor stiffs still employed and working for a living will be working even longer hours for even less pay just to survive the declining economy. The rich elites/corporations will continue to get bigger and wealthier on the back of working Americans. Christianity will have no place in Hillary’s version of America. She has a well-known and now documented dislike (occasional hatred) for Evangelicals, Patriots, Conservatives and others she lumps into her basket of deplorable.

This woman and her political machine have been linked to over 2 dozen mysterious deaths of people that either openly crossed them, informed or were about to inform on one of their criminal activities (and there are numerous ones) or were about to be prosecuted themselves and there was risk they’d eventually turn on the Clintons to save themselves. All were suicides. It is statistically impossible for any one person (Hillary) to be linked with that many secretively chronically depressed people in one lifetime. Suicides which include mouthwash overdoses, gunshot wounds from 2 different guns, asphyxiation and the ever-recurring single gunshot deaths. The point here is that why would anyone not think she would continue this behavior. She’s never been punished for anything. That’ a green light if ever one existed. Hitler rounded up the Jews, don’t think for a second that Hillary won’t round up the deplorable and eliminate her strongest foes.

The continual WikiLeaks dumps are painting a clearer, more concise picture of the inner workings of Hillary’s campaign, her cronies and her personally. She is not a nice person. She may actually have less disregard for America than Obama- which surprised even me. Obama, for all of his many flaws, never really crossed certain lines. He laid the foundation and started things into motion for what is coming next; but unlike Hillary I don’t think he has the stomach for the truly vile and treasonous actions she will do to American citizens if it suits her greater purposes. Why I believe this is because of her own actions and rhetoric during this election. It is now known/documented that she and her cronies paid people to disrupt Trump and Sanders rallies. Many people were physically assaulted and injured at Trump rallies by these same paid protestors. They sent them in busloads. She continues to feed division and stoke fires of racial tensions in the country just like Obama. That situation will not improve if she gets into office.

The level of collusion on a global scale that is tied to Hillary Clinton reaches far and wide. The tentacles of her corruption have polluted every aspect of our government. IRS, NSA, CIA, DOJ, FBI are all tied in one way or another with Clinton scandals; either pay to play schemes or blatant protection placing her above the laws of the people. Clinton has never faced any accountability for any of her scandals and schemes, and once elected she absolutely surely will not. She will change the landscape of this country by appointing Supreme Court judges that disregard the Constitution and create laws rather than interpret them.  If you think the PC issue is a problem now…. you just wait and see how much more intense it gets once she’s in office.

Hillary will tax gun purchases up to 25%. She will stop the manufacturing and flow of ammunition. She will close every possible option for gun purchase except via approval by the federal government. It will be illegal to transfer gun ownerships within families or via inheritance. Hillary will instate bans on the majority of guns while still technically leaving the 2nd Amendment in place. Hillary has stated (kudos again to WikiLeaks) that she plans to do all of the above and more; and she intends to do it all with Execute Actions, just like Obama has use. Why EO? Because as soon as they are officially entered into the registry, they are law. No Congressional oversight or input; completely bypassing those representing the will of the people.

Sharia Law will slowly take over communities and cities across the globe with Hillary’s blessings. Again it is documented how much she prefers a more extreme form of Islam, and has no problem with the implementation of Sharia Law in the United States of America. Look at Europe and ALL of the real problems they are having with violence, rapes, attacks, honor killings, cultural and social dominance by Sharia Law/Muslim beliefs. Christianity and Judaism are being squeezed out, and often in violent ways. The same will occur here under a Hillary administration.

I just can’t be any clearer. People need to start collectively and actively talking about the truth and getting people to NOT vote for Hillary. They don’t have to vote for Trump; but any vote for Hillary is a vote AGAINST Americans. I don’t’ just mean on FB or social media. Talk to your neighbors, to people within your social groups or acquaintances. Yes, you might ruffle some feathers or feel uncomfortable at first; but we the people need to start doing something while we still can to protect our own votes. So go out there and ruffle some feathers!


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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