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America’s Sodom Moment

As Abraham stood on the hilltop with the Lord he bargained for the sake of the people of Sodom. The Lord had sent 2 Angels to determine if the outcry against the city was true. God had predetermined the judgement for Sodom if their sin was too great- total destruction. As Abraham stood with the Lord he bargained with Him continually asking for the city to be spared for the sake of the righteous that lived there among the sinners. Abraham got God to go from requiring 50 righteous among the entire city to only needing to find 10 in total to spare them God’s wrath.

Throughout that night in Sodom, the 2 Angels of the Lord entered the city to determine its fate. The Angels were offered protection from the people of the city by Abraham’s nephew Lot and his family. Essentially, it was determined very easily that sin was far more prevalent in the city than any righteousness among the inhabitants. The Angels offered an escape for Lot and his family, if they ran without ever looking back. As most of you know, Lot’s wife looked back towards Sodom and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt.

There’s a reason I gave that very brief synopsis of the smiting of Sodom and Gomorrah. America has surpassed the wickedness of those ancient cities. I am not talking about civility or cultural acceptability. I am referring to the sin and breaking of Gods laws by a nation that dedicated itself to the very same Lord they now rebuke. It’s not a popular practice anymore to actually stick with historical facts but I am going to anyway. Our founding fathers based the Constitution on their belief and faith in God. They literally dedicated this nation (George Washington did this in a little church right after his inauguration) to being a nation that served and honored God. When was the last time you honestly think we still fulfilled that obligation?

Was it when we legalized abortion? I mean at that moment we did declare as a nation that we decided to determine life/death for another life unable to decide for themselves: essentially replacing God in the process of creation. Too preachy? You aren’t gonna get any happier.

Did we honor God when we lit the White House (people’s house) as a rainbow to celebrate declaring, as a nation, that marriage is no longer between just a man and a woman, as the Bible states? That was a real slap in the face to God, don’t you think?

Do you think that you, aren’t personally responsible for any of those things so why should you be punished? Well….did you vote for any of the idiots that made these laws? Did you support any of the corporations that pay lobbyists that influence the lawmakers? Did you stand up and protest and decry these actions to the world? The reality we all have blood on our hands, it’s just not as direct. We bare responsibility for those we choose to represent us and how that representation is shown- at every level of our lives.

Here’s the reality: after decades and decades of social and cultural changes; God is no longer welcome in the everyday lives of the American people. As a nation, our collective voice has pushed Him further and further away. Our pulpits are failing their people. Organized religion has overtaken pulpits and church is no longer about the truth of God’s Word, obeying his laws and the approaching hour. Church has become a social event, a reference on your resume and a ‘badge’ people wear around others. If you sit in a church that spends the bulk of their time in announcing social gatherings, advertising their gift shop, listening to the band, watching videos than you do in the Word something is wrong. If you go to a church where the actual ‘message’ doesn’t start until the last 30 minutes of church and starts and stops by someone’s watch only to include some personal analogy instead of an actual altar call for salvation: you are missing the Lord. Don’t blame yourself, it’s been a very long time since God was truly welcomed and present in most of today’s churches.  We have fallen away from God as a nation.

Let’s go the other direction; America is blessed as a nation not only because of our commitment and honoring of God, but most importantly because as a nation we bless (help/assist) the nation of Israel. God said that He would “bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel”.

Now, here’s a few little fun facts to mull over: On the exact day that George W. Bush publicly chastised/criticized the nation of Israel for settlement building and DEMANDED Israel to remove the settlements; a storm formed off the coast of Africa. That storm was later named Hurricane Katrina. More? On the very day that hurricane Matthew churned off the coast of the southern tip of the United States toward the open ocean President Obama publicly chastised Israel for the building of new homes in the disputed settlement areas. Within 2 hours, Hurricane Matthew turned back toward the US coast and rode its way up the seaboard.  This is the newest one: On the same day that UNESCO went against the nation of Israel and US did not support Israel – the remained or a typhoon that was decreasing went straight for the coast of the Pacific Northwest and is pounding that coastline even now as I write this.  

Let’s put everything together: Our country as of 2016 has completely and openly rejected God as a part of our nation: He is not welcome in our schools, our businesses, our neighborhoods. Churches have watered down God’s word so much that millions of people have slowly pushed God out of their daily lives and their homes. God is no longer the center of our homes, our families, our communities or our government. Additionally, we have openly defiled and broken all of God’s commandments and as a nation have spit in the face of God before the world.

Yes, as in the ancient days. America is under their time of bargaining and judgement. I don’t know how many righteous God is looking for to spare this nation his full wrath as He did with Sodom. I do know that God is laying very heavily the message that “America is having their Sodom moment” on my heart and it is increasing with intensity and frequency to what now feels like an urgency. Last night I heard a sermon, and in that teaching I got confirmation and clarity of what God means by the message of being in a Sodom moment.

This is what I believe it means: The truly righteous followers and believers in Christ need to be in prayer to intercede for our country. We need to be praying for our nation, it’s people, it’s leaders. We need to pray for the salvation of America. Regardless of how the rest of this year plays out; a multitude of people are going to be very unhappy. It will change the nation in ways we have never seen before. The buildup is too big, being stoked for far too long to suddenly disappear. There will be judgement on America; the intercession right now will determine the intensity, depth and reach effect of the required atonement. Like Abraham that night bargaining for Sodom; as Christians we need to be interceding for America as we go through our ‘Sodom” moment and prepare for judgement.

-Your Watchman


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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