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Digging Deeper

I got distracted earlier by the daily prompt on my blog website, but I am back on track….

Let’s look at Jeffery Epstein.

Mr. Epstein has been at the center of controversy since the story broke about his private island in the US Virgin Islands; nicknamed pedophilia island. Let that sink in for a minute. This billionaire hedge fund buddy of Bill Clinton owned a private jet and private island that catered to those lowest of the low that get their jollies having sex with underage girls. Girls between the ages of 12-17 were repeatedly sexually violated and raped by Epstein and all his buddies. A vast majority of the assaults occurred on the private jet on the way to the island as well as at Epstein’s private compound on the island.

Let’s connect some dots: Epstein has donated large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation. At one point, Bill boasted that his buddy Epstein was a major architect in the formation of the Clinton Foundation (a cesspool of corruption). Additionally, Bill Clinton has flown over 20 times (thanks to FAA logs) on Epstein’s sex plane to pedophilia island. Of course mainstream will not cover the story. To add an even more interesting note to this information is the fact that Epstein has been given a very sweet immunity deal from the feds (much like, yet better than all those immunity deals that the Hillary squad received over the emails).

Here’s why this is a story that needs attention and why it is a factor in this election cycle.

First over the course of the last 8 months numerous filings have been done in several American cities that accuse Donald Trump of raping underage girls. This story is getting major media attention, though quietly. Now, before you freak out; the case filed in Houston, TX was thrown out. See, here is what is happening. These filings are all done with the victims being either ‘Jane Doe, Joan Doe’ or similar fake names. The ‘Madame’ that arranged for all those poor girls to be flown and kept at pedophilia island admitted to going to bus stops and other locations to find runaways and lost young girls to hand over to Epstein. The interesting thing about all the immunity deals is that the same ‘Madame’ now is stating that Donald Trump partook of the debauchery associated with Epstein. The purpose of these court filings isn’t to actually bring justice for a crime; but to create enough buzz and controversy against Trump to stop his momentum with America. Clinton and the DNC need to derail the Trump train, and continually accusing him of the worst of the worst in behavior; is their agenda. These cases have no merit and will be dismissed, but more than likely after the election. The truth won’t matter after the election. If it wasn’t so unsettling how low things are going, it would be commendable that they are so effective in destroying their enemies.

They (Clinton camp/DNC) are playing the usual deflection game. To avoid all the TRUE allegations against Bill Clinton and Hillary’s role in harassing and attacking these women; they are attempting to deflect the narrative to be about Trump as sexually deviant. The 11-year-old leaked video released on Friday was to distract from the WikiLeaks dump that should seriously damage Clinton, and mainstream media ran the story non-stop to ramp up the hype. Even today, after the debate the mainstream media is still going after Trump’s video, trying to keep the story going. 

So, all of these nefarious court filings have been laid as a framework to go after Trump. It’s typical Clinton behavior to not only attack their foe, but to destroy them on every level. Clinton wants to destroy Trump forever and the smoke/mirrors game is working thanks to the help of the media.  More tapes will be coming against Trump. They will be old and they will even find women to speak against him; media is in hyper-drive to drudge up this stuff. Truth is not a factor; it’s about the scandal. Enough people in this country have successfully been famous for being famous; so yes, they will lie to get the check and the fame.  The late Miss Universe that Clinton paid to speak against Trump is proof positive of how the hype is more important than the reality. Deflect, deflect, deflect.

So, many people across this nation have already chosen who they will support in this election, but these aren’t the ones that Clinton and DNC are interesting in wooing.  The Bernie Sanders supporters are the real prize. In truth, Sanders took almost half of the country by popular vote against Hillary in the primaries. These are the brass ring for both candidates. Many of Bernie’s supporters truly hate Hillary and will not vote for her, choosing to sit home on election day.  At one point, it didn’t matter to the DNC. The electoral college is stacked so heavily AGAINST a GOP candidate, that all Hillary needed to do to win (according to DNC/Hillary) was to simply get the die-hard Democrats to vote because they falsely believe the fake numbers and polls they are putting out to the country depicting Trump losing. It’s not working anymore to ignore these voters who once backed Sanders, because Trump is getting HUGE crowds at all of his events and Hillary is struggling to find venues/people to attend in addition to all of the time away for the campaign trail she has been taking the last few and next month. The Sanders followers are not all young, but the majority of them are between the ages of 18-24 or new voters. Some prominent democrats (Susan Sarandon) have turned on Hillary and support Sanders. Bernie making a deal with the DNC did not satisfy these voters. Hillary has an uphill climb to win these voters to her side.

Trump has reached out to the inner cities (unheard of for ANY Republican) and it’s effective. Decades of bad policies that have hurt the inner cities and working class people, have soured people on politicians as a whole. However, Trump is again giving a voice to these disenfranchised voters. Clinton may publicly laugh out Trump’s attempt to win these votes, but in reality it is panicking her and the DNC. So, Trump has to be painted as someone that people would be embarrassed to admit they are voting for him. That’s just Clinton politics. Clinton’s entire campaign has focused 90% of their time/attention to attacking Trump or telling people what Trump says or thinks (her version). Even last night, she continually talks against Trump and the negativity of the campaign while glossing over the reality that SHE is the one spending millions on attack ads and at her events Trump is continually attacked by her and her cronies. The media (acting as her surrogates) continue the anti-Trump narrative. These are very intentional and deliberate actions folk.

People need to brace themselves for more trash and scandal being hyped around Trump. More importantly if people have chosen to vote for Trump, they need to stand their ground and defend their candidate. If people are voting for Trump to vote AGAINST Hillary, then that reason and the messages against Clinton needs to be more openly discussed in America.

If you encounter someone that is confused or lost (following the media hype and anti-Trump movement) then we as Americans need to rise up and start pushing back against the lies of the establishment of both parties. Our country will be completely unrecognizable with a Clinton Presidency; to protect the sovereignty of this nation people need to vote for Trump.




I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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