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Be Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

Americans need to be very careful not to get caught up in the media hype instead of finding the truth. It is a well known fact that 6, yes I said 6, corporations control everything that Americans see, hear, read, listen to and watch. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now, it only stands to reason that the personal ‘leanings’ of these corporation owners and CEO’s do in fact affect and influence the information they are presenting to the public. That said, it is essential that people carefully consider what they are seeing on mainstream media news outlets. Bias in journalism is the new normal and that bias leans to the very political party and candidate that these 6 corporations donate money to for decades: Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Jake Trapper on CNN is blatantly bias towards Hillary. Lester Holt proved his loyalties when it was leaked that the secret debate questions from the first Presidential debate were in fact hand delivered to Hillary Clinton a week before the debate. Add in the fact that both Holt and Matt Laur went to extraordinary measures to shelter/protect Hillary from any possible negatives landing against her. Then there is Fox news, which use to be the one semi-right leaning news network. After the coup to oust the former head of the network, their bias is showing and it does not favor conservatives as in the past. Alex Jones, of Infowars, has been drawn into the election as a fear monger and conspiracy theorist guru. Be careful not to fall into these traps and diversions. The only thing that matters is the truth.

We live in an electronic age; so it isn’t that hard to find the truth today. Now, Google and Facebook have both been outed for trying to corrupt the search algorhythms online to hide the negative news about Clinton, while still promoting negative information and stories about conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters.

When a politican/political party goes to such extreme lengths to destroy opposition; it is clear that trouble is afoot. Trump has caused panic among the elites and establishment politicians, lobbyists, bankers and corporations. Why? Because he threatens their way of life and corruptions. More importantly, Trump will stop America’s march toward globalization.

Carefully, ask yourself and those around you who you are voting for in this election and why. Ask what America means to you, what America means to the rest of the world right now. What you want to see over the next 4 years, is it the same as right now or a new path. One candidate is an outsider and represents change, one candidate is an establishment career politicians that will continue and worse the same policies hurting our country. This election has monumental consequences, so be careful not to follow the manipulation and lies- find the truth and vote accordingly.



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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