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Hillary Clinton’s Wars

What happened in Libya?  The Hillary Clinton State Department enacted measures to eliminate a foreign country’s legitimate regime so Clinton advised for the United States to enter the Libyan Civil War in an attempt to remove Gaddafi. The US wanted a more controllable “American friendly” puppet leader to be put in Gaddafi’s place. Why? Kaddafi was planning to introduce a gold-backed currency for Africa; changing the dominance of the American dollar in the world. America’s currency used to be gold-backed until it became oil-backed currency. The primary currency to sell and purchase all of the world’s oil are American dollars. Introducing an African gold-based currency would entirely upend all of the world markets and American dominance in those markets.

The Iranian Deal: Hillary Clinton was instrumental in implementing and securing the very controversial Iranian Nuclear Deal that the Obama administration so proudly proclaims a success. There is substantial information that implies that the actual problems associated with Hillary Clinton’s health are directly related to the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Allegedly, it was during one of Hillary’s secret meetings with the leader of Iran, that she was involved in a deadly plane crash, which almost killed her but did end the life of a seal team member traveling with her. To cover the trip and the crash; it was announced that Hillary had the flu and during which she managed to fall and get a severe concussion (this the 6-month recovery time) and the seal team member’s death was labeled a suicide (one of MANY) tied to the Clintons. The other aspects of the Iranian deal rarely discussed is that America paid multiple huge cash payments to Iran (cash cannot be traced and therefore most widely accepted by terrorism networks) and complete disregard for the other weapon and military activities of the Iranians.

The now infamous Russian ‘reset’ button:  Relations with Russian and the United States are worse now than in other time after Ronald Reagan. The Russian reset was an attempt to publicly admonish the tension between America and Russia over the USA’s involvement in Libya and Syria. As it stands right now, Russia has backed out of all formal agreements about nuclear disarmament with the USA and there are no longer any negotiations occurring between the nations.

Syrian mess:  The Syrian Conflict (as media calls it) will be yet another Hillary Clinton war. The United States again chose to interfere with the legitimate regime in a foreign country for their own benefit; so they began training, funding and arming the Syrian Rebellion Army. The Rebellion Army is attempting to overthrow the rule of Assad and the US already want him gone, so the CIA and other operatives took sides in Syria’s religious civil war. Making matters worse is the fact that Russia has been invited by Syrian’s legitimate regime (Assad) to assist them in fighting the rebellion. Because the USA cannot simply go after Russia directly or show direct interference in the Syrian conflict; the USA is only in Syria to fight ISIS as part of an UN fight against terrorism. America is not authorized to interact inside of Syria unless it is to attack ISIS. America is only supposed to use the Syrian airspace under a negotiated treaty with Russia, since they defend the Syrian airspace. Now, recently during the last ceasefire; American planes bombed and killed Syrian State Army troops, and other nations troops involved in the Syrian Civil War conflict. America claimed it was an error. Syrian civilians caught in the middle of all of this bombing states it was not accidental and a continuation of American interference agitating the conflict. Now, as Russia has troops there with Syrian State Troops the bombings hit a nerve; additionally, Russia has accused America of violating the ceasefire with that bombing. Russian has currently told America that if they bomb Damascus, it will be considered an act of war. America is currently going to the UN to get authorization to go after the Assad regime directly for war crimes, thus pitting us against Russia as well.

ISIS:  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created the power vacuum in the middle east that lead to the rise of ISIS. Worse, all of the rebels and guerrilla fighters that the USA has been arming and training have become part of the ISIS network; leading to the increased power and expanse of ISIS around the globe. America is currently choosing to ignore the terrorist groups involved in Syria because they aren’t a direct threat to the American agenda to remove Assad. John Kerry has admitted this openly in leaked recordings. The most dangerous threat of ISIS is the fact that like Obama, Clinton refuses to acknowledge to use the phrase ‘Radical Islamist Terrorist’ which essentially describes ISIS and those acting as an extension of the ideology of ISIS.

The religious war of the middle east is now spreading across Europe. This is an ancient conflict and will not be resolved by western civilization. The ultimate battle will be the nation of Islam against the Nation of God (Christians/Jews) that is beginning to occur now in several major European cities and countries. Sharia Law is morphing into the major cities of westernized cities in Europe. America represents everything traditional Islam despises; these religions do not mix. The only way that most European countries are finding peace is by bowing to the pressure of the Muslims overrunning their countries. Is America to follow suit?

America is the last and first independent nation founded on the freedom to worship God openly, a nation founded on Biblical principles. Those immigrants that seek refuge from communist oppression and war have always flocked to America’s shores to find the last beacon of hope in the world. The success and growth of this great nation is due to the assimilation of all who enter to be a true American with allegiance and loyalty to only the American flag, the American laws and American way of life. A nation with open borders (like that now with Barack Obama and intended to be worse under a Hillary Clinton Presidency) prohibits any assimilation, but the eradication of the Land of the Free.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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