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Arguments that need to occur

via Daily Prompt: Argument

So here we are America, less than 24 hours until the next Presidential debate. This entire election cycle has become one long serious of arguments and accusations; rarely based on reality or truth.  Have you begun asking yourself if you’ll watch and if so, what you are expecting? I don’t want to argue with anyone, but I believe that everyone is going to be disappointed tomorrow night unless the real arguments/topics are discussed that Americans really care about. Fat chance.

First, much like the other debates (Presidential and Vice Presidential) have proven; the establishment and corporate media no longer hide their bias for Clinton and against Trump. It will obviously be unfair and full of inflammatory attacks on Trump keeping him on the defensive while Clinton recites her usual ‘sound bite” rhetoric to the pre-determined/rehearsed questions she receives. At every turn, both the moderators and Clinton will continue to attack Trump and paint him as a sexist, racist buffoon.

The argument against the existence of this bias is hard to prove with the daily leaks and information surfacing that not only verifies that obvious ‘malfunctions’ and blatant favoritism by the moderators for Clinton (in addition to the moderator’s personal links to Clinton) have occurred. More troubling than arguing about the bias; is the fact that true integrity in journalism is dead and we never had a memorial.

Secondly, Trump is between a rock and a hard place. If he goes on the attack against Clinton on any of the vast amount of scandals and corruption linked to her the main stream media will call him a bully; and Clinton will play that ‘woman card’ she brags about carrying with her. If Trump doesn’t attack her and maintains the class and decorum of being Presidential; attempting to answer questions but never calling Hillary out on anything; he comes off as weak (Romney all over again). Either way, Trump stands to tick someone off.

I personally would argue that Clinton has no right to play the gender card. I am a woman; so it’s not racist/bias to say such propaganda. I believe completely that a woman deserves to paid the exact same income as any man when doing the exact same job/performance level. That said, if Hillary wants to be treated as an equal on every level; then she should be expected to stand there and take what she dishes out, like any other male candidate would be expected to do under the same circumstances.

Third, and most importantly, very little people will actually determine their vote based on this or the next debate. The majority of people have already made up their minds and despite either sides best and sleaziest efforts; Americans remain loyal to their candidate. The new media hype about all the Republicans that are turning on Trump for this latest media attack is a joke. These are the same bunch of establishment lackeys that never accepted Trump all along. The diversionary story being floated by mainstream corporate media (Hillary donors) with Trump’s locker room talk is intended to turn the argument against Hillary because of Bill’s abuse of women back against Trump (diversion from truth with hype).

So, with all those things in mind what should Trump do?

He needs to throw that rock at Clinton and not worry about the hard place it could create. Trump needs to continually bring up Hillary’s corruption and scandals regardless of what is asked; he needs to work it in to his answers. If the moderator or ‘audience’ doesn’t address the scandals; Trump needs to address them.

-If Clinton talks about Bin Laden being alive before she was Secretary of State and being killed once she took office; Trump needs to offer the counter argument that our American Ambassador and other heroes were killed in Benghazi under her watch with no accountability by her, but lies and more lies.

-If Clinton brings up Trump tax returns and not releasing them; Trump needs to go again for the emails she bleached and the argument that she cannot be trusted with classified information.

– If Clinton attacks Trump on not paying taxes and his elite status; Trump needs to answer back with her ties and secret speeches with Wall Street and all the money Wall Street has invested in Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s campaign. Trumps owes no one; she owes everyone. The most important argument that Trump needs to address is the corruption and pay for play scheme of the Clinton Foundation. The fact that the Clintons donate to their own charity on their taxes for a tax write-off.

-If Clinton brings up any of these alleged sexist, offensive to women/anti women accusations her cronies are floating to the main stream media; then Trump needs to go after Bill Clinton’s accusers: Bill accused of rape, settling cases of sexual misconduct, the national embarrassment of the Bill’s impeachment for lying about his affair with an intern at the White House and specifically the way Hillary Clinton made it her mission to discredit and destroy these women of Bill’s. Additionally, that Hillary (and her foundation) have taken millions of dollars from nations and regimes that brutalize and demoralize women and deny them any freedoms.

The point is that there is a way to tie Hillary Clinton to any number of scandals and corruption regardless of the topic, because those things are so numerous. Trump doesn’t need to continue to sell himself to the American people; the majority already support him. Trump needs to spend the rest of his time on the campaign trail and at the debates arguing against Hillary Clinton as the choice for President of the United States. The Clinton political/powerful machine poses a grave threat to sovereignty and freedoms of the American people and the nation we love.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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