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I finally Realize

via Daily Prompt: Realize

I have finally come to realize that the movement that is growing across this nation is the same type of event that sparked the American Revolution. Patriots know it. Veterans know it. The government establishment and the elite know it too.

Prior to those crazy tea spillers in Boston, a very small (roughly 3% of entire population of all colonies) movement was taking root in the new colonies. There were a growing number of colonists that were getting tired of the continual oppressive taxation, regulations/laws and total authority over their everyday lives coming from a distant ruler. Any of this striking a nerve yet? Do you realize what I’m saying? No….

So, this merry band of misfits started meeting in various places to share their woes, to gripe about the oppression and tyranny of their distant rulers. Keep in mind that England not only ruled the colonies they also had a military (troop) presence in their colonies to ensure the enforcement and control decided by the King. So these meetings were done in private. Eventually, more and more people were joining the angry and frustrated rebels. The King (troops) knew rebellion was growing brewing and were doing as much as possible to quash it in the Colonies, while the King continually dispatched (after the fact) responses which only heightened the situation. To stop the rebellion, the King decided to break the colonists (economically). As this oppression grew, so did the rebellion. See it,seriously??

Okay, the rebellion grew among the individual colonies until finally they sent representatives to meet collectively to join forces against the British. The American Revolution began. Obviously, it was a lot more detailed than that, but the point here is that the decision to throw off the oppressive rule of the tyrant ruling their lives; the founding fathers/mothers of this country joined forces to kick the bums out.

Obviously once the Revolution was won, those same representatives had to decide how to run this newly formed nation. The colonies would retain their rights/laws/governance individually, the federal (national) government would be the threads that bound them together as a whole. This nation was formed with the belief and understanding that the people (those they elect to represent them) would rule their own lives and destinies in America. The check and balance system of our Constitution ensures that there is always a mechanism to keep the people in the process.

Our forefathers underestimated the levels of greed and corruption that would grow through the government over the centuries. The good ‘ole boy’ network of back door deals and handshake deals in dark corners has now come a very long way. Politicians now dictate all of our lives in some way or another. Whether it’s the local mayor, sheriff, city council, school board or the city/county/state representatives that are elected routinely, the people still choose their own destinies.

 So, how does one build a political career? Well, instead of going to work to build something/career in a business or company- they go into politics. Usually on a local level. While the common American spends their lives working 40+ hr. week jobs, paying bills to keep a roof over their heads; the politicians live off the tax dollars of the previously mentioned suckers. See tax dollars pay for these ‘politicians’ retirement (even if they only serve one term). Worse, they work themselves up politically, while making connections and deals with whomever can get them elected. In rare cases, the people actually know and vote for the candidates, but in reality people vote how they’re swayed if they vote at all.

The higher the political position, then obviously the more connections and dirty deals are likely to have been made. This is why everyone with common sense will say that these career politicians are corrupt! The likelihood is very strong that whatever good intentions implied, career politicians are only worried about looking out for themselves. It’s an old-fashioned and naïve concept that anyone or anything is above corruption, especially in today’s society.

As a nation, we have been so dumbed down that we don’t even blink at things that would have shocked us to our cores 20 years ago. Think about that for a second. Seriously, less than 10 years ago it would have been absolutely appalling and unacceptable to see full nudity sex scenes in something rated R. Additionally, no news agency would have every: shown actual bloody scenes, footage of deaths, or killings on air. Likewise, in the last 2 years we have witnessed the death of true impartial journalism. The obvious bias and manipulation of information to support a specific agenda/candidate is not even hidden anymore. Remember any of this???

In a concentrated and well-orchestrated plan, the American people have been essentially made numb to this mess around us. We all live in our own little bubbles, overwhelmed and completely saturated in our own (family) daily existence to worry about what’s going on somewhere else. The ability to inundate people with continual information overload (hello internet and smart phones) people never unplug long enough to experience any kind of true peace anymore. Our brains are continually being stimulated, and our poor children and grandchildren will be complete zombies.

So, to bring everyone to the same place together: A group of the usual criminals all decided to run for President again this election. However, more than one of these prospects were NOT the usual politicians. There were business owners, doctor and so on. At first the establishment paid no attention to these newcomers. The reason they didn’t register as a threat is because they were not party loyalists to either party. The usual suspects however were all part of the same corrupt and broken political machine that runs our government, some more loyal to the party establishment than others.  So as things progressed and the outsider started getting more and more buzz; it became apparent that the establishment had a problem. In typical lapdog style, the establishment called on their loyal pets to do their dirty work. The top Republicans went after the businessman collectively, there was no each person fighting for their own spot thing…they ganged up on the outsider as they were told.

Americans are fed up with all this crap. Every single genuine issue that gets into the media, grows a life of its own and is corrupted. These corrupt ‘causes’ are the new instruments of social structure engineering. It’s psychology, not conspiracy. The causes become political issues and then they are simply an instrument for a politician to use to their own satisfaction. Meanwhile, the actual ‘cause’ gets left behind. So, yea a lot of people are frustrated and angry at all the broken promises and continual lies we hear from those that are supposed to be working FOR us, not against us.

Donald J. Trump, as ridiculous at it seems, has hit that nerve among the average American that has had enough of the corrupt, overbearing over taxation, oppressive legislations, privacy invading complete governance of their everyday lives; just like those original rebels, a/k/a forefathers of the American Revolution.  Unlike the original 3% that began the rebellion that freed our nation from the original tyranny, the new movement has much greater numbers. Hundreds of millions of Americans turned out to vote during the primaries to have their voices be heard. They chose Trump.

Now, here we are in the final months of the elections and the party establishment has gone into panic mode. Trump is being attacked from every side. Both parties are going after him, and have joined forces to protect their own hides to keep Trump out. Why? Because Trump represents a Revolution. All those dirty dealers, corrupt politicians/lobbyists/corporations/bankers and the like that essentially make all the rules and laws that we live, for their benefit- don’t want change. If nothing else, Trump is a threat to their way of business/politics/lifestyle/corruptions and they all know it. It’s why we are seeing such an overwhelming and blatant attempt at all costs to derail Trump.

Ask yourself the following questions honestly (then share them with others):

1)      Are you financially better off now than you were 8 years ago?

2)      Do you spend more for the same things than you did 5 years ago?

3)      Do you know someone that is unemployed, or know of someone personally that is unemployed?

4)      Do you get more back on your income taxes than 8 years ago?

5)      Are you or someone that provides for your family’s expenses working more hours to sustain the same lifestyle as 8, 5, 2 years ago?

Now realize that a vast majority of Americans from every religion, race, career all feel overwhelming that everything is in fact worse for them during the last 8 years. Add all the corruption of Clinton, the issues of Obama,etc…. and that growing frustration becomes an anger. If you can now see why people do not want another 4 years of the same policies or worse- you now understand why people are following and voting for Trump. It is not about the man. The man is flawed as are all people. It is about the message. Trump is bringing back the hope that has left many people. He is making people believe that we can change this crazy ride we are on, that it’s not too late. Trump offers the common sense approach to what needs fixing in our nation. He presents Constitutionally sound ideas and messages. What is the main message?

We the people, the new 1776, want our country back!


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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