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Report of a Watcher

Last night in talking about my relationship with God and what I believe it means to fully submit your life into His hands/will I found myself making what I think is a pretty good analogy.

Imagine that between your Heavenly Father’s heart and yours is an invisible cord, much like a fiber optic cable with multiple threads twisted around each other forming one complete cable. This connection we have with God, is similar. As a child we have a very strong connection and thread. Innocence of the world and sin, allows the clutter that gets in the way of our being able to see/hear God as less of an obstacle for innocents. Many small children see angels. My sons always did, and talked about them. I never doubted them. I know people that have childhood memories of angel, that were like imaginary friends. Children are pure and it is not until they realize good and bad, the consequences that they truly understand right and wrong.

So, basically as we get older and we begin using our free will, we make choices, do and say things that continue to stretch that cord, but also diverts us from God’s path for us. So as we step off the path, those outer fibers that bind the entire cord, get too strained and snap. We slowly and systematically eliminate more and more of these outer threads as life happens. Now, by the time we finally get around to deciding to give God our attention again, sometimes there are very few fibers still there to have that connection. It’s never too late, until there is nothing left.

Obviously, the stronger the intact cord/outer fibers, we all have a much more in tuned relationship with God. These are the people we see all the time that just seem to be blessed, continually. They are walking with God. The rest of us, struggle with life and juggling that commitment to God and our lives/families. During that struggle most people, sadly, simply drift away from God. It’s less and less important to maintain that relationship with everything being juggled. Well my friend, that is a lie of Satan. More importantly, those distractions and lies are destroying those multiple threads holding the whole cord together.

The MAIN purpose of Satan and his fallen angels for roaming the Earth and interacting with the inhabitants is to ‘kill, steal, and destroy’. With that in mind, it’s easy see how the distractions and problems of the world can divert us from maintaining that relationship/connection with God. The Devil doesn’t need to convert you to Satanism/Luciferianism/Atheism, etc.…. All he has to do is get you to step out of God’s path/will for you, to get you to question God’s existence or presence in YOUR life, or get you to fall into the trap of believing in/watching the supernatural- and most of all to tear away those fibers/connections to God.

We’re all guilty of putting God on the back burner at times. The glorious part is that He forgives that, if you are truly repentant and ask for that forgiveness. See a lot of people are caught up in the world. Money drives the majority of this world. The pursuit of it, the greed for it, the need for it and the earning of it….it is also justifiably called the root of all evil. What happens is that pursuit of the next new, shiny, bigger, better, more luxurious, advanced THING drives people- right away from God.  People rarely stop and pray, wait for God when they desire something; they find a way to get it if they want it. They follow THEIR will and desires, which they falsely justify as a need; it has nothing to do with God.

We confuse wants for needs and that desire for wants, begins an obsession, a way of life. Before long, God is nowhere in that picture. Everyone will still claim to be Christian, because they go to church every Sunday, blah, blah,blah….  It’s not about a bumper sticker, shirt or outward symbol- it’s about the relationship.

No one can have a relationship with anyone else that will grow or thrive if there is no real communication. If you had a friend that only talked, called or text you when they were in trouble, or when they needed something or when it somehow benefited them- it would make them a really crappy friend and you would consider abandoning that relationship. That is exactly what most people do to God. It’s one-sided at best, and not a relationship. I love God…. I can’t explain it exactly. I know it’s a journey and one that has to be worked on daily. I also fully admit to many stumbles and missteps along the way.

It makes my husband crazy that I always act like ‘merry freaking sunshine, etc.” ….   He sees a problem or crisis and reacts with emotion and his feelings. Everyone does that. I used to do that ALL the time. Now, when stuff happens, when crisis hits I don’t go to the phone to call someone, I don’t go on a tear and argue, cuss and fuss. I go to God before anything else. It is like second nature to me now, it never used to be. It’s a process to get to the point where no matter what happens you can immediately go straight to God with whatever it is, asking for HIS will and HIS plans to resolve, fix, heal…whatever. I am a strong willed person and I literally had to get to a point in my life where I was losing or had already lost EVERYTHNG before I completely surrendered my will and asked God to take over and that I would follow HIS will from that point forward. It’s hard work to have any relationship that endures and grows. It’s no different with God. He is my Heavenly Father, I come to him as his child often. Sometimes I vent, question or just talk to Him. It’s actually really comforting and I always feel a blessed peace when things are resolved. More importantly I have more and more confidence in knowing that no matter what happens, God will take care of me/mine.

A simply and effective exercise is to be optimistic. When things go wrong, especially if it’s one after another- get ahead of it, don’t get drug down by it. Start looking for good in the worst of situations and finally, get to a point where no matter how bad something seems you can still honestly praise and thank God for the day He gave you. Praising through life’s storms is the hardest thing I ever do in my daily life. In time those fibers/connection grows stronger and you will literally experience little blessings all the time that have always been there, but you didn’t see with the eyes of a pessimist, defeatist.

The main reason I began this entire rant, was to remind people again……. there is an urgency not being heeded by God’s people. That thinking that you’ll eventually get around to witnessing to that loved one or friend, that you’ll really try and reach your spouse or children- that day was yesterday. There is no longer the luxury of putting getting your life and those of your loves ones straightened out and in line with God.  Modern civilization is continually standing with one foot in the world and one foot with God; trying to have it all. It’s time to take a step, make a commitment. Regardless of the choice of those you want to save, talk to them, pray for them and give them to God. Then, let go. Get your relationship with God in tuned with HIS will for you.


-Your Watchman


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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