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it’s the little things

Why is it that the digital age has created a mass of people who feel compelled to have the last word?

Case in point: we are currently selling a vehicle on Craigslist. The majority of responses to the advertisement are from people, via text messaging. Ok, no big deal. Of course, it was sad to have to actually include REASONABLE times in which texts should be sent or these people will text you at 2am. So, here we are now.

We are currently awaiting the arrival of a young person to look at the vehicle. How do I know he’s young? No grammar, misspelled or anagrams or the poetic blending of letters WITH numbers to make a word in the texts. It’s a little obvious. So as we are waiting my husband’s cell phone continually chimes. This potential buyer has decided it necessary to update us on his continual journey towards us. We get traffic updates, we get the it “should be ___ minutes from now”……The point I’m making here is that these generations actually do think that everything they do at every moment does need to be told via social connection (text, Instagram, fb, snapchat….) or worse that people care about it. I appreciate basic considerations and confirmations in communications; however I am not looking for a new best friend. Mine is amazingly awesome and irreplaceable anyway.

The actual  point to all of  the before mentioned babbling is this one simple takeaway:If you want to stop the conversation, no matter what text or post you see- don’t reply. Leave it alone. It baffles them or something. I don’t know if they are truly wanting a new friend, if they think I want a more personal connection before selling them my prized treasure (how sad) or what, but they will literally continue texting over trivial things completely unrelated to the purchase. Simply stopping the replies on your side shuts down the entire conversation completely. This has happened repeatedly over the last year. For some unknown reason they either must have the last word, or are completely stupefied when you don’t reply. Your choice. Either way, it has worked every time.

You are welcome.



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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