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Why Trump?

This election season I have been witnessing a phenomenon I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

I need you to understand that I voted in a national election for the first time in my life in 1984 for the then future President Ronald Regan. I still remember watching the GOP convention and the speech Regan gave as he accepted the party’s nomination. There was a swell of pride and patriotism that stirred in my soul, that I have never forgotten. Regardless of what was going on in my life, I never lost that deep passion for this country. Like many people, I took it almost personally when Bill Clinton cheapened the dignity of the Presidency. George and Laura did a lot to bring class back to the White House and the honor of being the Commander in Chief seem to humble George Bush but things have never been the same as the Reagan years. I think that is why a lot of conservatives have clung to the ideal of the America that Regan inspired. We believe in the greatness of America because we lived in that time when we the people had tremendous pride, patriotism, confidence and unity during last time America actually was one nation under God.

Realizing that as a believer in God, the Bible and Jesus Christ it seemed natural to follow and support the Republican party so in every national election I stupidly gave my voice to the GOP. I felt angry and let down by Mitt Romney. Romney displayed the social classiness and character of Ronald Reagan, but with no backbone, he simply was not tough enough to lead our country. Most other wide-eyed Reagan Republicans also stopped seeing through the rose-colored glasses of their party’s view and rather than continuing to vote for the newest ‘chosen one’ for election, they stopped voting. Millions of Americans that have a strong love for their country, remember America’s greatness and want to live in THAT America again. Those people have finally found a candidate in Donald J. Trump.

Why Trump? The answer should be a simple one, but ironically it’s not. Trump has become the knight in shining armor to the disappointed and forgotten Reagan Republicans as well as all of the hard working American people that have had their lives and livelihoods continually squeezed by government taxes, fees, regulations and so on. Every time a working American continued to bring home the same exact pay check for doing more work, for longer hours and only to find that the same pay was no longer enough to pay the rising costs of living; their frustration grew. Those unfortunate people that lost their jobs during the last 8 years have found themselves competing with more people willing to take lower salaries or the complete absence of employers matched to their skills. Refusing to give up, millions of Americans have taken second jobs or working multiple jobs to bring in an income that is near their previous lifestyle at today’s prices. The middle-class has been squeezed to near extinction by the federal government that has grown monstrously larger than ever intended by the founding fathers of this nation. This silent majority of Americans have finally found someone to shout their message to the masses. That voice is Donald Trump.

That message is simply that we the people are fed up with the politics as usual status quo in Washington D.C. We the people are tired of over taxation without true representation. We are heart-broken by the condition of the military, economy and lawlessness of this nation. Adding insult to injury (those mentioned above being the injured) are all of those newly intentionally un/under employed that have chosen to make being on the government tit a career. Sorry to be crass, but how else can it be said? There are generations of people that literally base their income survival on a monthly payment by a government agency. Food stamps, rent supplements and vouchers, smart phones, unemployment benefit extensions and various other charity-based hand-outs (money for doing nothing) now finance a vast majority of voting aged Americans. In 2012, it became obvious to anyone paying attention that those living off the government would never vote out their hand-outs (I think that might be the unofficial platform of the Democratic Party). Obama wins and the America of Reagan became less and less possible again. And since the hard-working American doesn’t already pay for enough through their taxes, Obama decides to open the borders and add millions of new recipients to welfare and entitlements.

Where does Trump fit in with all of this? Trump became ‘The Donald’ during the Reagan years too. He too knows when America was great so when he says he wants to make America great again- you know he means it. It’s not about the man Donald J Trump, it is about the message he is saying that we have longed to hear. We have all been sitting back complaining about the state of things, becoming angrier and more heartbroken at the condition of our nation and utter disconnection felt between we the people and those meant to represent us. Trump says the things we all think, but in a hyper-sensitive culture of ‘correct’ speech are afraid to ever say out loud. Sadly, for the sake of confirming our genuine tolerance of everyone else, we have become so paranoid to be labeled as intolerant for saying the ‘wrong’ thing that we don’t say anything. Trump provided a welcome respite from our politically correct speech shackles. He made it okay to love this country and say so out loud.

We live in a culture/society that has essentially found a way to offend any and every one without even trying. Worse than that, the demoralization of this nation is abysmal. The ideals of family, hands on parenting, discipline, accountability, circumstances and earning something are foreign and somehow offensive to many of today’s younger generations. These easy emotionally damaged (probably due to their lack of spine and/or thick skin) individuals have an absolute zero tolerance to anyone that opposes or does not endorse their ideals. God, morality and Constitution have no place in their world view and that destructive viewpoint is spreading. Along comes Donald Trump and he essentially stands up to the real intolerant hate-mongers and calls them out in front of everyone. Now, that shows backbone. Regan Republicans rejoiced.

Trump may be known for a lot of different things, but the one constant he is known for is being successful. He wins at what he does. The reason he knows the best ways to fix the problems of our country is because he is saying that for the first time we need to eliminate the source/cause of our nation’s woes instead of again just addressing the results/current conditions. Additionally, when Trump says he knows how crooked the politicians, corporate media, billionaire political donors and elite are in this country- he’s being honest. He knows all the dirty dealing and corruption that occurs because he had to participate in the same ‘games’ to succeed in business to the level he has acquired. Donald Trump is a non-politician that knows all the tricks and location of all the elite’s hidden closet skeletons.

Trump is playing a very intense game of chicken with a lot of powerful people. So why would he do it? Because he says he truly loves this country and wants to make it great again- so do I.  If Trump gets elected president in November, all the decades of interwoven relationships/deal making/palm greasing/corruption/puppets that have built the status quo of American politics comes crumbling down and the crooks know it. The puppeteers are worried that all those beholden to them will not produce their debts/favors owed to them. The puppets are worried that their strings will get cut and they lose their ticket on the gravy train. More importantly all of the globalization framework that has been rushed through under Obama are for naught unless Hillary gets elected because Trump will destroy the globalization movement by restoring the Constitution and powers back to the states.

Why should I or anyone else vote for Donald Trump? Because I am proud to be an American. I am proud and humbled by the blood shed by my family, my ancestors and all those brave souls that fought, bled and died for the creation and protection of the United States of America. Everyone that is standing and working against Trump at such a feverish level proves he is not part of the status quo. Trump is a Washington outsider with insider knowledge. His Vice Presidential nominee, Mike Pence, has openly stated that in a Trump administration he will be praying every day to God because he considers himself a Christian before all other things.

The absolute most important reason why I personally am voting for Donald Trump: because I fear the final destruction of America under a Clinton administration. As a Christian, the only chance of retaining true religious freedom is with Trump. I like knowing that God will be welcomed back into the White House and this nation with a Donald Trump administration.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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