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Waking up yet?

A new document has emerged shedding an even brighter light into the Hillary Clinton health debate. I have yet to fully verify it yet, but it is gaining credibility online right now. I present the following paragraph as a possible ‘hypothesis” until verified:

All the theories floating about her health are about to be debunked or proven right. A few major “factoid leaks” are now surfacing:

 1) Hillary was in a fatal plane crash while on a secret mission with Seal Team 4 which actually caused the injury that was later falsely presented as a concussion from a fall. She barely survived the crash.  Her injuries and related continued health problems have been known and concealed at the highest levels.

2) One member of seal team died due to the crash. His death was covered up as a suicide later (yet another dead body that was once linked to Clinton). I will not name this hero, until I am confident of the source.

3) The purpose of that failed mission. (if true…… I have no words)

If all of this new information is shown to be true, it will devastate Hillary’s web of lies and media spin- ending her presidential campaign.

This is the actual event that created the severe head trauma/damage that is becoming more and more evident to anyone who looks at her in current time/recently. Unfortunately, most people don’t see that side of Hillary. The corporately owned media continually shows the footage provided by Hillary’s camp, show stock footage or only show rehearsed/edited appearances on tv shows (not ‘live’; that only exists in alternative media anymore). The amount of effort, expense and power behind the scenes that are orchestrating the concealment of her true health should frighten every American. Her cronies are out on the campaign trail on her behalf, and her scheduled has been cleared until the scheduled debate with Donald Trump next Monday.

Some could reasonably say that she is taking a break to prepare for the debate but that creates a few negative results. First, if she needs 6 days to prepare for the event, she’s either in panic mode over the reality (not spun media version) that Trump is whipping her behind in a major way nationally or having uncontrolled temper tantrums while pouting off like a child to her home. Second, she is too ill to be out in public to risk another video going viral proving her true condition.

I personally lean toward the latter. I think the deterioration of her health is getting more and more difficult to conceal so they are keeping her away from media/cameras until they have no choice. Footage is available online of Hillary’s speech in Philadelphia which clearly shows that her eyes are not in synch with one another at times. This is a very damaging video because it clearly keeps the argument going that she has health problems despite the denials.

Lastly, and most importantly: even the bought and paid for corporate media cannot hide the absolute trouncing Hillary is taking in the polls. Trump is continually rising in polls across the country, crowds are growing at his rallies (while Hillary cannot get even 300 at her events) and despite all their best efforts the DNC and GOP establishment cannot derail the Trump train.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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