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Daily Prompt: Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence

An often misrepresented and primarily ignored group of Americans are referred to as the Silent Majority in this country. Silence has been this group’s greatest adversary. For decades the silence of working class Americans at the voting booths have lead this country to the current political climate we now sadly find ourselves entrenched in daily. Only those ‘hard-core’ party members even bothered to cast votes in the major elections for more than a decade. The elections and subsequent administrations of the Presidents of the United States continually overwhelms the daily life of the very same working class people that remained silent every time. Things has been pushed to the point of no one voting FOR anyone, but rather voting AGAINST someone during elections. This election is exactly the same way, except…..

The Silent are now expecting, demanding and finally being heard by those running things. The taxation that continues to overwhelm and drown those trying to make a living by working in this country has gone to far. There is no representation of we, the people in Washington D.C. Regulations, policies and laws that have been written, signed and implemented by the current administration of Obama have pushed a once complacent populace to the breaking point. This election has stirred the fire of patriotism among these once silent Americans and despite the best efforts of the corporately owned media,  and the GOP and DNC establishment their voices will no longer stay silent.

Thousands of people of all races, genders, religions, ages and cultures are beginning to stop listening to the pre-scripted, pre-edited, spin and rhetoric that all the major media outlets that were once news agencies are showing. The silent and down-trodden  are tired of simply trudging along in their day to day struggle to keep their heads above water every month; all the while being told that everything is great and getting better.

The White House stopped being the people’s house decades ago. The Supreme Court stopped being the last true interpretation and defender of the Constitution once and for all during the current administration with the help of those before. The legislative branch stopped being the true representative and protector of the people and laws of the land on the day the FBI stated Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied, deceived Americans, concealed and destroyed evidence yet faced no legal consequences. Proving that there are in fact 2 sets of justice and law: one for elite and one for the average American peons.

This time, unlike ever before an outsider has come forward to not only hear the cries and give a loud voice of those silent for so long, but also to hear the voices of all those that feel left behind from the hope and change train. In usual elections the establishment put forth their anointed candidates and the silent, beaten-down voters choose the lesser of two evils to not keep the promises they make while seeking votes once elected. After decades of suffocation by government and defeat every time a pay check is cashed then sent right back out to pay bills with little left afterwards; the majority of American voters finally found a bullhorn in Donald Trump, while the new liberally minded Americans flocked to the message of Bernie Sanders.

Regardless of the voices of the American people, the establishment GOP and DNC forced their choices forward attempting to silence everyone. The GOP lost that battle and nominated Donald Trump. The DNC ignored and screwed over Bernie Sanders and his supporters by pushing forth the establishment ‘pre-arranged’ candidate Hillary Clinton. Silence is no longer the problem. The overload of mis-information and lies are what need to be silent so that the actual facts and reality can be seen and heard by anyone willing to find it.



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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