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So soon????

Wow, when I wrote my last post, I didn’t see this coming so quickly. Here’s the REAL question: will they continue to prop up Hillary until she is given the throne despite the obvious?

As much as her campaign is trying to kill the stories about her health, they cannot seem to escape it. Lately, the Clinton machine has gone back to their usual tactics

(Clinton Politics 101)

1st: deny, deny, deny (if that doesn’t work, go to step #2)

2nd:  attack the attacker; continue step #1 (if still ineffective, go to step #2)

3rd:  use the supporters of enemy against them and continue #1, #2 as needed (if needed, go to #4)

4th:  release false narrative, best of worst case scenarios

Go back to step #1 as needed to avoid facing or revealing the truth

How ‘convenient’ that Hillary is suddenly fighting pneumonia. How does this work for Clinton? She couldn’t get ahead of the accusations and attention about her health. First the campaign dismissed everything by releasing a note from her doctor professing her fit health, then when that didn’t work the campaign decided to go after those making it an issue (alternative media, since her corporate bought media shields her). Hillary made several attacks (as did her cronies) attacking the Trump campaign and linking him to the deplorable of society. The campaign has been keeping Hillary in controlled situations only (either scripted or pre-recorded) unless at a rally speech. Several photos and videos have emerged online of Hillary being supported or physically propped up. Additionally, numerous videos are circulating with Hillary have repetitive and excessive coughing fits. At first they try to laugh off the coughing fits, then they contribute the coughing to season allergies.

Today, on the anniversary of 9/11 Hillary was forced into a situation that her camp could not control. She was at large, live event with a lot of recording devices. Hillary arrives at the last minute and then rushes to leave only moments later.

Despite every attempt to shut down the story, the video of the episode goes viral and she and her campaign can no longer keep trying to ignore the health questions. After a few hours of what I assume was a heated debate, her campaign announces that she was diagnosed with pneumonia Friday (after worst hacking fit yet in Cleveland) and that her seasonal allergy follow-up visit with her doctor, ended up with Hillary being diagnosed with pneumonia and placed on appropriate medications. Her doctor, of course, released a letter to verify the press release.

So, does anyone else smell something foul with all this? Why did her campaign suddenly change narratives today? Why release the pneumonia story?


-There will be those that wonder why everyone was kept in the dark; re-emerging concerns about her truthfulness since she didn’t disclose the alleged diagnosis or dr. visit on Friday

-Press could continue pushing the story about health and spark further debate and attention


-Creates sympathy for her being such a trooper to keep on the campaign trail despite her own health

-Allows her campaign to backdate the story to encompass the previously released health videos to “justify” claiming it is all linked together

-Use it to justify even less personal appearances and events to shield her even more and keep her more closely monitored by her medical team

-Gives a plausible excuse to avoid the debate if poll numbers continue to fall/people stop believing false polling or Hillary is too ill in reality with continued dementia unhide able

-She can use situation against Trump to protect her during debate, making Trump look like a monster if he launches any attacks against the brave and ill Mrs. Clinton (to further drive the narrative that he is sexist, a bully….)

-Finally find out who is still in their corner/pocket and who isn’t by seeing which media/reporters carry the truth and which push the false narrative.     Bah, bah, bah

-Despite the negative blow-back, it will still be better than telling anyone the truth

Will this new tactic work?

The original reaction by her campaign when Clinton collapsed on camera today. Her camp released a statement (2 hours later) that Clinton had become overheated and eventually fainted. Later they claimed that she had rested at her daughter’s apartment and was feeling just fine- she even made a quick appearance before her press to prove her healthiness.

Anyone that originally reported and drove the stories about her health problems can see beyond the new tactics of the campaign. Her coughing fits go way beyond the timeline to have been seasonal allergies and anyone that has ever had bronchitis or pneumonia knows that the cough sounds like a seal barking and if it continues generally results in coughing up mucus. Hillary’s cough has been a continual dry, hacking cough

Speculation will continue fuel questions about her health and fitness to run for the presidency by most legitimate journalists. The health stories will not stop (however, Hillary is now controlling the public narrative)

Either way, this was not planned and her campaign is in reaction mode right now. If she in fact was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, her very expensive and professional campaign already had a contingency plan in place to deal with the diagnosis. It would not have released a false story hours after the fact and then changed that story too. This is putting out a lie that is damaging, but not nearly as much as the truth for her aspirations.

No, I don’t think she has pneumonia; I think that her deteriorating condition is getting harder and harder to conceal. Despite my dislike for her politics/career I still would not wish her diagnosis/prognosis on my worst enemy. I do find it sad that Hillary and DNC is more interested in achieving their agenda than Hillary spending her remaining time with family/friends and in peace. That said, a lot of people need to start questioning things even more now. Why, is still continuing her campaign despite the obvious tolls on her health? Why isn’t DNC addressing issues of health/age like they did when it was older Republicans running? Why keep trying to force her on the American people, despite her continual decline in real polling? Someone wants their puppet (Hillary) to continue to ‘dance’ no matter what happens…so who exactly is pulling those strings?


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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