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Non-Discussed possibilities that need…..discussion

This sounds crazy and I’ve been hesitant to post it because of the implied ‘conspiracy” linked to it, but I fully believe it deserves to be said. (here I go getting on yet another list somewhere)

By now, anyone with a slight interest in getting to the available truth about Hillary Clinton’s health has more than likely already seen the ‘physician’s letter’ dated July 28, 2015 by Dr. Lisa Bardack, M.D. that her campaign touts as evidence of her good health.

A few other documents (from same doctor’s office) barely getting discussion is the actual patient file (doctor notes) that have been leaked pertaining to a March 20, 2015 visit Hillary Clinton had with that same said doctor. Clinton’s campaign is desperately trying to demonize and minimalize the alternative media as a bunch of whack-jobs and conspiracy theorists. Even ask yourself why, suddenly as the election is getting closer that it’s presenting a problem for her worthy of her addressing it?

It’s a 2-fold reason. First, she is trying to shut down the momentum of Donald Trump against Independents, undecided voters and those older, wiser that know and call out bs when we see/hear it (non-sheep). This is also another reason why the change to internet ownership/control is going to shift after October1st as well. (another story in itself).  The second, and I think most important reason is to diminish the authenticity of those things that keep getting leaked online that she and her puppeteers cannot control. Hillary’s health is becoming a more addressed topic and problematic for the would be Empress of America.

There exists in those little dark corners and truth tellers of the internet what appear to be the actual doctor’s notes on an examination by Hillary’s doctor straight from her medical file. Yes, this is obviously violation of her privacy, but you know it’s not like she can be trusted to tell the truth on….anything.  Hillary’s campaign is attempting to discredit the leak photos of the notes as fakes because there is no official letterhead on the pages. Newsflash: anyone who has ever worked on/with and seen their own actual medical records (not meant to be mailed) appear on pages of paper with the most basic identifiers for the doctor; but consistent identifiers for the patient. These are exactly that type of documentation.

The complaint at the time of the visit (3/20/2015) was dizziness, fatigue, mini seizures and memory loss by Mrs. Clinton to her physician. Keep in mind this is post ‘known’ fall/concussion which resulted in a blood clot in her brain (thus the glasses and 6-month recovery). The documented ‘interim medical history’ of Hillary Clinton reveals very troubling information.

1)      Its’ a follow-up visit to her doctor

2)      States patient (Hillary Clinton) has been diagnosed with have Complex Partial Seizures and Subcortical Vascular Dementia and being treated with both an anticoagulant (blood thinner) and anti-seizure medications.

Take that in for a minute. This visit is a continuation in determining the most effective treatment for Hillary’s continuing seizures and her Subcortical Vascular Dementia. Google the terms and prepare to be blown away. Both WebMD and Medscape have extensive information on both diagnosis’.

Hillary Clinton knows she will not serve or be able to properly function as President but is hiding it from America along with major media, party elites and her closer inner circle. She has been diagnosed with a condition that has a faster death rate and similar presentation as Alzheimer’s. Other symptoms include forgetfulness (not as severe as the forgetfulness of Alzheimer’s disease), changes in speech, unsteady gait, clumsiness or frequent falls, changes in personality or mood or urinary symptoms. (remember the overly long bathroom break in her debate with Sanders?) Any of the listed symptoms seem familiar? The average survival time is 3-5 years with rapid deterioration of the mind/body nearer the end of the patient’s life. Repeated seizures and strokes will continually damage the brain and function until death. The symptoms can be treated; but the damage is permanent and continual. This document is dated in 2015 which means that Hillary knew she would not live through her Presidency if elected but is running anyway. I have a few ideas about that which I will address in a moment.

This diagnosis explains ALL the weird videos, pics and encounters by Hillary over the last several months. Additionally, it also explains the absence from media and public as much as possible. Sudden noises, stressful situation, bright lights, over stimulation will/has caused the mini seizures being caught on film as well as her sudden blank look/stare and freezing up briefly. Additionally, the presence of her mysterious ‘guard’ carrying what has been photographed repeatedly to be a diazepam pen (shot) which can calm her if the seizures get too severe of intense. These seizures have an ‘aura’ and there are signs and signals that her handlers look for to predict/prevent a public seizure. This is exactly why she cut her schedule down to weekends only and avoids unscripted appearances. She has put Biden and Kaine out in her place through the immediate future according to her online schedule. They are trying to minimize strain and seizure triggers to hide her diagnosis.

Additional information on the leaked documents state that Hillary’s treatment plan was to travel with a medical team. Ironically, as part of her official motorcade videos and clips are online showing an ambulance in her current motorcade. Add the mysterious handler (her campaigns says is a secret service guy) with the diazepam pen and her additional motorcade vehicle and you have her following doctor’s orders and traveling with a medical team.

To make this more interesting (and equally terrifying) is that the leaked photos of the records were believed to be done by a now-deleted online account belonging to the father (also a doctor) of Hillary’s physical therapist. A man which can also now be added to the body count following Clinton. The man assumed to have leaked the documents ‘died’ very quickly after knowledge of the pictures began to buzz online. Because a ‘kill switch’ existed on his computer, upon his death the release hit the internet and a select few in the alternative media grabbed it, and released them online……are you freaked out yet?

The obvious question is why is she still running????

Well….a few scenarios are available:

1)      She feels entitled and won’t quit until she and Bill hit the pinnacle of power with each being President

2)      She is a continuation of Obama (essentially an Obama 3rd term) with much more liberal, destructive and global intentions

3)      She is in denial and option #1

4)      That’s why they picked her running mate: essentially a combination Hillary/Obama on steroids and completely controlled by the establishment to finalize the loss of America’s sovereignty and globalized control over US policies/soil/citizens (started by Bush, worsened by Obama and finalized by his establishment replacement)

There’s still even worse scenarios:

Most people agree the election is rigged and pre-determined go to Hillary despite the will of the people. Look how hard the DHS is pushing the threat of hacks into election to justify getting control over the election= rigged. Assuming she gets the victory and election what would happen if she didn’t make it to her inauguration and/or the electoral college vote is not done before she either dies or becomes literally undeniably too ill to serve? I’ll tell you: according to the 20th and 25th Amendments of the US Constitution the vice president is then sworn in as president and the newly appointed president can select a VP who gets confirmed by Congress. So either way the Democrats get control. Yes, Bill or even Obama can be named as the new VP because nothing bars it from happening. The only way Obama stay beyond his elected term is if there is a national crisis and he ‘postpones’ the elections. It is important to note that Obama will one of the first Presidents to remain in D.C. after his term rather than returning to his home state/city. Maybe he’s hanging around because he knows something we don’t……who knows.

The real question is what happens next?


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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