Symmetry of God


Instead of looking at the world as a collective whole in Bible prophecy, realize that is more regional than global. The “world” as it was known at the time of John, when writing Revelation, was very small and flat. In order for God to show John the things of the future he used symbolism and details that would make it easier for John to understand what God was telling him. What would be the purpose in John being shown mind-blowing things (which they would have been for him to see modern technology in his time) so God worked within the realms of John’s understanding and with the common understanding of God’s people.

God didn’t simply show John the future and say ‘Okay, world I showed you what is coming….good luck, you’re on your own; see you at the finale”. He didn’t stop talking to His people or moving on behalf of His children- He simply let man be man. As a collective, humanity has put their own free will before the will of God.

Among the phony and false prophets and teachers are a remnant that truly understand the heart and will of God. They have that connection that most of the world has lost in communicating with our creator. Instead of trying to get the limelight to make their pitch, and “15 minutes” of fame; they are trying to preach to the world what God is trying to say to all of us. There is nothing new, no great epiphany that changes God’s word- sin is still sin, His laws are His laws to be followed by His people.

It’s all well and good to go back and forth amongst ourselves over the hidden meanings of prophecy and what it all means; but it boils down to the same things each time. The beginning is the beginning and the end will be the end. Despite all the actions and inactions of humanity, those constants will remain.

God does not intervene in the lives of humanity as we think. He works on our behalf, He sends people our way or on our behalf, His spirit speaks to people……see, God doesn’t want the poverty, illness, disease, death and misery of the world; but He will not go against humanity’s own free will. Mankind has made decisions, followed paths, created situations and scenarios that result in devastations. God will not stop this from happening. He will move through His people by speaking to them, nudging them a certain way to try and intervene. But it is essentially always up to the free will of a human being to determine a final outcome. We suffer as the result of our own doing as a world. We pollute, we build industries, we change the environment. (Yes, I just said climate is affected by mankind- not the same as the climate change crap being peddled politically). The point is that when mankind decides to destroy the Earth, God isn’t going to intervene. He foretold of it happening in the book of Revelation.

Right now and for the last few years, God has been really trying to reach out and warn His children of the hour. He gives dreams and visions to multitudes of people; most of them regarding the end times told about in the Bible. He is increasing the number of messages and the frequency, not by mistake. Pay attention to the world; not just where you live or our country. The United States didn’t exist in John’s time, so John understood things from the perception of his time/place in the known world at the time. Future nations and countries are mentioned symbolically so that John would understand what he was being shown, and future generations would be able to comprehend the meaning in simplest terms.

Watch the Middle East events and news. There is a place known as the ‘cradle of life’ it is where most modern scientists agree/believe that all life on this planet began in this location. It will be the same places affected by the events of the end days. There is always balance and symmetry with God. Where all humanity/civilization once began, will also be the place where the end of humanity occurs.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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