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Daily Prompt: Obvious

via Daily Prompt: Obvious

It has to be obvious to anyone willing to really look into it, that the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton is well….obvious.

For reasons I will not get into now, the media has been protecting the future queen of America to ensure that she obtains the crown/title she believes she is owed by the establishment political parties. Most of her scandals have managed to slide off and be brushed aside while the media jackals are feasting on whatever soundbite or off cuff remark Donald Trump makes or is edited to appear to make. The distraction of Mr. Trump has been a welcome to the Hillary campaign. She has literally run her entire campaign on reacting to Trump and reacting to Trump to simply counter him in the media and to the public. The problem with that campaign style is that it doesn’t work now.

Mr. Trump has finally found his groove and is being more and more Presidential, even tempered, level-headed, intelligent and charismatic in his appearances and comments. This leaves no fodder for the Democrats and now the matriarch of the Clinton empire is having to actually come up with a platform to make people want to vote for her. The problem is that people don’t trust her and a great majority don’t like her.

Obviously, the thing Hillary needs to do is either go all-in and piggy-back on the policies of the Obama administration (which she was completely a participant of all along) or does she try and continue the message of betrayed Bernie Sanders and push the idea of change. It’s hard to believe she is a harbinger of change in government since she has essentially been a political figure for over 30 years, and deeply embedded with Wall Street and the political establishment.

So, as obvious as it all seems to most people that Hillary is not the right choice for the leadership of this country- it is equally obvious that a great many people don’t seem to care and will vote for her based on gender or political party. That is the dilemma of the country. No one really wants either candidate and instead of voting for someone, they will be voting against someone.

The obvious choice: the person that is a true patriot, who truly loves this country, who has the best interest of the people of the nation in mind- not their own best interest.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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