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Time to get real

So I am going to just start laying things on the line. The time for pussy-footing around all this is over. Our country, our world is a raging hot mess. There are as many conspiracy theories are there are truths about what is happening on a global scale. It’s almost impossible to find the truth is the giant web of confusion available at your fingertips.

I am old-fashioned in a lot of ways. I have very out-of-date ideals about God, love, marriage, manners, respect, discipline, education and culture. I don’t expect everyone to cower to my ideals, so I very deeply resent the expectation that I should do the same for others.

That said, I cannot even imagine how someone spends hours and days searching online for stuff. One thing leads to another and you get so off topic and connected, linked and online with completely different topics from which you start. The worst part is that people treat the internet and the vast array of scam artists posing as journalists’ postings as the gospel truth. (side note: that’s a funny phrase….gospel truth: implicitly implies the truth of the gospels. Take that naysayers.)

I hear people say that they read or saw something on the news and when I ask where the answer is usually Facebook. WHICH IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING NEWS. More likely it means that someone saw someone else’s post about a news item and they re-posted it. Did they actually read the “news” article or check its validity? No. This is exactly how lies, misinformation and propaganda are spread: social media. It’s ingenious actually.

Anyway, because it is much easier to find fiction than fact online I always follow the money trail. There is ALWAYS a money trail. To find out what’s really going on, who’s pulling the strings and what they are planning all you have to do is follow the money. There is A LOT of money going towards specific agendas, people, corporations, countries, leaders, politicians….you get the point. In tracing the various paths, a recurring topic is found. Globalism, New World Order and essentially the end of everything we know as reality. A global world means no nation or it’s people will maintain their sovereignty.

People keep getting too hung up on politics, gender, race and religion to validate every single little thing that offends anyone. We as a collective whole are so busy chasing our own tails in the courts of public opinions that we don’t even bother to look up when those in charge make decisions and pass laws that will affect our existence. It’s classic manipulation of the masses. We all just nod like bobble-head dolls and go right back to staring at our newest distractions.

BOTH political parties are corrupt. Neither represent the true will of the people anymore, they represent their own self interests. Yes, I am more than a little disenchanted with the Republican Party. I have been a voting Republican since I turned 18 and voted for Ronald Reagan. No, I am not one of those hard-core conservatives that thinks Reagan was the be all/end all of politicians. He was a good President. He loved this country. No one has been close to his caliber of leadership for this nation in decades. Sorry to rip off the Band-Aid for those die-hards; but the Republicans are just as crooked as the Democrats. They both suck.  Yes, there will always be those shining few exceptions that are truly honest and working for the people that elected them. I think Congress eats their young. Those wide-eyed optimist do-gooders do not last very long in the halls of our government.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that we all agree that the political system is broken. The will of the people is hardly, if ever, a consideration for the decisions happening in Washington, D.C.  So then, what are all these new Executive Orders, passed legislation/regulations, treaties, trade deals and laws being passed in rapid succession over the last decade or so all about? A majority of the governments workings is a cycle of simply updating and re-implementation of existing laws and legislation. It’s pretty boring. However, there are LOTS of committees, sub-groups working in Congress that have all kinds of interesting things going on. Additionally, thousands (literally) of bills and laws are on the books that apply to people right now that they have no idea exist because they have not been implemented. In other words, for the last several decades’ actions have been taken to create a specific atmosphere and power shift in this country when the time is right which will change the lives of every single person living in this country.

The majority of people are blinded by the misinformation spread by the new media. In any other country in the world where the controlling political elite dictate the news it is labeled as ‘state media’. We are there folks. True journalism is dead. There are still reporters and news agencies out there reporting the truth, but they are turned away or shut out by the major media elites. Somewhere, everyday a small group decides exactly what stories are news and which are not. They push the stories they choose to their affiliates and across the nation. Meanwhile, the truth and real news is swept under the carpet. But there are still ways to find it. The same internet that spreads the lies, also provides a method of finding the real news. Alternative media is the phrase for all news NOT governed by the major media empire. This is where anyone can find a lot of honest information, once you figure out where to look for it.

I think of the internet as a global, interconnected, giant National Inquirer. Basically a massive tabloid full of sensationalism, lies, eye-catching, attention-getting headlines and stories with about 5-10% of truth buried beneath all the crap. One just have to be willing to dig and get a little dirty themselves to find it. Everyday must be like Christmas to all the UFO believers and conspiracy theorists; an endless supply of screwballs supporting their ideas and producing fake videos to add credibility to their newest claim. Again, you have to go through A LOT of crazy stuff.

Successful news people have make contacts over the years, and decades with various people in specific occupations or trades. Several of the sources have been in the military, government or law enforcement and have not only first-hand knowledge, but also numerous active contacts still in those fields that relay information to them. Maintaining connections allows a majority of the alternative media reporters to get to the root of things because they often have raw footage or first-hand accounts of stories before the mainstream media hears about it or takes it over (often changing the narrative).  

Raw footage via live-stream is the new trend in social and alternative media. This has to be a total nightmare for the establishment. When the events unfold and there are live streams online showing things as they happen, it isn’t long before the feed is cut or lost if the incident does not fit the narrative being driven by those in charge.  I personally watched the live stream feed from Dallas the night of the assassination of those brave officers. Without a doubt I can tell you that once major media picked up the story, the narrative changed. During the live stream it was obvious and discussed repeatedly that there were up to 3 shooters at the scene. That was quickly changed to a lone shooter and all raw footage disappeared online that contradicted that narrative. Likewise, I watched streaming from the Orlando shooting of survivors escaping the nightclub. SEVERAL people stated that there were at least 2 other people present besides the one lone shooter that the media presented. This is a trend and it is growing.

I fully admit that I have way more time on my hands than most people, which gives me an unfair advantage in researching news and world events. I also now feel a very serious burden to convey what I am finding.

I started all of this with the idea of writing a book. That’s where the research started and where the trail began. My idea: a book depicting the current world as it relates to the prophecy of end of times in the book of Revelations. America had to be explained (inclusion/exclusion) in prophecy. It was necessary to rationalize how a prominent world power plays essentially no role in the end of times events. I wondered why and concluded that the nation of the United States will not be a political or influential force in the world during end times. Then I needed to figure out how a New World Order could develop and become a Global government, economy and religion. It wasn’t that hard.

I researched to discover how the nation was built to understand how it could possibly fall. That is how I found the trail of money, corruption, manipulation and control that has been in place for decades in this country. Economic agendas, social agendas, political and religious agendas have all been developing across the globe with a single agenda: Globalization. For all of you still with me, that is the New World Order and global government that will be ruled by the Anti-Christ in the last days. It all fits together better than I could have imagined; and it’s mind-blowing.

Now I have begun the tedious task of taking dozens of notebooks and folders full of printouts that I have accumulated over the years to form an outline and finally start writing. It’s overwhelming. I have prayed a lot and I truly believe God is directing me and has all along. I am not going to give some shocking date and declare when the world will end. That’s crazy. No one knows but God anyway, so it’s nonsense for anyone to say otherwise.

I personally believe that this country will not be the same by the end of this year. Something is brewing and the it is getting closer and closer to the boiling point. Intentional fanning of the flames is driving things to reach a point of eruption here and in the rest of the world.  Several things are in play, so I cannot say with any certainty what will be the final tipping point. Essentially the fuse has been lit. Either it will continue to burn until it reaches the point where things explode or it will fizzle out. Either way things will change. Depending on which side of the agenda you stand, you will either be elated or horrified.

I will close with this….there is a great urgency among those who have also been piecing and tracking things. God has placed a sense of urgency on many of his follower’s hearts as well. The one thing I can say without reservation is that people that seek the truth can find it if they really look and everyone need to be making preparations for themselves and their loved one.


-A Watcher


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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