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Hillary Survival Kit

Sometimes you need to laugh instead of cry….. I suggest my idea of compiling Hillary Survival Kits. Here’s the pitch….

Americans will be fleeing to those underground bunkers and bug-out locations that were constructed for when Hillary Clinton seizes control of our country and the nation collapses.

Families will be forced to wander desolate freeways, taking shelter in abandoned cars as they try to escape the radioactive dust that covers the landscape. People will live in a continual state of fear, hiding and trying to survive the dark, scary nights and cold, bleak days. Survivors will need protection from the roving gangs of BLM thugs that thrive in the shadow of Empress Hillary and her regime. Below you will find the essentials you and your loved ones will need to survive the apocalypse that will occur with Hillary Clinton is elected as the last President of the United States

  1. FOOD RATIONS (supplies will be low, look at current Venezuela)
  2. FLINT & STEEL (to start a fire to warm your terrified, cold loved ones)
  3. WATERPROOF MATCHES (not even your tears of desperation will ruin them)
  4. HAND CRANK RADIO (to listen to State Media and find other survivors)
  5. GAS MASK (to wear when out scavenging for food or scrap metal among the radioactive dust)
  6. CAN OF BEANS (for dinner on special occasions around the fire)
  7. SPACE BLANKET (when building a fire is too risky and it’s cold)
  8. COMPASS (to head South to Texas for the civilization that remains)
  9. LAMINATED LANGUAGE CARD (handy phrases like “I am a refugee” included)
  10. SEED PACKETS (to help rebuild food supply)
  11. POCKET SIZED COPY OF CONSTITUTION (to remember good ol’ days and the folly of democracy)
  12. FOLDABLE NATIONAL MAP (pre-marked detention and FEMA camps for avoidance)
  13. CURRENCY (Mexico, Russia, China, Middle East & marijuana seeds for Millennials)
  14. FABRIC (for making hijabs when women in group must go in public)
  15. RESET BUTTON (use it each day when you wake to the nightmare of life)
  16. BULLET (a reminder of when people had freedoms)
  17. AMERICAN FLAG (wrap yourself in Old Glory when nostalgia takes hold)
  18. LOCKET (with photograph of Ronald Reagan)
  19. COPY OF COMMUNIST MANIFESTO (playbook of the Regime)
  20. BIBLE IN KORAN COVER (to practice your faith in secret)


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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