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So, if the title didn’t completely offend you and you haven’t gone off to find a safe space then I think you can handle the rest of what I want to say. I recently posted on my Facebook page that people need to start preparing themselves for the obvious truths about to happen to all of us.  Our country is going to fundamentally change by the end of the year. For those that know me personally, I will simply say “I told you so” and move on.

Carefully consider some realities that face our country:

We are going to either have a known sleaze as President or we’ll have Hillary. Ha ha ha ha. Sorry, I just had to go there. Seriously, for the first time the majority of the country has readily admitted that they don’t like or trust either of the chosen candidates. We aren’t ELECTING a president, we will all be going to the polls to vote AGAINST a president. That’s the truth.

Yes, I support Trump for President. Why, he’s not Hillary. In the beginning, I fully supported Trump because he was not politically correct, he said what most of us thought but wouldn’t say outside our own homes and he was NOT a politician. Since then, as he has grown in popularity, his ego has grown. I think Trump is a great choice for the change that is needed in this country. He is a spokesman that no one would have ever suspected and has the financial ability to get the message of average, patriotic Americans out to the rest of the nation.  Unfortunately, Trump is too much of a showman and his narcissism gets the better of him. Open mouth, insert foot (again). I personally see the change that is occurring as he is forced to play ball with the top GOP or else; so it is saddening to see what is changing. Those anti-Trump elite are still finding a way to pull the strings of Trump while still actively attacking him to the world. Welcome to politics. Welcome to reality to all of you who thought there was still any integrity left in journalism: it’s openly for sale.

Trump is becoming a politician. Obviously, concessions will have to be made to appease those who truly run things (Establishment) so that he will be given a slight chance to will the election. As if the GOP has tied a huge anchor to his leg, for his own good, then said “okay, go ahead and run the race to win”. WTF.  I applaud his efforts and I can only imagine the hell he and his family go through to remain in this race. I think a lot of questionable things about Trump (personality) but I absolutely DO NOT doubt that he loves this country. He has a patriot’s heart and it shows. For that alone, I commend him and will vote for him. I believe that no matter what, the leader of this country needs to be a person has a tender heart that God can reach. I’m not sure if Hillary still even has one.

The reality of a Trump presidency, is that he will be doing exactly what all the right wing politicians whined about with Obama: learning on the job. Most conservatives are very sincere that the person seeking the office of Commander of our nation should have experience in leadership, governing and once upon a time we wanted them to have served this country in military service. So, what really qualifies either of them?

Neither Trump or Hillary ever served in the military so that is a mute point. Neither have ever governed. Hillary was first lady to an impeached President and a Senator that spent her time preparing for her next job. She accomplished nothing truly noteworthy other than scandals and rumors of corruption. She held an appointed government job (as a deal she took for dropping out of former presidential run against Obama) in which she either caused chaos, benefitted (Clinton Foundation) from known chaos and in most cases: both.  Inherited or not, Trump built an empire through decades of managing companies, corporations, and now a global empire. He too, has made many foreign contacts, as has Hillary. Trump has made a career as a showman. He’s loud, obnoxious and obviously his own biggest fan. There aren’t really any true surprises with Trump. You get what you see with Trump. All his baggage and scandal has been in the headlines for decades from divorces to his ridiculous hair. In comparison, Trump has had more successful leadership experience.

Hillary is a horse of another color. Actually she is an old nag with MULTIPLE faces/colors depending on who she is smoozing at the time. IF that hurt your feelings, you aren’t going to like the rest of this either.  Hillary is sleazy. There is no lack of scandal, corruption, dead bodies, ruined lives,  lies, downright sleazy behavior from this woman since she left for college. She has created a HUGE trail of debris in her wake. Hillary has one trait often unadmired. She is good at covering her ass. The Clinton machine (which it is- a monstrously large, powerful political force) has spent decades of hiding and covering the dirt and sleaze spewed forth from both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Careers have been made literally just covering for them. Now, there is an obvious, though discreet quid-pro-quo system in place. Hillary Clinton is power hungry. She doesn’t do anything for anyone that doesn’t benefit her first and more. The only glass ceiling Hillary has broken is the dirty glass that hides the seedy underbelly of politics which the Clintons have now made the social norm. Hooray for her; she made being openly corrupt and sleazy acceptable. As far as for feminism; she is a giant yoke around the neck of progress. I could go on….obviously, but the point is clear.

Truly, neither one of them are qualified to be President, but they are the two choices we face in November. Again, I think most Americans will be voting against the other candidate, more than they are voting for a personal choice.

That said, what took a long time, people need to really grasp the idea that our country is going to change drastically in the next 6 months. One of the two aforementioned idiots is going to be elected President. My heart is for Trump, but I’d bet my money if I had some on Hillary winning. (it’s soooooo rigged). Anyway, that means that our nation will be in a state of chaos, distress and possible unrest. People of this country have been pitted against each other for so long, in so many ways that with all the newly added pressures we are at a boiling point. There is no way of knowing what will be the final thing that will tip things from boiling to exploding; but it’s on the horizon. Look outside your own circle to the see what’s going on in the rest of the country that major media is NOT reporting. Preppers know this.

Here’s the thing about conspiracy theorists and preppers: they are idiots until the crap hits the fan; then their geniuses!



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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