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Goodbye God

So I’m watching tv late last night and I find this documentary about the Exodus. FYI I don’t watch cable tv, I stream live feeds and use a device to stream channels in addition to my antenna channels. Yes, we cut the noose off and got rid of cable/satellite tv and the huge bills.


James Cameron is the producer and narrator of this ‘documentary’. I use the quotes on documentary because in case you haven’t notice everything can fit under that category now. No longer are the pieced together raw footage of events considered a documentary. According to Discovery Channel (who screwed up Shark Week for the world), we the people now know that there is always fiction mixed in with the reality in documentaries. Point being always check the sources and information, just because it’s called an expose’, documentary, or live does not mean it is. I have yet to find actual live tv broadcasts. Between streaming, internet link and antenna I have yet to find a ‘live broadcast’ in synchronicity with the other ‘live broadcast’ occurring simultaneously. The point I’m making is that EVERYTHING is edited, delayed, held back on all major media feeds. The only chance of finding truly raw, unedited footage of anything occurring live is to watch someone’s personal live stream. Major media generally picks up these feeds if the footage is especially exceptional, however it will be edited and fed into the narrative that they decide; regardless of the actual truth. That my friends is today’s media. Again, I’m off topic…

So back to James Cameron. The billionaire, powerful, Hollywood elite director is on screen telling me of his fascination with the Exodus (Hebrews escape from enslavement by the Egyptians, led by Moses per the direct actions of God). Mr. Cameron, along with the expert friend is telling me the biblical account of history (Exodus) and will compare that to the scientific accounts that refute it. Essentially, I begin to feel like perhaps this is a documentary to scientifically prove Exodus through newly discovered evidences. However, as our narrator (Mr. Cameron) begins to orate the so-called ‘biblical account’ of the event something becomes painfully clear to me. They were slick about it, because it was very subtle.  To be completely honest, I actually didn’t catch it myself immediately. He goes on about the political history of the world (via artifact evidence) up to the enslavement of the descendants of Jacob (Hebrews) by the Egyptians. He proclaimed that Joseph became a great man among the Egyptians, second only to Pharaoh in power. Furthermore, he gives the account of the birth of Moses, hidden to save his life from the murdering Egyptians was found by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised as her son. The narrator surmises that Moses rose to power, sided with the opposition of Pharaoh and was forced to flee into the desert.

Going back on topic, the narrator tells how these descendants of Jacob were led out of Egypt by Moses. That a series of catastrophes and disasters proceeded the exit of these people from Egypt. He recants how Moses led the people to the Red Sea which opened up for them to cross into safety. Mr. Cameron tells this entire ‘cliff notes’ version of the Biblical account of Moses and the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt without ever mentioning the word or existence of GOD.

Are you as shocked as I was? Obviously, I turned the stupid show off so I really don’t know what it is about; but what struck me was that the entire biblical story was told without once mentioning the name of God. It was presented as agreed upon historical fact, everything except for the existence, direction and intercession of God. As if Moses just woke up one day and just says to himself, “I think it’s just awful what’s happening to the those people way over in Egypt, I’m going to go set them free”. No outside help, no influence or assistance, Moses took it upon himself to go liberate the captive descendants of Jacob. Luckily, Moses timed his visit to free the Hebrews around the same time that there were a serious of weird, natural disasters affecting Egypt. The logic here being that the Egyptians had bigger problems so they just let the entire population of a nation slip out the gate. Once aware of the escape, the Egyptians were in hot pursuit all the way to the Red Sea. The sea opened (guessing another naturally occurring freak disaster) and the Hebrews made it across the sea just before the sea swallowed them up with the chasing Egyptians. Ta-da! That Moses was a hell of a guy!


Besides the ridiculous tweaked account of the Exodus, I was actually the most upset by the fact that God had been deleted from his own story. This to me is just another sleazy, but effective, campaign to further eradicate the existence of God in our society. During the Democratic National Convention, they like the Republicans during their convention, recited the pledge of allegiance to open their conventions. In our technology driven world, there were of course tv screens that projected the event and the words of the pledge so attendees could participate. The DNC pledge (screen display) omitted the words “one nation under God” from their convention. There are several screenshots online which show the tv at the time of the pledge with the words to recite as follows:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of American, to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

Notice the absence? Most millennials wouldn’t notice or care about the omission of God. Of course, these are the same people that burn American flags and demand all they believe they are entitled to and it better be free. There is an obvious lack of common sense among them, but it is very troubling to see how easily God can be evicted from our nation without anyone stopping it.

We are a nation founded by people with a devout belief in God (regardless of religious affiliation). Our country openly proclaims their belief by stamping it on our paper money, our coins, in our pledge and our founding documents. We are a nation under God. The continued destruction of our nation by unweaving the very fabric of which we are all a part must stop. We the people, need to stand up and collectively shout “Enough!”  A nation that removes God, removes his blessings. We the people are responsible for the actions of those we send to represent us that make these ludicrous laws. We are all accountable. Look at Europe. So goes America if we don’t get our country back on track.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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