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It’s feminism week in Philadelphia (say that 3 times fast)….

As a woman, I am beyond offended that Hillary Clinton and company (a/k/a democratic party) actually play the ‘woman card’ to the extreme of actually printing and distributing actual ‘Woman Card’ cards. REALLY?

I cannot understand or empathize with the thinking of anyone that supports, chooses and votes for someone based solely on something as superficial as their gender, race, religion, CT…  That is the stupid. As a woman of a more mature age (tweenior) I can appreciate the differences that have occurred in our society to further recognize the strength, intelligence and capabilities of women over the last few decades.

 I remember working in places as a teenage girl, where it was just part of the job to deal with the handsy creepy old guy, who happened to be the boss. Yes, it felt violating, but nothing actually ever occurred besides just needing to shower continually. The job meant more than the feeling of being offended or mistreated. When working any job where the newbie is a girl, she always got the crappiest jobs. It was simply the way things were done. As a young adult, I dealt with the more well dressed and professional male boss (none less handsy or creepy) to work in an office environment. As a woman you did your job and proved your worth until the employer no longer saw a female employee, but simply a valuable employee. Hard work always exceeded any gender boundaries. There were always exceptions.

One of the last ‘office’ jobs that I had in management was also my first experience with the bias in pay based on gender. I had started working at a company as a receptionist. Eventually, with hard work, I moved up to the position of administrative assistant. Title wasn’t much, but the job was very important. I started off answering phones for a company and became the go to person for any decision and the eyes/ears of the president of the company. In addition to the many hats I wore at the company, I also helped the sales manager with scheduling and addressing calls from outside sales representatives.  The sales manager essentially was the supervisor of both sales forces: telemarketing and outside sales. All sales decisions required his approval. Ironically, as the top offices were more organized and smoothly running (thanks to my work) I was asked to help the sales manager. He basically pushed the responsibility of managing the telemarketing sales to me. I dealt directly with the telemarketing sales leader and made decisions as the sales manager. Scandalously, the sales manager began a relationship with the very young new office assistant (my 2nd old job). As an insider to their stolen moments and sneaking off together, I ended up taking a lot of the outside sales reps calls and filling in for the sales manager. Keep in mind that at one point (and very often still) I did payroll for the entire company. I knew salaries of every management person. I was already painfully aware of how much less money I was making for the same job that was being poorly done by the daughter of vice president (because I did her job quite often). When the time came for the sales manager to finally be fired (we all saw that coming) I was simply unofficially given his job. I took all the duties, responsibilities, title and demands of his job in addition to my always present responsibilities to the President of the company. I got everything but his salary. I was given a meager raise (which was more than I was making, but nowhere near what he made) and zero respect. The worse part was that the vice president made the decision- a woman.

Yes, I know bias towards women does very much exist in the working world.  However, I also know that it has come a very far way than from it started in my lifetime. Women now own, run and manage multi-million dollar companies. I am more than thrilled to see the achievements women are now obtaining.  However, I have to be honest and tell you that I think the modern feminism movement of today does more harm than good for women.

Yes, I believe that women should be paid the same amount of money for doing the exact same job as a man. That is obvious to anyone with a brain. However, I do not believe that women should do every job a man does, just to prove a point. I firmly believe that there are certain jobs that men are more aptly suited for above women. It’s a personal thing. I do not believe that ANYONE should have enormous sole power and control over anyone else; regardless of gender. That said, I do believe that there is a ruthlessness to top finance and business that does occur to which men are better suited. I am not saying women can’t be ruthless, I’m saying why would they want to be? Men leading (through power and control) have created a vast majority of the world’s problems. Sorry, but it’s true. So, on that line of thinking why would a woman want to succeed doing things the same destructive way? A strong woman can manage her kids, her house, the bills, the cooking, her job and the bedroom continually. Women are the inventors and masters of multi-tasking. We do all of those things and more, without being like a man. God gave me a nurturing heart. Women nest and men hunt/gather; it’s scientifically proven. However, over time women (and some men) began engaging in the behaviors of the opposite sex. Originally in the modern age, women only began full employment jobs because men were off at war and they needed the workers OR because they were suddenly the sole bread winners and had to support the family due to the loss/absence of a man at home. The point is that society eventually accepted women in the roles as working outside of the home. To succeed in business a choice was required. Either women could have a career or they could have children; they couldn’t do both with success at work. Despite all the forward progress, women have again been pigeonholed by gender.

I liked the speech by Ivanka Trump the other night at the RNC when she introduced her father as the Republican nominee. She did a wonderful job of explaining how women still struggle with being successful in business and being mothers. I applaud her addressing the problem. I do not however think it would be a good platform to base an entire campaign for Presidency. Hillary Clinton has essentially failed at every ‘job’ she has acquired in her professional life. Either via being sued, covering her own ass, making shady deals, and being ruthless. She is worse than most men and wants to run things like she is a man. How then can she honestly play the woman card? She can’t. The only thing she has going for her to convince a mindless mass of feminist to vote for her is that she is a woman. The feminist agenda has derailed. Like those whose examples women followed over time, the movement has become power hungry and lost its way. At the end of the day every woman should be able to conduct herself like a lady; with dignity and class.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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