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Dog and Pony show

So my husband asks me what the point of the Republican National Convention is that I am watching tonight. I responded that it was essentially the Oscars of the republican political party. Which it is.

Let me explain, the good ol’ boys network that essentially runs things for the republican party (as well as the domocratic party) are none too happy right now. It has taken DECADES for these political juggernauts to create the power and wealth which surrounds them. If you are new to reality, I am saying that the political system is in fact rigged. Ta-Da!

Once those in ‘public service’ have reached the top of the heap amongst their peers to lead committees, introduce legislation, and so forth more than not, they owe ALOT of favors to ALOT of people. They are bought and paid for legislatures and rule makers that are being influenced by the elite who purchased their loyalty. Are they all crooked? No. There are groups among both parties that have been intricately involved in the political arena for decades (generational). The ‘career politician’ among those that actually started out to represent and serve those that elected them to their post in Congress. I don’t know what tips the scale for individuals to sellout their constituents if they do, but I know it happens and it is foolish to think otherwise. This is a key reason that we need to require term limitations on ALL elected officials. ( but that is an argument for another day). These purchased representatives are the very people making all the laws that govern our lives, based on the influence of someone else entirely. They are the political elite who have established themselves as the foundation of their political party and the cornerstones of Congress.

The very idea that an outsider like Donald Trump or Ben Carson could have the nerve to seek the highest political office in the land, enrages the establishment. Making matters worse was the fact that despite every attempt to disrail Trump’s momentum or to sway people away from Trump to the GOP chosen few, the movement in support of Trump grew larger and louder. Those controlling the GOP could no longer shun Trump, but had to accept him with open arms for appearances. Those that still have the decency to care about the will of the people, have embraced the nomination of Trump. Those that refuse to give up the old ways or to relinquish their power and control are trying to rebel. Imagine all the cool, popular kids in an arena in their own private party that none of the underlings (lesser by their determination) attend unless it’s as their guest or waitstaff. Suddenly, the unpopular kids have pushed their way inside and THEIR leader is taking over. Control has shifted and the reign of the establishment is ending. The cool kids are not going to be happy…..

That is exactly what’s happening in Cleveland. Donald Trump and the silent majority who do most of the buying, building, serving and dying in this country have joined collectively to say in one loud voice that enough is enough. The establishment GOP attempted their feeble attempt to hijack the convention, which we all knew was coming, and it failed. Despite the higher ups in the party elite refusing to attend the convention (such as the good ol’ Gov of Ohio, Mr. Kasich and the Bush dynasty) because they are angry at having to give up their places to someone else they deem unworthy, the convention will continue and the party will unite. Simply put, rules are rules and at the end of the day those in the party who wish to remain in their current or an elevated position in the party will tow the line and accept the rules. They will cheer enthusiastically and wave signs for Donald J. Trump.

For reasons that have yet to be discovered, the major media outlets are running a scroll or with the headlines that there was chaos and a revolt on the floor of the convention today. Yes, the anti-Trump movement (you know, the group who doesn’t care what the American people voted) tried to force an amendment to let delegates stick with their original or a candidate of their choosing instead of voting with their populace. This was the last and failed attempt to create a contested convention to deny Trump the candidacy. It failed. Deals were obviously made in dark, smoky rooms somewhere and those in resistance to Trump were scorned and compensated for following in line. The party finally realized that they had to support Trump as the nominee or they would literally destroy the party as a whole. Those establishment players that had deals and promises in motion in regard to the next republican nominee are in a serious tailspin.(probably home licking their wounds, which is why they couldn’t attend). A monkey wrench has messed up all the works. The people of this country have joined together and decided that we’re sick of politics as usual and we want someone outside of Washington to fix this mess.

I will continue to watch and observe the convention because it’s important. I am personally so disgusted with the behavior of the GOP as a whole, I will never vote another straight ticket or identify myself as a republican again in my lifetime. The rules and the platform that the Republican party has built and is being adopted by the party is very important. The very issue that will shape the way any republican is expected to vote/support is being determined. This platform applies to everyone; especially the party nominee. Trump may not be the answer to the problems of this country. Hillary damn sure is not the solution and Trump is better than Hillary (there’s a bumper sticker). Our country has to divert from it’s current path. Trump is a great diversion. Will it be enough? I don’t know, but I do know that despite Trump being the choice of the people, if the party puts a leash on him to bend to THEIR platform (if it varies) is a BIG PROBLEM. Time will tell…..



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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