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My 2 cents

My two cents:

This year has been a very interesting one to say the least. I finally stepped away from the herd of sheep around me and opened my eyes to A LOT of things I would otherwise have simply ignored. I have the unwanted luxury (not privledge) to be home every day while the majority of people my age are going to work. My children are grown, I have too many pets, but otherwise my workday has lessened tremendously. Yes, keeping a house, regardless for how many people, is still a physical job. I struggle because of my health issues so things have to be timed around good vs. bad days for physical tasks.  In addition, I have also found a tremendous blessing in having a great deal of time to do research and follow the news.  I have spent the last few years following the news, prophecy and world events. I follow feeds from all around the globe, in raw footage and without bias. It isn’t easy to break from the flock, but I refuse to be a sheep.

The majority of people get up, go to work, come home, have a little family interaction or personal down time, then go to bed to start all over. I’m not making light of it, I’m minimalizing it for a reason. There are a ton of factors and variants that will change the above mentioned events;   however for the most part most people live every day 24/7/365 in their own little bubble of their personal world. Major things that are meant to grab everyone’s attention; will grab theirs too, but otherwise the happenings of the rest of the country, government, global governments and more simply aren’t on their radar. There aren’t enough hours in the day to juggle everything, so things drop off of the load people carry.

Here is the inherent problem with the above culture of living in our own personal bubbles; the world keeps on spinning whether we acknowledge it or not. Things are unfolding around our cities, our states and our country to further divide people against each other. Lines are being drawn, allegiances are being sworn and sabers are rattling. What will be the end result? A race war? A new revolution? How will there ever be a victor?

Unlike previous decades of racial strife among Americans, the progression of technology and social media has taken things to an entirely new level of escalation. With modern smartphones, the internet and social media people can literally upload and share with the entire world when an incident of injustice occurs. No longer can the ugly behavior of a select few amongst a sea of blue be hidden from the world. The communities can now share their angst with any audience they can find. Unfortunately, with raw footage comes selective editing. Unlike legitimate journalists (of which very few still exist) who are to present the event in entirety without narrative or influence to allow the audience to interpret what the they see; amateurs post the footage or whatever parts feed their narrative as the whole truth. Omission is still lying, but not to this bunch. Those among the intended audience who are already seeking validation to cause trouble, latch on to these videos and share them with likeminded others.

The court of public opinion takes over and the dominant narrative being presented will eventually become the ‘news’ until the entire nation is weighing in on the events. Because of social media and the immediate connection, the internet provides to the world, people everywhere immediately share and follow the narrative of their choosing and begin prosecuting their case in the court of public opinion. Never in all of the fever pitch to share, share, share the videos and narrative does anyone stop long enough to actually get any facts gathered or presented. Because these all manifest into legal proceedings, there is a chain of events and filings that take time (the justice system). Once everything is gathered and the hearings take place, the majority of the cases end up with no charges filed against the officer or white offender. It doesn’t matter by that time if there was or wasn’t guilt or by which involved party, the public has already reached a verdict and are reacting accordingly.

Unlike those that incite hate and violence, the majority of Americans wait for the facts to be collected and the courts to determine the verdict. Among these people are those that are growing more and more outraged at the public persecution and collective flame of discord being stoked among people. The patriots, constitutionalists, Christians, nationalists and average 2nd amendment supporting American communicate and organize while the opposition goes immediately to action, though misguided. A strategic advantage occurs. It’s always better to lead than to come from behind. Meaning that the level headed amongst us continue to find themselves in a reactionary position, on the defense. Any sports enthusiasts will tell you that the best defense is a strong offense. The real concern should be determining exactly who among either side will be willing to fire that first shot.

Since the 1980’s I have heard murmurings that a race war was going to occur, here in the United States. I am not saying there haven’t been multiple racially charged incidents over the last few decades, but I still have not seen the full outbreak of war in our nation between the races. I absolutely believe and see the conditioning and manipulation of media, entertainment, industry and education that continually downgrade people of any race that isn’t white because of the rich whites. Rather than the movement of the 1960’s that pitted blacks against whites, today’s race war will be a mixture of all races against those whites they deem as being privledged and/or wealthy. This coming race war will begin as bitter issues between races against whites, but will morph into a war against the haves and the have nots. Really look at the crowds that have been showing up to ‘protest’ at Trump rallies, against police, against anything they deem hurtful and offensive. These are typical college aged and young adults of ALL races, including white, which are joining together and now get caught up in the militant movements of the black lives matter and new black panther movements.

Additionally, there are A LOT of mixed race couples, so how exactly does that play out in a race war? Who turns on who? The reality is that most people with any common sense will see that they are not part of the problem or the symptoms of racial discord and will not elevate things to violence. However, there are a very large number of people that have tremendous misguided rage against whites and authorities. This group will seek violence at every turn and will continue to push until they get the reaction they are seeking. Unlike the peaceful protestors who actually want attention to be brought to injustices with legislative and judicial level changes, the militants of the movement want violence that will force whites or patriots to fire the first shot to spark their war.

Recently the new black panther party (no, I won’t capitalize their name out of principal) announced that black Americans need to gather together and form their own nation within our current nation.  Five southern states would be taken over and claimed for the black nation. Their theory is that if all the blacks surge into these states, white people will move out, thus leaving them to take over the states. Unfortunately, they are lacking the insight to see the obvious flaw with their plan. If whites leave the states; so do their companies, corporations, jobs, financial support (commerce) for the states. Eventually, the new black nation would be forced to barter trade deals with the very nation and people it spat in the face of. Not to be crass but the most pressing and ignored failure of their invasion plan is the violence among themselves. The greatest number of violent deaths for blacks are other blacks. The statistics significantly outnumber the incidents of white on black or officer on black deaths. With so much anger and violence amongst them, who will lead and how will they prevent what other generations before have failed?  Ending the death of black lives by the hands of other blacks?

For the sake of argument let us take the unfortunate hypothetical course in which a race war actually does begin here in this country. You and everyone you know should be able to answer a few simple questions amongst yourselves. Trusting each other will be key to surviving. Do you absolutely and completely know and trust the decision making and social leanings of everyone in your bubble? How far are you willing to go in the event of violence around you? Will you pick up arms and go outside to join in the war or will you barricade yourself in your home? It’s great to make a bunch of comments, posts and fuel rhetoric of war against each other, but what will any of them actually do in reality.

I love my country. I can’t imagine ever wanting live anywhere else. The thing that primarily upsets me about immigrants/refugees flooding other countries (security, economics and politics aside) is that essentially these people abandoned their own countries. When things went sideways (regardless of what it was) instead of standing their ground and taking their countries back they tucked tail and left. They let those who hated their countries, who destroyed their countries take possession of their countries and they went to find new homes. I will not become a refugee from America. I will not abandon my country. I will not continue the practice of furthering the agenda of division in our country. I will present facts and truths that can and should be researched and validated. I want to encourage, not feed the flame of anger. I struggle and will fail at times, but I will not give in to the hate.

I believe completely in the vision of the founding fathers for this nation. The Bill of Rights are a whole, they cannot be dissected and pulled apart from each other. If one crumbles, they all disappear. These are the fights that matter. There are an elite few that have successfully controlled the information, entertainment, education, economies and cultures of the world. The agenda of a select few influences the lives of us all. We have the power to stop that influence and to prevent their agenda from being fulfilled on our watch. We must shut down the rhetoric and stop the flow of misinformation. Our leaders have failed us. We the People must rise to the call and protect this nation from those among us that do not love this country, but wish to destroy it.

I don’t know how to fix things. I only know that regardless of the circumstances and the world around me; I know I am not alone. God is with me. Nothing in this world is bigger than the mercy and grace of God. No enemy is stronger or wiser than God and nothing shall overtake God. This is my focus. I will always stand for my country, for the principals that founded this great land, for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and like the oath of those who serve, I will protect this great nation from all enemies foreign and domestic (a/k/a Obama).  Though I am willing to take up arms to defend myself, my loved ones, my friends and neighbors if the need arises, I will always hesitate before acting first. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. I will not go poking the bear to antagonize the situation regardless of my personal feelings on the matter at hand. I do not ever want to encourage anyone to react or act in violence against anyone. I do however, fully believe in the right of self-defense.

Know where you draw the line.  For everyone that gets on Facebook and social media wanting to lock and load to jump into a war that will forever change our nation, I am addressing you. When things go sideways (either race, revolution, economy) and eventually they will, it’s obvious to all the experts by now, what line will you be willing to cross? I have 2 sons that served in the military and I can tell you without hesitation that I can say I will resist if they come after my guns for example, but I know I will have great pause to pull a trigger against a young man no older than my own sons in a military uniform. That is a reality.

I believe in the government that our forefathers established. I completely agree that the Presidential elections and political arena are ludicrous and blatantly rigged. However, I still believe in the process. I know that at the lowest level, my vote still counts. The vote that puts any person in congress as my representative is the loudest voice of the nation. These votes can determine all other outcomes. If you don’t like the corruption and abuse of power by the federal government, vote against them. Stop re-electing the crooks that are ruining our nation and pushing their agendas on the American people.

In conclusion (took a long time, didn’t it?) it’s important to focus on the realities of our world. Regardless of your religious viewpoints, beliefs or non-belief the vast majority of the world and civilizations all acknowledge a creator, a great flood, a heaven/hell final destination and an end of the world (Armageddon). These same cultures and religions also agree on one thing: we are near the end of times. God will not intervene against the will of man. If we as a civilization continue down the current path of war and globalization; we will be that much closer to final chapter. Be prepared, (as everyone should be for a minimum of 3 days to provide for yourself and your families for any event), have a plan for an emergency, know your own personal lines and how far you are willing to go, and most importantly….pray.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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