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I’m a realist, not a racist

I know in advance that most people are gonna get their panties in a bunch over what I’m about to write. In today’s culture of overly politically correct language, I already know I am gonna probably offend people, though it is not my intent.

The latest shooting in Orlando has brought to light an obvious flaw in our society. We have become SO overly concerned with offending anyone that we have literally created an environment of danger for ourselves.

There are some blatantly obvious facts that keep getting ignored for the sake of making everyone safe and happy. The snowflake generation is convinced that words hurt, so they have pushed a narrative, adopted by major media, that no longer says or writes anything that could be deemed offensive or make them appear racist by the new definition.

Christianity and Islam do not mix. I’m sorry that this will offend people, but it is the truth. Additionally, Islam is completely contrary to Judaism. Why in the world would anyone think that the nation with the largest population of Christians and Jews together would have no problems with flooding our nation with Muslims? It’s madness. I’m sorry, but if anyone actually REALLY reads the true writings of the Quran, you’d know that it is not a religion of peace or tolerance. Muslim beliefs have zero tolerance for homosexuality, women’s rights, any religion other than their own or man’s laws. Sharia law dictates their religion and their society.

Additionally, there are numerous studies that show that it is the 2nd and 3rd generations that tend to produce extremism ideology.  The shooter in Orlando is a perfect example of this. He is the 2nd generation, born here in the United States of Arab parents. Additionally, as a 2nd generation, multiple connections and visits occur with their nation of ancestry.

This is a religious war with ISIS, despite all the fluff from the media that says otherwise. For thousands of years, the Arabs have been fighting with the Jews over their religious differences. They have now brought their religious war to the United States thanks to the open borders of this administration. This fight goes back to the time of Jacob and Essau of the Old Testament and will continue until the end of days. No amount of ‘tolerance’ or political correctness will ever change the fundamental truths that Islam is a religion and ideology of intolerance, violence and hatred for anyone that opposes Islam.

If you want to know that is going to happen here in the United States if we don’t act immediately look at Europe. Europe has been completely overwhelmed with the influx of migrants and supposed refugees Muslims that will not assimilate into their new societies but seek to forcibly push Islam on their host nations. The major media here has stopped reporting on all the murders, rapes and crimes occurring since the influx of immigrants have arrived in Europe. It doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I don’t know the exact answer to this problem, but I do know that letting hundreds of thousands of immigrants into our nation to forever change our nation is NOT the answer. That doesn’t make me a racist. I am a Christian. I love everyone, as Jesus instructed. Actually, Christianity is supremely more tolerant than other religions. We know what God has said in regard to sin; but we also know that ultimately it is going to be between God and the individual at judgement. We accept and openly love our fellow-man. However, we are also aware of the dangers of our enemies. Make no mistake, Islam is an enemy of Christianity and Judaism. They are murdering and attacking Jews and Christians all over the world. Sharia law trumps any nations’ laws in the eyes of devout Muslims.

Our country is in trouble. An agenda is at work, that is devastating to the nation we all love. We are becoming like other third world countries in many ways. Why? First, we opened our borders and shifted the attention to the LGBT community and appeasing them on a national level, instead of focusing on the dangers right under our noses. We cower to accommodating the less the 1% of the population that may be transgender instead of focusing on the health, safety and protection of the 100% of the people. It’s insane.

We need to wake up and stop worrying about offending people’s feelings and be honest about the dangers in our country. Since Obama took office we have had several attacks by so-called ‘lone wolf’ terrorists here in the United States and each one has been more horrific than the last, all with ties and allegiances to Islam. As a nation we need to honestly acknowledge the threat by name and stop the pandering to the liberals. We are at war. We have been pulled into a religious war that has now taken root within our borders.



I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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