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Open letter to Millenials and generation Z

To: Millennial and Z Generations

From:  Children of Baby Boomer and Generation X

Re: Why we can’t just all get along OR the difference between your generation and mine….

Dear Falsely Entitled,

On behalf of my generation; I apologize. You were misled and given inaccurate information for which you have based your entire being’s thoughts, opinions and actions. You were duped! The world owes you nothing. Your parents owe you nothing more than a safe, stable home to live in with all of your fundamental NEEDS taken care of until you have completed the 12 required years of education and are legally (age 18) responsible for yourself. If you are feeling weak in the knees right now from the shock of this reality, you’d better sit down…..

It is everywhere you look now that the current generation that is trying to shape the entire world’s cultural and social agendas is out of touch, to be honest. A great majority of the responsibility for the warped ideology

of this group is the very parents and generation that bore them.

1950’s children, flower children of the 60’s and the jet setting/partying parents of the 70’s and 80’s  gave birth and raised an entire generation of ‘free thinkers’ and ‘love’ children. Culturally at the time is the was the boom of the civil rights movements, feminism, the internet, mobile technology and daycare. I would be errant to forget that the children of these cultural shapers are the very people who decided that children shouldn’t be in competition but everyone should just get awarded for showing up: the horrific ‘participation’ award ideology.

A LOT of these children (born in the 1950’s until the late 1980’s) have brought forth an entire generation of spoiled, lazy, selfish, opinionated, agnostic/atheistic children who have been unfairly convinced that they are entitled to everything they think and want to be handed to them on silver platters. You are the same people who elected the current President and will possibly elect the next one in November.

Let me explain some basic misunderstandings is definition of key words:

My generation grew up in home, generally with a stay home parent or at least with a neighbor or relative babysitting us if our parent had to work. That’s a key phrase. Our parents worked. When we were old enough, we got jobs and worked. Our parents didn’t spend more money than they earned. We sat down at meals together, even if it was once a day or once a week. Parent’s parented their children; not the schools or the society. Neighbors looked out for each other. If we, as kids, misbehaved I guarantee the other neighborhood parents would either punish us like their own child or at least tell your parents so they would punish us. Another difference: punishment. If we did something wrong or against the rules/law there were swift and certain consequences. It was not a gray area. Schools disciplined. You did NOT want to be sent to the principal. A threat of punishment was actually followed by a punishment. They weren’t empty words.

We played outside. We used our imaginations to play, to build, to enjoy life. We were not indoors and addicted to a small screen. Now some of us, born in the late 70’s and beyond did in fact find themselves in love with cable television and MTV…. We still got jobs and functioned.  When we obtained employment, we were grateful. We took pride in our job performance and treating customers with respect. We were taught to speak to our elders with respect. Parenting involved more than just plopping your kid in front of a tv or electronic gadget. Our children were our responsibility, we didn’t pass it off on anyone else in the room or close proximity.  Along that line of thinking, we didn’t have baby mammas or glorify unwed mothers. Yes, morality was a prominent factor in social structure ….that’s not a bad thing. No, we didn’t live an ideal life. A lot of us, had rough and/or very difficult lives. We didn’t give up. No one took pride in being unemployed or living off of handouts from the federal government. Even though we earned the same benefits you all take for granted, we never took no pride in having to use them. We didn’t whine about those more successful, we aspired to be successful ourselves.

It’s time that someone also explained to you that you are NOT entitled to all of the rights you think you are. First of all, read the actual Constitution and Bill of Rights before you start spouting what they say.


RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE/PROTEST:  Yes, it your right to assemble as a group to stand in opposition to another group, individual, entity…..IN A PEACEFUL MANNER on PUBLIC PROPERTY. It does NOT give anyone the right to form a protest or assemble in a group on private property and wreak havoc. By group I mean more than 1-3 people. Public property includes sidewalks, or any place owned and operated for the general use of the public by local and federal agencies. We the people are the true government. It does NOT include any business of any kind or their parking lots. It does NOT include arenas, coliseums, convention centers, hotels, ect…. These are owned by corporations or individuals thus PRIVATE property.  It is therefore actually illegal to form a group and hold a protest that infiltrates or disrupts the actions of individuals within or legally using those facilities. In other words, you can’t show up at a political rally, go inside, block access or ‘crash’ the events- it’s against the law. Additionally, your right to assemble and have a protest at the location is NOT SUPERIOR to rights of those people lawfully attending. You expect to be treated fairly, not be assaulted, not be harassed or jailed….but to express yourself. The people in attendance have those exact rights too. They have the right to work there, attend, participate, finance or perform in any venue without being physically or verbally assaulted or harassed by you, the rude and disrespectful protester. You cannot scream against hate and intolerance while showing and demonstrating hate and intolerance yourselves. You just look and sound stupid!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: This is a fun one and the most abused and misunderstood of the rights of the people (besides the 2nd amendment). You absolutely do have the right to express your opinion in a civil and respectful manner. Debate of ideas is what shaped this nation and the Constitution. Look at any footage of protestors of Dr. Martin Luther King. These are civil protests. Look at Rosa Parks- a civil act of disobedience done in protest CIVILALLY. There were lots of ‘sit in’ protests during the 60’s to protest the wars of the time. Words were used effectively and in an educated manner to convey things. Again these were done through legal and civil methods with an absolute understanding and willingness to accept the consequences of their actions and words. Verbal assaults and slanderous, vulgar obscenities were and are not necessary or protected speech. There are common sense rules of any polite society and this is a prime example. I could be in public and decide I don’t like the show on the tv at the local eatery and stand up and start shouting at the tv and screaming vulgarities: I don’t. Because 1) you’d look stupid      2) no one is listening they just see the lunatic   3) my dislike of something or someone does not super cede the rights of everyone around me to pursue and enjoy THEIR rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. NO ONE is happy with idiots screaming and shouting at or near them.

DEMONSTRATION/PROTESTS:  Walking, often hand in hand or arms linked in a group, PEACEFULLY. Sometimes singing songs of unity, and always carrying or holding up signs describing their cause is a protest or demonstration. Blocking traffic, shutting down highways, destroying private property of others or in ANY WAY disrespecting our nation’s flag. If you dislike our country so seriously that you are willing to step, stomp, burn or tear up an American Flag- leave the country. Go, you will not be missed. I honestly feel there is an exception to this: if you served your country in the armed forces in war zones, and in combat for this nation: you earned the right. You put your life on the line for this nation of your own free will. You earned the right, no one else has that same right to disrespect the flag. You know why that exception works: Because no veteran has that much disrespect and hate for the same nation they were will to die for. There is a line you just don’t cross.

RIOTERS: Throwing ANYTHING at someone else you disagree with or don’t like, screaming obscenities and vulgarity at anyone that will listen or record you; generally, against an individual or group supporting that individual. Tearing down barricades, smashing windows, jumping on cars, breaking anything that does not belong to you personally is a crime. Every one of you should be in jail. 20 years ago, you would have been behind bars. Our nation sustained the most brutal and horrific attack on 9/11. Every one of my generation can tell you without pause where we were when the trade centers were hit. It affected us. Our sense of pride in our nation, love of our neighbor and fellow-man super ceded everything. We can together under the worst of circumstances as a nation of people who all equally were impacted in some way but also loved this country.  Your generation is clueless when it comes to real patriotism. Perhaps you need to really learn and understand patriotism, sacrifice of those that serve and a sense of pride in your birth nation before you jump on the bandwagon running it down.


Do you seriously want to be known forever in history as the generation that was so soft bellied and wimpy that you literally think ‘words hurt”? Starvation hurts, death hurts, Fists hurt, bullets hurt, bombs hurt….our generation has endured all that and more without the need to make everyone around form a world police to ensure that everyone’s feelings aren’t being hurt. Besides how do claim your feelings are hurt by words when you are the same group that spew hatred and vulgarity at anyone that doesn’t share your ideology?

The phrase hypocrite comes to mind A LOT with your generation. You want to force everyone to be accepting of your ideas, concepts, social norms, while calling everyone that disagrees with you a racist. The sheer idea that you are forcing, against the majority of the country’s voted opinions and wishes, your lifestyles, ideology and concepts onto the rest of us is a perfect example of intolerance. You leave no room or acceptance for anyone other than like minds. You persecute and try to destroy anyone that opposes you. Your generation is literally intentionally dividing the country in such a way that it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frightening.

You scream and shout against the elite and the 1%- but you take their money to fund your actions. You use their products, their technology, their cars, their social media, their search engines, and all of the gadgets and drugs they push at you. Is this some bizarre reverse thinking protest???? Seriously, you WANT everything the elite push, produce, display but you hate their money? The money YOU gave them when you bought their stuff???? See where I’m going here? Wake UP!!!!!

So why can’t we all just get along???

You don’t want to be in peace. You want to scream and protest for peace and equality while your actions, words and consequences all result in chaos, intolerance and cruelty to your fellow-man. We aren’t the problem you are….

 Sorry for the bad news, but someone needed to tell you!





I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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