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Lazy epidemic

I have come to a very sad but unfortunate conclusion about so called Christians. The majority are very lazy. Let me explain, before the revolt and protests begin.

Everyone that claims to be a Christian and/or believer in God cry out in prayer all the time to God and expect results. That’s just rude and presumptive. Yes, we have every reason to believe that our Heavenly Father will hear our cries and will in fact answer our pleas for help. The snaffoo is that OUR wants don’t always match up to our NEEDS. God will always meet all of our needs.

Do you need a new car, new house, money, all the material things we pray for? NO. You want them, you don’t need them. You NEED 3 meals a day and a roof over your head- that’s about it. The rest is bonus. Obviously, God wants the best for us. As a matter of fact if God is moving you away from something/someone it’s generally because he has something better for you. There is no limit to His love and commitment to us, nor is there a limit to what He wants to give to us from perfect love.

Most people treat God like Santa Clause. They acknowledge that He exists, but have very little interaction with Him throughout the year, except on a few rare occasions. No matter how busy people are, they always find the time to ask for things from God; like Santa expecting to be endowed with their hearts desires as a reward for acknowledging His existence. Most people only really ‘talk’ to God when they are in trouble, feel they desperately need something or genuinely need true help. As the saying goes, “there are no atheists in a foxhole”.  Everyone will acknowledge God when it suits them.

The obvious missing element is our heart. God knows our hearts. He also knows the difference between wants and needs. The single most important factor that everyone chooses to ignore: God has a plan for all of us. Why expect Him to help you ignore His plan for you? Asking for things that are in complete difference to the path and plans God has for your life will always end in disappointment. Sadly, we get mad at God.

We cry, we pray, we beg….but what do we physically do to help ourselves WITH God? Noah was told to build a boat. He had to actually make the tools, gather the wood, do ALL the physical labor of constructing the ark. God said he would spare Noah, he didn’t say it was going to be a free ride. God gave specific instructions to Noah, which he had to follow. There was no gray area.

God told Moses to free His people from bondage in Egypt. He didn’t magically sweep in and gather His people. There was a purpose in the way God saved them and used Moses to do HIS work. Moses struggled and the Hebrews fought him most of the time; it was a constant uphill battle. Moses had to physically go get the Hebrews, get them freed from their slavery to Egypt and take them to the promised land.

Throughout the Bible there are numerous accounts of God performing loving acts for his people and as many examples of miracles during the time of Jesus. People had to physically do something to get their ‘blessing’. Most of the time all that God asks is to obey His laws and seek Him in our daily lives. We don’t do it. We’re too selfish.

We, as Christians, have falsely created a gray area where none exists. We know God’s laws, We know what He wants and expects from us. If we forget any of these things, all we have to do is refer back to His word. Seems simple. Over the centuries the ‘church’ has decided to tweek God’s Word, His laws and comingled ethics and morality to suit the masses. The Bible says God disapproves of something so humanity starts negotiating he logistics to accommodate mankind over God.

Ever know that what you are doing is in fact an absolute sin and you do it anyway? Why? Did you reason it out with the flawed logic that you’re a good person, God knows your heart so he’ll understand? What justification did you use? We all do it. I’m just as guilty. I am honestly trying to remedy that behavior. It’s not about me anymore. That’s where we all need to be. We cannot proclaim to be Christians while breaking God’s laws through our own justifications and then seem shocked that God isn’t answering prayers the way we expect. You cannot live in sin and expect continual blessings.

Stop bellyaching about your suffering and problems. Fix them. God wants to give you everything, but you can’t keep playing games with Him. Yes, He knows your heart and He can also so what your true motives are for things, despite what is displayed. God knows if we’re just selfish or worldly. Don’t keep lying to yourself. If you are seeking God to answer prayers that will provide you with more worldly things or lead you further from His will for your life- planned to be disappointed. You have no one to blame but yourself.

If you want God to help you find a new job; get off your pity bed and start actually seeking a new job. Fill our applications, submit resumes,ect…. Do the physical labor and God will honor it. In any situation where you are expecting God to move for you; move first. The greatest act of faith you can do it to move toward God’s plans when nothing indicates it will work out. It will.

I would be deceptive if I didn’t also mention that we MUST submit our will to follow God’s will for us. As long as we are in the world and trying to play the balancing game of following God and the world- it will never work out completely. There are a lot of people successfully (financially,ect) balancing the world and God in their lives; it’s a juggle and they will lose. Unfortunately it will be a very painful lesson.

Look, God is constistent. He doesn’t change. He has always expected us to do the heavy lifting on the big stuff. It would be nice if a money fairy showed up at the door and handed us everything we could ever need; it’s not realistic. They world is a hot mess, don’t you think others may need more than you?

As you go through struggles and feel defeated, ask yourself this? What is God’s will for your life? Are you following it? Are you letting your feelings, world, people influence all your decisions or are you seeking our God for your life? Do you have a real relationship with God or is he like Santa Claus to you? (only talk to him when you’re in trouble or want something). If you’re still struggling with understanding why things are not going your way or why you are struggling so much and appear to not be getting your prayers answered-

Before he was hung and died on the cross, Jesus cried out to God in the garden and asked if he could be spared from what was coming……… you know the answer. Jesus had to physically endure the crusifiction for all of our sakes. So, when you whine about not getting your way, despite all God has done for you in your life: do you think yourself more valuable to God than Jesus?





I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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