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Shell Game

It is past time for the people of America to acknowledge and decide what to do about the games being played by establishment republicans and democrats.

Let’s be honest for a minute: the only reason that John Kasich is still a candidate for the 2016 Presidential election is to keep Donald Trump from getting the required delegates to receive the party nomination on the first ballot of the convention. It is mathematically impossible for Kasich to get the necessary delegates for the party’s nomination.It is the same thing that Rubio was doing by staying in so long. Kaskich is an establishment candidate, just like Cruz, despite all his rhetoric. There are very few ‘winner take all’ primaries left, which means that at each state the delegates are divided between contenders based upon the percentage of votes received. Dividing the votes between 3 candidates, rather than just 2, decreases the number of delegates to be received by the party’s unwanted candidate: Trump. The goal is to force a second vote at the convention, once Trump doesn’t get the first ballot for nomination.

The political establishment is ruthless and willing to play as dirty as possible to keep themselves in power. Ted Cruz is in fact a liar. He was introduced to the Washington elite by the Bush family and has been in establishment politics since both Bush presidencies. Anyone that believes that Cruz is a Tea Party champion or outsider of the Washington Mafia (as he calls it); is naïve. Like the shell game being played by the party, he is saying one thing while hiding his actions that oppose he current rhetoric. Basically he is creating distractions with one hand while he is up to no good with the other hand. It’s about focus. He keeps making absurd, whiny attacks against Trump to keep the banter going, while at the same time working intimately with other GOP henchmen to hide behind SuperPac groups to do his dirty work. It’s ridiculous.

It is unprecedented that Trump has been under such ruthless attacks and blatant disregard for the voting public is being displayed. It seems like each presidential election gets nastier and nastier, with cries of foul resonating each time to no avail.

Let’s just be honest. Washington elite are shaking in their boots at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. He is not funded by the elites or their SuperPacs and that creates fear because that means he is also not beholden to any of them. They cannot control him, so they do not want him. That’s the hard truth- it has absolutely nothing to do with what the American people want or vote.

Major media, which is owned and controlled by most of the same elite running politics behind the scene are driving the narrative to attempt to derail Trump’s momentum. They focus on petty issues, driven by the attacking GOP, instead of focusing on the actual issues facing our country or the threat of electing Clinton. Seriously, the two choices on the democratic side are a known liar, establishment political power dynasty OR a proclaimed socialist. WTF??? How is the GOP not rallying together to defeat that? Trump. Trump has them so rattled, they can’t stop focusing on destroying him long enough to save the country.

Democrats are facing a similar problem. Between the 2 candidates, they are stacking the deck against the one (Sanders) that is not a political power house. Make no mistake, Hillary has been made a promise to let her be the nominee. They screwed her over before, and made back door deals with Obama; then gave him the nomination. They offered her the Sec. of State position, and to pay off her campaign debt if she would drop her run for the nomination and back Obama BEFORE the convention. She did her part and is expecting her payoff. The DNC owes her the nomination. Sanders is messing up the works for her, much like Trump is for the GOP. Superdelegates are the method of derailing Clinton’s opponent in the democratic party. The other candidates are the method used by the GOP.

The hard reality is that until the American people start proclaiming in a LOUD and UNIFIED voice that we are not going to tolerate these shell games by the political party elites to keep themselves in office and in power; nothing will change.

But how? How are we heard? On every election ballot beside the name of the candidate, should be an indication if they are an incumbent and if show for how many terms.Since the bums won’t vote themselves a term limit, we can limit their terms and their power at the voting booths. This is a basic and small effort, but it could change things in a big way.

Example: John Doe (R), 3T  =  John Doe, Republican candidate, three terms served

Additionally, have you ever looked at a sample ballot. The names of the main candidates like President; are in an illogical order on the ballot. They are not alphabetical (last or first name), not listed in any particular order; but marketing 101 makes it obvious that placement is everything (location, location, location). Where a candidate’s name appears among other candidate’s name has an impact. Who makes that decision? I say we list them on the ballot alphabetically by last name; period. On every ballot, in every city and state.

Likewise, no more ballot stuffing during elections. If a person comes to a an election site to vote, they must show proof of citizenship with a valid voter ID card AND valid government issued ID. Thus insuring registered voters that are American citizens are voting in American elections. How is this complicated?

The US government had no problem overriding the will of the individuals in each state, when the Supreme Court re-wrote the law, instead of clarifying the law regarding gay marriage and now attempting to do the same with Obamacare, abortion and education. It’s startling. They pick and choose which laws are state or national. That is not constitutional.

The reason the establishment is fighting a state’s right to determine voter ID laws, is because it will mess up the end game of BOTH parties. The elite know that people will not vote away the handouts they are receiving from the federal government (food stamps, welfare money, housing and daycare subsidies, ‘free’ phones, clinics, housing,ect.  When an illegal immigrant enters the country they are given money, food stamps, housing placement, healthcare,ect while paying NO TAXES…..  why wouldn’t they come here for that and most importantly the elite know these people will vote to keep the freebies coming in. Meanwhile, Americans are losing jobs and those that have paid into the system their whole lives (paid taxes) and can’t afford to send their kids to college, to run a business or to retire.

We see the path the political parties are driving us down collectively, it’s a bad path for the American people. The system is broken. We the people can fix it. My suggestion is the change in ballots as a starting point. What is your suggestion? It only takes a few great ideas to gather momentum to make a change.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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