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Cyber Revival Challenge

Cyber Revival Challenge:

As Easter approaches, it seems like the perfect time to present a challenge to everyone via the internet. Let’s collectively work to create a cyber revival. During the next 72 hours, find the time to introduce your Lord to the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter what your denomination, religious affiliation or whether or not you practice your faith. The point is to introduce the Lord in which you have placed your faith or have rooted your faith to others.

There are people that go to church bi-annually (only on Easter and/or Christmas), there are those that sit in a church pew every week, some hold Bible or group studies in their homes, or are more private in their faith and don’t participate in any form of organized religion, but have a personal, intimate relationship with God that you experience on your own. There are also those that will post/re-post numerous cute/clever little posts online, will continue the prayer chain texts/emails/posts but don’t generally ever read the Bible or even pray. We all come from different places, different depths of faith or different practices of faith in God. The point is that at the root of all of it is God.

Let’s take the time to put in a real effort to introduce God to the rest of the world. In a time when Christianity is becoming taboo and in some places; a death sentence, now more than ever we need to collectively proclaim the glory and presence of God.

So my challenge is this: during this coming weekend post a personally written message on your homepage that reveals why you believe in God, what moment you surrendered your life to God or what has happened in your life to convince you of God’s love/presence. Perhaps in making more personal accounts of the relationship each of us have with God; we can in some way introduce Him to others.

For those that struggle with faith or belief in God; and haven’t been saved- take the time to ask someone you know or see this weekend why they believe in God and seek an introduction through others.

Easter is not about bunnies, chocolate and eggs. It’s a time to remember the ultimate sacrifice given by our heavenly Father when he allowed His only true Son to suffer, be sacrificed and die for the sins of the world. So, ask yourself ‘what does Easter mean to you?’ and tell everyone the answer.

This nation needs a revival. Let it begin with you……….


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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