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Bleeding red, white and blue

I love my country. I am the daughter, granddaughter, and multi-generational descendant of military veterans. Both of my sons are veterans. I am very critical of the way the country has changed, but I would not abandon my country under any circumstances.

Being a patriotic person, I tend to tear up during the National Anthem and the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (love fireworks). Yes, I am proudly an American. My family immigrated from Ireland (on my father’s side of my family) from England (on my mother’s side) and  there is American Indian in my family tree as well. My ancestors fought in both the civil war and american revolution as well as in both World Wars. I am proud of my ancestry.

I have been spending alot of time researching and discovering the past that built this country as well as the government that runs it. I believe in the government system; but I am appalled at the corruption and the deviation from the framework of the founding fathers.

Our nations was intentionally structured as a constitutional republic. The founding fathers saw the corruption, power-grabbing and mistakes of Europe leaders and intentionally sought to form a government for the new nation that would create protections against the flawed governments of the world. The system works. The people in charge keep messing it up.

I understand the frustrations of Patriot and Militia movements, but I cannot agree with turning against the very government our founding fathers fought to create. Throw out the bums, not the government system. Yes, currently the government has gone way too far in their reach for power and control; but that doesn’t mean I am anti-government. I will always call out the misdeeds of our elected officials and those they appoint to power. I will also, with extreme prejudice, cry out against tyranny and government overreach. All Americans should do the same. Mind yourself to not go too far to the left or right and remain centered.

I have expressed my utter disdain for the political systems currently in play in our country. I have always consided myself to be a constitutional conservative; mainly because of the social issues affected by my faith; I vote primarily Republican. Those days are over. I am beyond disenchanted with the GOP. The continual onslaught of attacks against the leading GOP nominee, the back-stabbing and deal making to undermine the will of the people has soured me against both political parties.

I support Trump because if nothing else, he will shake things up in Washington. I originally liked Cruz and Carson. Cruz is so sleazy and embedded into the establishment it is frightening (because he claims the opposite) and Carson is no longer in the race. Not one of the other candidates is from the outside. ALL of them are embedded into the broken and corrupt political system ruining this great nation. There is absolutely NO OTHER ANTI- ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE THAN TRUMP. Like him,love him or hate him- this country needs The Donald.

When a VERY successful businessman says he will fix and build things- I believe him. He has a track record of doing both. When a politician says it; it’s the same old rhetoric with no chance of reality. There is an anger in this country, mostly from the middle class who has been paying for all the ‘Free’ things from the Obama administration though the work, blood, sweat, tears and taxes of every hard working American.

We, the people, are fed up. We want the career politicians gone. Unfortunately, these are the same people that vote themselves raises, holidays, exemptions from the laws they force on everyone else and refuse to set term limits for themselves. Americans are no longer going to be silent. Trump has tapped into the frustration, anger and disgust we all feel with the establishment bureaucrats. Main stream media is following the narrative set out by those in charge who do not want to relinquish their power and control. It is up to every American to see beyond the bullsh** being fed to us; and search out the facts.

Every vote matters. Every American who works hard, pays their taxes and contributes to this country has every right to expect those we elected to do the job they were given. They are to represent the will of the people or they need to get out of politics and let a true representative take their place. All the infighting, bickering, race baiting and blatant attacks need to stop. We have laws. We have a constitution.

If a group or a person goes into a private event, no one has the right to spew hatred and violence claiming it is their constitutional right. The right to free speech ends at the door of the venue. Protest all you want, but do it outside where it is their right to do so, but not inside a private venue.

ALL politicians are responsible for the rhetoric and violence. The attack ads are feeding the violence. Political pundents and lobbyists are funding the groups creating chaos and violence while hiding behind the dirty work of their Super-Pacs.

Know the Constitution.  No one has the right to block a public road to prevent someone from attending an event. Whose rights matter? Those protesting or those in route? If a person is self-destructive enough to walk in front of a moving car- do not scream foul when the driver continues to move. The car will always win that showdown. Do not walk into a private venue or gathering carrying hateful, vile, and combative signs or use disrespectful, inflammatory comments against the headliner or the attendees. That is no different than walking into a crowded theater and yelling ‘fire’. It simply is not tolerated. Do not assault, vandalize or terrorize the attendees because you disagree with their politics. We are not animals- stop acting like them.

As a nation we need to take a deep breath and pay attention. We are being pitted against each other by the very people we want to get out of power. I repeat the comment made in a previous post; America is a melting pot on boil- now the lid has been put on the pot and it will explode if the heat is not turned down.

Knowledge is the real power. Seek the truth…..




I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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