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‘We the people’ are in trouble

wethepeopleThe famous phrase of “We the People” that is an intricate part of our nation’s foundation has become less and less important to the country.  Yes, I am about to climb on my soapbox and roar…..

It is easy to see why most people are turned off and fed up with the government, politics and being dictated to by  Washington and Elites. As the election cycle is playing out in the warped mainstream media, the underlying message that ‘We the People’ are obsolete to those running things has become disturbingly clear to anyone willing to face the facts being presented.

It doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or undecided- those in power are making it very obvious they do not intend to relinquish their power and control over this country.

A minimum of 2 decades of political dynasty families entrenching themselves in the political establishment as well as the last 8 years of a spineless, failing to learn on the job, country divider that has dismantled the economy and security of our nation. Each administration has created an atmosphere of adversity for average Americans trying to make a living, keep a roof over their heads and create a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

As if those struggles were not enough, we currently have an administration that has purposefully created an atmosphere of division and racial tension in this once great nation. Never in my lifetime did I imagine in my wildest dreams that it would be a bad thing to be a white person in this or any country. The term ‘white privilege’ has been growing in popularity and influence. Major universities, businesses, schools and communities are now attempting to eradicate and re-write history and heritage to appease the masses.

Groups like, Black Lives Matters, LGBT has become so influential that they are now dictating and bullying everyone not in compliance with their agendas. The are no more than this generations version of the KKK. Anyone brazen enough to stand up to them or speak out against their actions is immediately labeled a racist and villafied. An entire indoctrinated generation has readily drank the ‘kool-aid’ and fallen into line pushing these and other groups agendas. These are all racist, divisive groups that force their views and ideas on the rest of us; regardless of our own individual beliefs or rights. Do you know why it is working? Because we have an administration and global elite bent on tearing down borders and individuality to become one great big global community. Rich is rich, poor is poor- regardless of skin color or culture. Stupid is stupid all around the world.

I watch the videos of ‘protesters’ and am aghast. When I see the young people screaming, throwing things, insulting, belittling, bullying and rioting I wonder where the hell are their parents? We have created monsters. Entire generations that have no true concept of consequences or responsibility.

In what world is it correct to demand free anything? The old adage that no one appreciates anything they don’t work for or earn themselves is proving true on a gigantic scale. High school and college students are a huge part of these groups. Either they are blindly following these divisive organizations or they are literally stupid. Someone, somewhere worked their asses off to put clothes on these ungrateful peoples backs, roofs over their heads, money in their pocket and everything else they needed to be able to grow up and become the trouble makers they are today. Worse is that the establishment is essentially using these very people to destroy our country and no one seems to care.

Remember when you turned on the news channels and got nothing but actual news reports. News was replaces with individual shows of talking heads and opinion shows. Now the major media outlets are no longer hiding their bias and are blatantly displaying their own opinions under the presentation of it still being news. Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and the rest are nothing more than platforms for the agenda of those 6 big corporations that control everything we see, hear, read and apparently believe as fact. In the last year I have begun searching out true news online or relying on either the AP (which is basically the source the others pull their chosen story narratives from in the first place, before the spin) or Reuters. Major media news is nothing more than opinionated information being delivered in a big, fancy package and marketing. If people realize and accept that the information they are given is bias, then at least they can still choose to believe it or follow it. Those that blindly go along and assume that they are receive actual facts are hilariously mislead.

Watching the presidential race play-out in the media has proven all of the above to be true. The elite and powers that be are in a panic and the reason is Donald Trump. Is he the answer for the country? Who knows, but he can’t be worse than what we’ve had and currently have now. Additionally, watching the hissy fit that the GOP and DNC are having about the rise of Trump in polls and delegates has proven has desperate these groups are to hold on to the power they currently possess. Secretive meetings to plot the destruction of the Trump campaign, talking about a brokered convention, and now using professional and elite funded groups to create chaos and an atmosphere of violence at Trump rallies is proof of their desperation. This tells me that Trump is a threat to all of them. If that is the case, then for no other reason should we all vote for Trump.

Something has to give. This country is like a giant ‘melting pot’ on full tilt boil. I welcome any and everyone- regardless of color, religion, gender, age or ethnicity that want to become part of this great nation. What is not acceptable is for all these various factions to pour into our country with no boundaries and then force their culture and beliefs on the people of the country. Either we are ALL Americans or we are a broken, fractured country. Throughout the nation there have always been communities that are predominantly of a certain religion, culture, ethnicity that assimilate to this nation. They do no force their differences on those around them. They maintain their own individual identity while still becoming Americans. Today, that has changed. Immigrants: legal and illegal fly their home nation flags and speak their home nation languages and expect the rest of the country to accommodate them- and we do. WTF???? The will and rights of the minority have taken over and beat down the will, culture and lifestyle of the once majority of the country.

If an American moves to a foreign land, they have no right to assume or demand their new nation to accommodate them by including their language, culture, beliefs and practices as part of their foundation. Americans live in America. Brazilians live in Brazil, Africans live in Africa, Chinese live in China……do you see the trend. A person doesn’t go to Sweden and become a Swedish American. If they reside and make Sweden their home; they become Swedish. Likewise the gambit of ‘hyphen’ Americans has become ridiculous. The simple act of added the hyphened phrase American to ANY group in fact creates division. In the USA people should either be Americans, legal guests of America or foreigners. The rest of the divisive titles need to go away. I am beyond tired of going anywhere and finding that one or more languages are used primarily that are not English in this country. I expect outside of this country, but not inside of the borders of the USA. Preserving a culture and history doesn’t mean it should be replaced by America’s; it means that it is preserved within the home and communities- not forced on the populace to accommodate everyone.

The word accommodate needs to be permanently replaced with assimilate. Become a part of the country instead of expecting the country to accommodate the foreigners. That is not racist. Americans come in every race, size, gender and age.

Why is it such a huge argument to build a border wall and secure our nation? Every major nation in the world has secure borders: via wall or fences. Why? Security and protection of the nation and the people/culture of that nation. That is not a bad thing.

The question really becomes what will Americans do to get off this path leading to destruction? When the elite force their will on the people instead of listening and adhering to the will of the people, what will happen? Think about it. The GOP demanded that Trump sign a pledge to run as a Republican and not as an Independent to stop the division of the Republican establishment. He signed their pledge. Now the very same people are pulling out all the stops to derail Trump and destroy his campaign. They refuse to support him, regardless of the overwhelming support and votes of the American people. The DNC is using paid protesters to do their part to destroy Trump’s campaign.

The climate of this country is changing. We live in an environment of division, persecution of anyone that goes against the establishment and now the very civil liberties guaranteed under the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Laws of the land are the common enemy. Most people shrug it off or go about their daily lives, in their own bubbles. The federal government in 2013 added Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Patriots and Mormons to the federal list of domestic terrorists. Christianity is under attack in the USA at the same time those of the faith are being systematically slaughtered in other nations, while the present  administration says nothing. I am proudly, enthusiastically a believer in Jesus Christ and that will not change and I will never deny it. EVER. That said, regardless of anyone’s faith or beliefs; this nation is in trouble. Political groups, wealthy elite, professional trouble makers, massive influx in foreigners (legal and illegal) and younger generations of indoctrinated sheep are driving the bus- right off a cliff.

 Even today there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation, if our traditions do not survive with it.”                                                                      President John F. Kennedy               


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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