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Chicken fever

So back in early February I was again visiting my bffff who has been blessed with alot of land in Hamilton County, Texas. We were in the feed store getting supplies when we both noticed tubs full of baby chicks. We fell in love with the little fuzz balls and she says to me, ‘we should get some’. Of course an entire conversation ensues that works out the logistics of caring for baby chickens and so forth. Eventually, I end up with a box of 4 baby chicks overnight in our motel room, then in a 4 hour car trip home. The chicks were about 2 days old, so I was just a nervous wreck worrying over them until I got them safely home to my house.

Once back in the ‘city’ I had to create a housing situation that provided a continual heat lamp for the babies, a living situation that created space for them, food and figuring out how to keep my dogs from trying to eat them. One giant rubbermaid tub later, I created an in-house nursery for the babies.

All along the plan was that I would keep the  baby chicks until they were old enough to be moved back to the country to my friend’s property in their own area in her goat pen/barn. No problem. We had a plan……..

The thing about baby chicks is that they are flipping adorable. I realized almost immediately that I wanted to keep 2 of the 4 chicks in my own yard for urban chickens. So, the original four chicks quickly become 10 chicks. (It’s like Pringles, you just can’t stop with one.) So now, 2 giant tubs in the house with chicks later, I spread my addiction to my daughter-in-law: chicken fever gone amuck. Better yet, my friend ended up buying more chicks as well as 2 young turkeys. She now also has a tub of chicks at her house. If all these chickens start producing eggs, there will be a windfall!

Being a research fanatic, I immediately started researching urban chicken coops and promptly began designing a coop with detachable 6ft run, detachable nesting box and window box for plants (which I will fertilize with chicken poo). If it turns out half as cute in reality as it is in my head; it will be adorable.

My poor husband, has been roped into these as well.  Because he is incredibly talented at woodworking and takes over any project he assists (ask our daughter about her school projects sometime that her Dad took over) we are engulfed in the coop build. Lowe’s has became our weekend destination as we go for more supplies. I am determined to keep my design, so I keep finding things I can re-purpose to use for the the building of the coop. I design and build on the fly; whereas my hubby is an analytical designer and builder- not a good pairing. I know I infuriate him every time I throw a new ‘feature’ from a curb or junk find. There are no written plans for the build, just a little sketch I made with a few dimensions for size. Other than that, I figure it out as I go.  I must be making my husband insane. He will ask me if I squared something up before I screwed it together, with my response being ‘it matched up so I attached it’. By the grace of God, I do not have a leaning tower of coop in my yard. In fairness, I have always been very creative and love designing/building/making things, so I didn’t start completely clueless, but I also know the project is for chickens so I’m not a stickler for proper methods and appearance.

So here we are, I am now up to even more chicks because this weekend I found Silkies. In my defense, my husband has encouraged the purchase of additional chicks and even named one for himself- Merlene.  I still have the original chicks which were to move to the country, but I have added to that number despite the fact they are not permanent residents. Now, 2 of the original 4 will remain here in the city, while their siblings will move to the country. Additionally, I have bought 3 more chicks to move to the country for my friend. So just so you are following the count: 5 chickens living here will soon be moving to the country to live with the goats, turkeys, llamas, donkeys and cows. That leaves…….Thelma (Dominique), Louise (Rhode Island Red), Fancy (Cochin Bantam), Jolene (Ameracana), Dixie (Buff Orpington), Merlene (Well Summer), Carmen (CuCu Maran) and now Daisy (Silkie). That’s a total of 8 that are remaining here at my house, which means I currently have 13 chickens living here because the country chicks are still living here.

Now I will be the crazy chicken lady of Katy and I am ok with that.






I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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